Why Professional Makeup Artists Recommend Airbrush Makeup For Weddings

Airbrush Makeup For Weddings Why Professional Makeup Artists Recommend Airbrush Makeup For Weddings

Besides for the stunning dress, it is safe to make an assumption that just about everyone present at your wedding, will also focus on your beautiful face as you walk down that long aisle. While this moment is only fleeting, photos taken on the day last forever. This often poses the question for many brides on the amount they should be paying for wedding makeup and whether airbrush makeup is really worth the high price tag.

Most popular among celebrities and the film industry, airbrush techniques sprays on a mist of fine foundation that results in an even and consistent application, which boasts a lightweight coverage which is still able to cover a host of different imperfections.

Here is some important information about airbrush makeup and why you should definitely consider this investment for your special day.

Airbrush Makeup Lasts Longer

Airbrush makeup is designed to last between 6 to 10 hours longer when compared to traditional makeup for weddings. This has to do with a concentrated ultra-fine mist which absorbs directly into your skin opposed to just sitting on the surface of the skin, which offers this makeup with longer durability. The makeup feels featherlight yet is able to stand up to sweat, tears, humidity and heat. Most of the airbrush makeup products feature a silicone base, where it is applied for a buildable coverage.

Airbrush Makeup Feels Much Lighter In Comparison To Traditional Makeup

Airbrush makeup is incredibly lightweight and actually feels like you are wearing nothing. Even though many people are under the impression that airbrush makeup can appear cakey, the opposite is actually true these techniques allow natural hues that are present in your skin to shine through your makeup which allows for a very natural look. In addition, this type of makeup is not only limited to just foundation. You are able to highlight, bronze, blush, foundation and conceal.

All makeup artists generally agree that airbrush makeup takes about the same time to apply as traditional makeup, even though the prices are not. The typical price for airbrush makeup is around $110, yet these prices vary according to the artists and your location. For large parties, professional makeup artists will usually keep 3 to 4 guns on hand to ensure everything runs on time and smoothly on your important day.

Airbrush Makeup Provides Significant Coverage

While the majority of women wear makeup every day, they are not wearing enough or the right products for the purposes of advanced video and film. Airbrush applications allow a professional to transform brides into better versions of themselves, in the way of precisely controlling how much product will be applied over the skin.

With far less products, these techniques are still able to provide full-coverage applications. In the way of layering, the professional makeup artists has more control over the problematic areas like tattoos, blemish and scar coverage.

Airbrush Makeup Has Become Increasingly Popular And Only Requires Minimal Touch-Ups

Most makeup artists recommend that airbrush makeup is one of the best options for brides. If you are not sure about this innovative approach, it is suggested to try a trial run, which will ease any anxieties you may be having about this new application.

One of the main benefits about this type of makeup is that you will never need to be concerned about makeup meltdown on your wedding day. Airbrush makeup once dried on the skin will stay on until you decide to wash it off with water and soap. If you sweat, cry or you are caught in the rain, just pat the face dry and you do not have to worry about any streaks.

If you are still not convinced about airbrush makeup for your wedding day here is a list of pros and cons.

The Pros

– All Day Stay

Most of the airbrush makeup products are silicone based, which makes it more resistant when it comes to water and lasts longer when compared to regular makeup. It will also be able to withstand the majority of kissing and hugging that is inevitable throughout your wedding day.  

– Flawless Finish

The airbrushing techniques allow for an even application of makeup that results in an exceptional smooth finish that is perfect for all those photographs that will be taken on your wedding day.

– Easy To Layer

Since the makeup is applied in fine layers, it will dry really quickly, which means it is easy to add additional layers if you decide you need more coverage over certain areas.

The Cons

– Can Appear Flaky

Airbrush works really well on hydrated and moisturized skin, if your skin is dry, this spray-on product might start flaking. Since these formulations are waterproof, consistency is far less creamy when compared to regular foundation.

–  Difficult To Re-Blend

If you cry a lot and the makeup starts to streak, it is very difficult to repair the streaks with regular makeup or more airbrushing, which makes it hard to recreate the flawless and original look.

– Shade Options That Are Limited

The foundation formula type used in airbrushing is very different when compared to regular foundation, and they come in a shade selection that is more limited with less brands available. You may just find that your skin tone matches better when using traditional foundation.

– Costs More

For many makeup artists, the airbrush is regarded as the add-on that is usually more expensive to standard makeup applications. If you have plans to pay for the bridal party services, then airbrushing is definitely not a cost-effective option. Yet if you would like airbrush makeup for yourself, make sure you try it out first before you fork out this extra expense for your big day.

In conclusion, you will want to feel as well as look your very best on a day that hopefully only comes once in a lifetime. For this reason, chat to a professional makeup artist to assess what she or he recommends for your personal needs and your skin type.

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