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Adagio Blue Moon Tea

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I have known about Adagio Tea for about 3 years and back then I was sent the a selection of teas. They come in individual packets of loose tea to brew either in a teapot or container. They also have tea bags that are individually wrapped in a triangle shape. I used a teapot to let the tea steep but I also have a container that you place the tea at the top, pour hot water, turn upside down to let steep. No mater how you make you Adagio tea it will delight you tea senses.

I missed the introduction of Bella Luna tea at the beginning of August before our “Blue Moon”, Blue Moon is when there are 4 full moons in a season. However, Bella Luna is still available on their website and when you visit there is an automatic $5.00 coupon towards the purchase.

Quote: The combinations of the butterfly pea flower, or Clitoria ternatea, is a plant in the pea family that has been used as a natural dye for centuries. It is used in religious ceremonies as well as in food and drinks, where it is often combined with flavors like honey, citrus, or spices. When the pH increases, usually from the addition of citrus, its blue color changes to purple. That’s part of why we called our tea Bella Luna Blue.

I was amazed at the flavor and color of Bella Luna, it really turns blue and if you add a touch of lemon it turns purple. Which I tired because I wanted to see the color change. The flavor I picked up on, were the spices and honey, very delicious. You can drink any of their teas hot of iced any season.

Besides the Bella Luna tea Adagio Tea offers a whole array of teas, matcha, Earl Grey, a great selection of different green teas even one that is for energy. Their tea comes in loose tea and individual tea bags, including a flowering tea. They have herbal tea and wellness and detox teas.

If you like you can order sampler boxes to try a variety. And not only do they carry teas but accessories for preparing tea and if you have friends or family that are tea drinkers they tea starter sets, wedding favors, candles and if you cant decide you can purchase a gift card.

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