4 WordPress Themes To Make Your Fashion Blog Stylish in 2018

4 Design Trends to Make Your WordPress Fashion Blog Stylish in 2018

A fashion blog must not only report on the trends in fashion but also adhere to the latest trends in web design. WordPress gives you a lot of flexibility in personalizing your blog. So, you only need to make the right kinds of changes to have your pages stand out for their beautiful style.

 4 Must-Follow Web Design Trends for a WordPress Fashion Blog 

Adriana Fashion Blog Theme For WordPress
Example from Themeforest

1.     Go bold with colors in minimalistic designs

Minimalistic design is still trending, so it’s a great choice for a fashion blog. In fact, it will serve as a great background for fashion pictures that must be the centerpieces of your pages. To make this design truly stylish today, you’ll need to use out-of-the-ordinary color combos. For example, try lime-green and violet or orange and sky-blue.

You can also use more than 2-3 colors and still have a pretty minimalistic look. Check out how LUSH does it and get inspired.

Lolipop Fashion Blog Theme For WordPress
Example From Themeforest

2.     Use Gutenberg for visual content editing

If you start a fashion blog with WordPress today, you can’t miss Gutenberg. It’s a new editor developed for WordPress 5.0, which is filled with amazing visual content editing features. In essence, Gutenberg is a rather simple visual editor that enables you to customize all content that was previously ‘immovable’ without some advanced coding.

If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ll know how hard or outright impossible it was to edit any element except for text. Gutenberg changes all that, and it’s so simple you don’t need any advanced coding knowledge to use.

Victoria Fashion Blog Theme with woocommerce For WordPress
Example from Themeforest

3.     Add ‘handmade’ graphic elements

Being unique is as stylish as ever, and even more so when designing a WordPress fashion blog. Hand-drawn graphics and fonts are especially popular this year. This fits in nicely with the overall trend for original typography. And you can’t get more original than using a unique heading hand-drawn by a professional artist with your blog in mind. You can see some examples of this style at Elegant Seagulls and Pow.

Note that when you choose to go with the hand-drawn approach, it makes sense to develop a specific style of graphics or a unique character to ‘represent’ your blog. This will give you ‘brand identity’ even if you don’t have an actual brand. For a fashion blog, in particular, you can create a character who will feature in short comics that can be further developed into memes. This kind of ‘branching out’ will be a great marketing boost for your blog. Check out the Nemi comic strip for inspiration.

4.     Use subtle animations

Today it’s cool to ‘bring websites to life’. However, using videos is both expensive and makes your website load longer, which loses you traffic in spades. The solution is animations, especially subtle ones. They also fit perfectly with the minimalistic design trending today. Take a look at the Omnisense website to see how this works.

Cinematographs are another popular kind of animations. Basically, they are photographs with moving elements that create the illusion of a full-fledged video. However, they are much ‘lighter’ for your website. A great example is Watering Hole.

When making a WordPress fashion blog today, keep these trends in mind, but don’t let them limit your own creativity. After all, the main design requirement of a great website is to make it beautiful.

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