How Anti-Aging Products Prove Their Efficacy Claims

There are literally thousands of products promising to turn back the hands of time. Using anti-aging products is one of the most common beauty hacks for looking younger, but it’s far from a silver bullet.

Some anti-aging products really do soften fine lines, improve skin clarity, and build up collagen. Others are nothing but a waste of money. Yet all anti-aging products claim to solve our skin woes. So how do manufacturers come up with all their claims and how do you know if they’re legitimate? How-Anti-Aging-Products-Prove-Their-Efficacy-Claims

Unfortunately, topical beauty product claims aren’t usually regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Manufacturers primarily rely on four tactics to prove the efficacy of anti-aging products.

Third-Party Testing of Beauty Products

One of the most common ways to obtain efficacy statistics for products is through third-party testing. Companies like The Benchmarking Company that specialize in beauty product testing base results in quantitative and qualitative consumer research.

Third-party testers use a variety of measures to gauge whether a product actually delivers results. Some are performed in-home, meaning that the consumer who’s acting as a tester uses the product at home as other consumers would. The product research company then tracks their independent thoughts on how the product worked throughout the testing period.

The tests produce verified consumer claims that are then used for marketing purposes. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to discover benefits they didn’t even consider before the third party consumer testing.

Testing Beauty Products in a Laboratory Setting

Some beauty product manufacturers go the extra mile to definitively show results in terms of actual improvement to the skin, not just consumer opinion. These tests are performed in a laboratory setting under the direction of researchers.

When you see claims like “80% improvement in moisture retention” or “75% reduction in fine lines” those are typically obtained through laboratory testing. The researchers will take baseline measurements before product use and then observe the changes at intervals during the testing period.

Consumers should pay attention to who does the laboratory testing. It’s best for testing to be done at an outside facility rather than at the manufacturer’s testing facilities.

Expert Reviews on Anti-Aging Products

Today, there are a lot of influencers providing their seal of approval for beauty products, which their followers see as proof positive of efficacy. It’s not uncommon to see anti-aging products that prominently display awards received from expert reviewers like a beauty magazine or well-known skin specialist. The opinion of these high-profile reviewers is regularly used in marketing on product packaging, ads, and websites.

The Allure Best of Beauty Awards is a perfect example of how expert reviews can help substantiate efficacy claims. Their beauty editors test out dozens upon dozens of products to determine which ones live up to the hype. Only those that really wow their panel end up receiving an award.

FTC Advertising and Marketing Regulations

Since the FDA classifies most topical anti-aging products as cosmetics (unless they change the physical structure of the skin and are then considered a drug), the products need to be proven safe to use, but they don’t need FDA approval to verify they work as claimed. However, there are Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advertising and marketing regulations for cosmetics, and under FDA law marketing claims should not be misleading.

If the FDA finds that a manufacturer is making drug claims for a cosmetic they can take action. For example, if a manufacturer claims that an anti-aging cosmetic boosts collagen production that’s a drug claim because it would be altering the structure of the skin. If the product is a cosmetic that hasn’t gotten FDA approval to make a drug claim a warning letter will be issued. Dozens of companies have received warning letters in regard to topical skin care products, including heavyweights like L’Oreal and Peter Thomas Roth.

With so many options available and loose FDA regulations finding anti-agers that actual work can be a daunting process. Your best bet is to look for products that have been independently tested and use ingredients that are proven to be effective.

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4 Ways To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

4 Ways To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

We all get older, of course, but that doesn’t mean that we all have to enjoy the process – or what it does to our skin. There are ways, however, to age gracefully, and to keep our youthful appearance for as long as possible, despite the passage of years. Here are some great ways to stay looking young and to reduce the signs of aging.

Take Care In The Sun

It’s crucial that you protect your skin from the sun as much as possible if you want to stay looking youthful. Not only will the sun cause premature aging, but it can also be the cause of skin cancer, so you can see why you should always be careful. Make sure you use sunscreen every time you go outside, even when the sun doesn’t seem so hot – a hazy day can cause just as much damage as one full of bright sunshine.

Ideally, you will want to use a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and look at using SPF 15 or (better still) higher. To add to your protection, remember to wear a hat and sunglasses on hot days.

Get Enough Sleep

When we sleep our bodies have the chance to repair themselves – every cell, including the skin, rejuvenates overnight. ‘Beauty sleep’ actually has a basis in fact because the better quality sleep you get (ideally for seven or eight hours a night), the better your skin will look, so you’ll appear much more youthful.

Always getting a good night’s sleep (or at least as much of the time as possible; we all have late nights from time to time) will also reduce the risk of developing conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, so it’s important for many different reasons.

Quit Smoking

Smoking speeds up the aging process; you can’t help but notice how smokers will often have many more lines on their faces (especially around the lips) than non-smokers do. It’s the nicotine that is the main problem, as this reduces the amount of oxygen that can get to the skin (and other cells). When your skin is starved of oxygen, the collagen breaks down and that reduces the elasticity, leading directly to wrinkles. Lack of oxygen also causes the skin to look dull and unhealthy.

If you’re a smoker, you’ll know it’s hard to give up, but you’ll also know how important it is for your overall health and to keep you from aging before your time. To reduce the effects of wrinkles and fine lines, turn to tobacco E juice as an alternative.

Lower Your Stress Levels

When we’re stressed, our bodies release hormones and chemicals – it’s to put us into fight or flight mode which in some cases is extremely useful. However, chronic stress when we are permanently in that mode and our bodies are flooded with hormones and chemicals can have a detrimental effect on our health, including how our skin looks.

Too much stress compromises the skin cells making them difficult to repair themselves. Again, this leads to wrinkles and unhealthy looking skin.

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Beauty Trends You Can Try At Any Age

Fashion and beauty are things you can enjoy at any age. While you might want to leave some trends firmly in the past (bright blue eyeshadow and Barbie pink lips anyone?), there are plenty of great beauty trends to embrace, no matter what your age – it’s just a number after all.

Fashion and beauty are things you can enjoy at any ageImage: Pxhere

Take a look at the top beauty trends you can try at any age and enjoy playing around with some great new looks.

Glowing skin

The trend for glowing, youthful looking skin is everywhere – which is great if you’re trying to look younger. There’s an abundance of highlighters, illuminators and other fantastic products designed to give you that incredible glow. The secret to glowing skin lies with how you take care of it. Perfecting your skin routine will help keep your skin smooth and radiant while using anti-ageing products will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Check out the best products for glowing skin that radiates with health.

Ombre hair

Ombre hair has become one of the most popular hair trends of the decade, and it’s easy to see why. Ombre hair and balayage blend together darker and lighter shades of hair to create a more natural look. It’s a great way to experiment with lighter colors without worrying about awkward regrowth.

Red lipstick

Red LipstickImage: Pxhere

Red lipstick is the trend that will always be timeless. These days, it’s easy to pull off the trend thanks to a greater range of color and tones that will complement your complexion and your hair color. If you’re looking for lasting lip color and great pigmentation, try a matte shade. A glossy formula, meanwhile, has a great finish, but may not necessarily last as long.  When it comes to applying red lipstick, always start with a lip liner to give your lips some definition and give the shade some extra staying power.

Manicured nails

Is there anything better than a fresh set of painted nails? A manicure can help you to feel instantly more groomed and is the perfect pick-me-up for when you need a treat. Dark colors are particularly chic and on-trend at the moment, so ask for plum or burgundy shades. Keep your nails short and shaped to help complete the look.

Nude lips

In addition to red lips, nude lips have become increasingly popular in recent years. For younger women, lighter shades of nude help create a stylish look, whereas older women can benefit from choosing shades that are closer to the natural lip in tone – think more muted nudes or rose-colored lipsticks. If you want to create the illusion of fuller lips, nude lipsticks are the ones to go for – with some great tips on how you can achieve fuller lips without having to opt for fillers.


Want to accentuate your best features? Contouring could be just what you need to create a sculpted look. Contouring can sound frightening, especially when you see the extreme contouring that some women like to apply, but if you’re new to the technique, then you’ll want to go for lighter application first. Powder contour products are great if you haven’t had much experience with contouring, while creams create a deeper look.

To contour correctly, apply your primer and foundation first, setting them with powder to create the perfect base. Next, apply your contouring product to your forehead, down the sides of your nose, your cheekbones and jawline. Make sure you blend the product in well with a brush or a beauty blender to help create the perfect finish. After contouring, you can then apply your highlighter and blush products to finish off your look.

Flushed cheeks

A bit of blusher does wonders for your complexion, making you look more youthful and flushed for a perfect look. While powder blusher is great for younger women, older women can create some amazing looks using cream blush, which melts into the skin to create a more natural beauty look. If you’re trying to avoid spending too much on beauty, make sure you only choose products that you’re truly happy with instead of opting for those that seem like they’re on-trend, but that you will hardly wear because you don’t know how to apply it or don’t like the color.

Groomed eyebrows

Eyebrows are now the feature to accentuate, and beauty trends have seen a huge shift from thin, barely-there brows to fuller, shaped eyebrows that bring depth to your facial features. One of the best things you can do to achieve fuller-looking brows is to head to your favorite beauty salon and ask them to shape and tint them for you – adding some color can help them appear more defined and will minimize the amount of work they need each day. If you’re going to apply products, make sure that you choose ones that are a match for your natural brow color and try not to overdo it. If years of over-plucking have left you with sparse brows, you can always try microblading to help you recreate your natural brow shape.

Fuller, longer lashes

When you’re in a hurry, or you only want to wear a touch of makeup, a dash of mascara is all you need. Today’s mascaras aim to do all sorts of things to lashes, with the goal of making them look fuller and longer. Try mascaras that are long lasting and deliver volume to accentuate your eyes no matter what your age. Lash extensions are great if you want to have more permanent longer-looking lashes, or you can try false lash strips for one-off looks.

Volumized hair

One thing that women of all ages strive to achieve is thicker, more volumized hair. Adding volume to fine hair can be difficult, but thanks to the great range of volumizing products that are available at the moment, it’s easier to create thicker looking locks. Next time you go to your hairstylist, ask them to give you a cut that’s blunt at the ends to make hair appear thicker while adding some layers can help to create more movement in your hairstyle.

Beauty knows no age limit, so give some of these top beauty trends a try for timeless looks that will make you look and feel amazing, inside and out.

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