Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks: Tried and True Cleaning Tips From Days Gone By

It’s already the middle of December and 2018 is moving along fast. For me, 2017 was a year of major changes in my life. Honestly, I think the whole world kind of shook on its axis over the last one-to-two years. So many new events and perspectives are out there it’s hard to keep up. There is also a lot of dirt that was swept under the rug that now is coming to the surface. Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks Tried and True Cleaning Tips From Days Gone By Feature

Ok…cheeky segue aside: It’s a new world – again. It’s fast and there are new tricks and courses being revealed every day for ways to clean up your health, your life, your spirit, your dog….

I’m all for learning and growth. I’m also an advocate of the “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality. And sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

Let’s take a look at a handful of tried-and-true cleaning tips that worked great in the past, and still work great today.

Not “Lemmon,” Jack… It’s “LEMON”:

This is honestly one of my favorite cleaning “products” to write about. The lemon is a powerfully diverse fruit that is good for your body as much as it is good for your home. There is something called “The Master Cleanse” and the main ingredient in it is lemon. That cleanse involves significant fasting, so if you’re more inclined to eat than not, you can just squeeze the fresh lemon juice into your water for an also-positive effect. But don’t throw away the peel! Toss it down the garbage disposal and run the water. It’s a great, antibacterial cleansing agent that deodorizes your sink drains. You can also use lemons to scrub your pots and pans (add salt to the lemon for a course effect) or on brass to take out nasty spots. Heat up a piece of lemon in your microwave in a bowl of water – it will help remove sticky spills. Use lemon juice in your sinks to help dissolve soap scum and germs as well.

The Versatility of Vinegar:

Although using lemons for cleaning is not as popular as using vinegar, it should be. That doesn’t mean vinegar isn’t just as good, because it is. Distilled white vinegar is widely effective at cleaning multiple things in your home.

–         Run it through your coffee maker with some water to dissolve away stains and moist buildup in the water container and other parts.

–         Boil a small amount of vinegar in some water on the stove without a lid. It will help deodorize your home

–         Place an open bowl filled with vinegar in your refrigerator to get rid of unwanted smells from that lettuce you forgot was still in there

–         Place another bowl filled with vinegar in your pantry or cupboard to get rid of musty smells as well

–         You can pour vinegar on the stickers for your new cups or plates to help remove them. It’s acidic and will eat right through the stickers.

–         Turn on a crusty stovetop burner and splash some vinegar on it. Turn the heat off and sprinkle baking soda on the vinegar. After it’s done fizzing and fuzzing you can wipe down with dawn and a rag to find your stovetop looking like new.

–         Vinegar sprayed on newspaper makes a great, streak-free tool for cleaning windows

–         Pour it down your drain following your lemons. Then dump in some baking soda. Give it a few minutes to bubble up and break down clogs, then dump boiling water down the drain to flush it out

Baking Soda Is Everyone’s Buddy:

Baking soda is vinegar’s BFF. It should be one of yours, too. It works in drains and on stains. It helps remove odors from your carpets and your mattresses. It keeps food and smells fresh in your fridge. It’s also a common ingredient in toothpaste. Man’s best friend is no longer the dog; it’s baking soda

“Believe no man unless you have eaten salt with him” – Said the Greeks, Supposedly:

I don’t know what that means. Also, I don’t add salt to my food at all, so take what I’m writing with, you guessed it, a “grain of salt.

I’m not against eating it – it’s just not right for me. But! I use salt for a whole bag full of other tricks. Wintry weather? Salt melts ice. Gunk’d-up pan? Salt helps break it down and scrub it clean. Clogs in your cutting board? Sprinkles of salt before you wipe it down helps break loose the food or dirt. Ants in your pants? Well, ok…anywhere? Salt deters ants from entering. You can also add some salt to your laundry loads to help clear out sweat stains and odors. Now you can finally just insert cleaning all the dirt your friend ants made by some quick vacuuming of the place they invaded in your house. Visit Vacuum Judge to learn more about this best friend you’ve got in your house.

The Olive Branch and The Coconut Tree:

I made that up, but it does sound like a good parable!

In all seriousness, olive and coconut oils have a lot of great uses besides being part of bad puns. I love coconut oil for cooking and it’s great for coating your barbeque grill before grilling. It’s also really beneficial for your hair and skin and is linked to improved brain function and memory.

Olive oil can be used to polish your shoes. I’ve done it – it works. Some people like to use a thin coating on their stainless steel surfaces to prevent dust and fingerprints, but you have to watch for bacterial growth if you use too much without regular cleaning. Zipper sZX tuck? Olive oil is the new WD40. Two really cool uses for olive oil are:

–         Lining your soap dish so that soap scum has nothing to stick to…

–         Coating your garden tools to keep them in great shape for longer periods of time.

My favorite? Helping loosen up that band-aid so you don’t’ have to rip it –and your hair – off.

Recycle The Way You Recycle:

Recycling has become the thing to do. But it’s more than just separating plastics from rubbage. Have a t-shirt that no longer fits? Tear it into squares and use it as a rag. Keep your newspapers to wad up and use to clean your windows – it’s better than towels and prevents streaks! Sterilize your old toothbrush with rubbing alcohol and boiling water. Then use it to get into hard-to-reach places when cleaning, or to shake the dust off your blinds. Grolsch beer bottles have great, resealable lids and are a nice emerald color. Use them to store other liquids after washing and rinsing them out. Throw your food scraps on a compost pile if you can. And, to keep the energy flowing in your home, rotate dishes and silverware when returning them to their drawers or cupboard locations so you’re not always using the same forks, spoons, and plates.
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