The Benefits Of Glass Balustrades “Stairs”

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The Benefits if Glass #Balustrades
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The balustrade is an essential and often overlooked part of stair design. It doesn’t matter whether your stairs are inside or outside, the balustrade will need to be carefully considered before you install the stairs.

No matter how stunning the stairs this will ensure it is fully integrated into the design. This has been true for centuries.

Of course you can install glass balustrades after the stairs are in place; you simply need to find the right system to lock it all into place. You can then appreciate these benefits:


There is no doubt that a glass balustrade is a thing of beauty. A glass elegant will not always be fully visible, this adds to the elegance and sophistication of the balustrade.

In fact, because it can reflect light it will brighten and transform all of your interior space.


No matter where your balustrade is a glass balustrade can allow light to flood through the house. This helps if light is low to lift your mood and make you feel like the outside is inside.

It can also ensure that you can see the stunning view from your own hoe, no matter where you’re sat.


The great thing about glass is that it is tough and requires virtually no maintenance. You will need to wipe it clean regularly, especially if you have children! This is much quicker and easier than some of the ornate balustrades you’ll find in houses and design shops.

You can even polish out scratches to ensure they look as good 5 or 10 years in the future as they did when first installed!


Because light moves through glass and is reflected round the room it can dramatically increase the feeling of space inside your home.

This is not a benefit you’ll be able to appreciate if you use wood, metal or any other material for your balustrade.

Mixing It Up

The greatest thing about glass is that it is not a standalone material. You can have an entirely glass balustrade. Alternatively you can opt for a part glass and part virtually any other material. This can add to the aesthetic appeal and help it to feel in harmony with the rest of your home.


You’re first thought regarding glass balustrades is probably that glass is fragile and dangerous when it breaks. In fact, glass is one of the strongest construction materials currently available.

It also has the benefit of being extremely durable. Years from now it will have weather but look virtually identical to how it is today; that’s not something most balustrade materials can say!


Finally, glass is actually very easy to install. The panels will arrive pre-cut and with mounting holes already drilled into the right positions. All you need to do is attach them to the framework and enjoy. Alternatively, your supplier can install the glass balustrade for you. They’ll be in and out of your home in no time.

Take a look at some images online and you’ll be surprised at just how good a choice this is for your next balustrade.

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