The Main Reasons You Chose Bible Study and Theological College

The Main Reasons Why You Need to go to Bible Study and Theological CollegeMost spiritual matters and the matters of faith and beliefs are taught in the biblical and theological colleges. Most people struggle spiritually and not knowing where to turn to when faced with cultural and spiritual beliefs. Attending only your church service is not enough to help you expand more on your spiritual growth; you need to also accompany it with attending a biblical study college. Going to a bible and theological studies have got many advantages as listed below:

To Widen Your Thinking and Understanding

While in a theological college, you will be exposed to a wide range of literature such as history, ethics, mission, social sciences, and scriptures. This will challenge you to change by responding to what you are learning; hence, you will widen your understanding. You will also learn to widen your faith; this is mainly concerning other belief systems and worldviews. You will have your faith enriched and have a great understanding of different ideas, reaching the point of leaving college after acquiring a great interest in the bible and theology. You will be inspired to have a lifetime of growth in spiritual passion, theological and biblical understanding, and ministry and mission skills.

To Inspire Your Passion for Mission

The bible and theological college will help you become a missional leader who can develop missional churches and disciples. You will be able to learn how to interpret your culture for faithful discipleship, community, ministry, and mission, how to lead others to a personal relationship with God, assisting individuals to move towards a commitment to Christ, and knowing how to relate to people from a different cultural and religious background. You will acquire the principles that will help you promote mission and growth. Planetshakers college will help you develop in mission leadership; you will be inspired and equipped for local and global missions.

To Grow in Competence and Integrity

When looking for leadership skills, competence and integrity are among the top qualities expected the most. Going to a theological college will help you learn and acquire the essential skills and qualities required and equip you in becoming a great leader in your missions and ministries. You will learn to have the ability to guard the truth of the gospel. The main aim of a theological college is to develop you into a leader with character and integrity. Their mission is to generate disciples and leaders that embrace the ethical standards and personal integrity in the obedience to scriptures and a person who willingly observe the value of ministerial and professional ethics.

To Enrich the Level of Your Understanding of the Bible and Theology

Planetshakers college will help you learn how to read and accurately interpret the bible for yourself and have insight into the scriptures. You will have a clear understanding of the gospel and the quantity to share with others. You will acquire skills in interpretation, communication, and application of the great truth of the scriptures. Learning how to interpret the Bible will help you apply the ideas in your daily life. This knowledge will also help you develop the ability to preach and teach in the ministry competently.

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