Be Careful in Using Homemade Skincare Mixtures

Be-Careful-in-Using-Homemade-Skincare-MixturesIt’s easy to find video tutorials about skincare products that you can create at home. These do-it-yourself tutorials seem inspiring especially if they lead to desired results. Add to that the idea that they’re “organic”, and are perfect for the skin. When social media influencers provide these videos, it’s even more tempting. Before you do so, you have to understand that these skincare mixtures might not be suitable for you. And you’re not getting paid to promote them, unlike the ‘influencer’.

You won’t do it right

Even if you carefully follow all the instructions, you might still fail to apply it correctly. It’s the same thing when you follow cooking tutorials. You might think that you did everything right, but the results are less than perfect. The worst part is that if you failed to get the skincare product mixture correct, it might have adverse effects on your skin. You need the right balance of all ingredients, or else it won’t feel right and could do more harm than good. 

You don’t have all the ingredients

It’s also possible that you may decide to substitute some ingredients because you don’t have all the required ingredients at home. If you do not follow the skincare product ingredients mix to the letter, the results will be entirely different if you fail to follow the steps provided in the tutorial video. 

Not all skin types are the same 

Remember that most of these videos aren’t a product of extensive research and testing. Some social media influencers try mixing things up, and it worked on their skin. However, you may not have the same skin type. You might also have allergic reactions to some ingredients included in the mixture. You don’t want to take the risk since you might suffer from terrible results. 

You have no means of verifying the information found online 

Another problem with homemade skincare mixtures is that you only see the process of making it. You can also view the before and after images but you have no means of determining the authenticity of those images. They might even look good as a result of a dose of Photoshop. Some of these video creators might outright lie about the results. They may well have used other products apart from their homemade mixtures. They have a goal of making you believe in the information they provided, and they will stick to that narrative. 

Talk to your doctor

Instead of relying on homemade mixtures, you need to consult with your doctor. You should discuss any recurring skin issues. You might need to undergo tests to determine if you have allergic reactions to some ingredients. Your doctor won’t recommend anything that may be harsh on your skin. The information you receive from your skin doctor is way more reliable than anything you find online. 

When choosing skincare products, you need to stick with proven choices. For instance, you should try natural products, an example of which is to use Skinceuticals HA intensifier. It’s a result of a thorough research and testing process. You will begin to feel the effects almost right away.

Such products won’t harm your skin because they are made from a balance of natural ingredients. You need to stick with reliable brands over “organic” mixtures that are proven safe and gentle, and not products that could cause lasting damage to your skin. 
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