How To Properly Take Care Of Your Contact Lenses

15 Tips on How To Care Of Contact LensesTaking proper care of your contact lenses is an extremely important aspect for every contact lens wearer. It is vital for your eye health and the best way to avoid eye infections.  Contact lenses that don’t fit well or are old can scratch your eyes and also cause blood vessels to grow in your cornea which is a dangerous condition that can threaten your vision. Similarly not cleaning your contact lenses on a daily basis or replacing the solution regularly can lead to other eye infections, which if left can lead to other serious complications.

Depending on the type of lens you use, the cleaning and care vary. Disposable extended wear soft lenses or daily disposables like Bella contacts lenses need the least amount of care whereas longer wear soft lens require more care.

Here are some tips to take care of your contact lenses:

♦Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses. Try using mild soaps which don’t have perfumes or oils which can leave a film on your hands. If this gets on your lenses your vision might become blurry or it can cause irritation in your eyes.

♦Keep your hands dry with a lint-free towel, as sometimes even the lint from towels and get on your contact lenses.

♦Remove your lenses before you get into the shower or into a swimming pool, this water on the eyes causes your lenses to lose moisture and dry out, making the lens sit uncomfortably on the eyes.

♦The best time to wear your contact lenses is soon after a shower. Always put your lenses in before applying any creams or lotions as these will cause your eyes to burn.

♦If you intend to put on eye make-up, this is best done after wearing your lenses

♦Make sure you use your fingertips to handle your lenses have no sharp objects.  Try and keep your nails short so as not to tear your contact lenses.

♦Avoid putting tap water directly on your lenses as even distilled water can contain tiny bugs, which when it gets on your lens can cause infections.

♦To clean your contacts, rub them gently with your index finger in the palm of your other hand. This light rubbing of your contact lens removes surface build-up.

♦Never put your lenses in your mouth to wet them, as saliva is not a sterile solution. Even a saline solution or re-wetting drops are not disinfectants and hence cannot be used on your lens.

♦Always use new solutions every time you clean and disinfect your lens, don’t reuse old solution or top off with old solution. Don’t pour your contact lens solution into another bottle, as it no longer remains sterile.

♦Never wear contact lens that has been stored for a long time without re-disinfecting them. Your contact lens case needs to be kept clean. Your lens case is best replaced every three months.

♦Take out your contact lenses before you sleep, unless you are wearing extended-wear lenses. This is because your eyes do not get much oxygen when your eyelids are closed.

♦Even if you are just wearing coloured contact lenses like Anesthesia colored contacts, do not wear someone else’s lenses if they’ve already been worn. As wearing other people’s lenses can lead to eye infections.

♦It is advisable to wear sunglasses or a wide-brim hat when you are out in the sun as contact lenses can make your eyes more sensitive to the light.

♦Don’t swim with your contact lenses on, unless you are wearing goggles over them. The water from swimming pools or other water bodies can cause an eye infection.

Contact lenses are unlike eyeglasses whereby you can just wear whenever you want and without washing your hands. For contact lenses, you do not have much choice but to always ensure to keep your hands clean at all times whenever you are handling them. Even if you have washed your hands, you should not hold other items such as toiletries that can contaminate your hands if you are still in the process of wearing the lenses.
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