As A Restaurant Owner What You Need To Know About Interior Décor

What-a-restrauant-owner-needs-to-know-about-decorOwners Need to Know About Interior Decor For a Restaurant?

The restaurant interior is very vital for its great psychological impact on the visitor’s experience. If the interior is not pleasant and inviting, it is unlikely to attract customers. As a restaurant owner, you should be aware of the décor requirements. Here are some interior décor ideas that can make it warm and welcoming right away.

There should be a clear-cut concept

Most of the restaurants are designed based on a certain theme. Your restaurant could be a family style, luxurious dining, casual, fast food etc. Decide about the target customers before you choose the concept.

The diners choose a restaurant for gaining a memorable experience.  Make sure that the interior decoration aligns with the theme perceived. Failing this you will have confused visitors who will never be loyal customers.

The layout makes the interior attractive

The layout is the most important element of the interior.  You can never expand the existing space. But, you can design a smooth flow of movement for memorable customer experience. Make the floor plan in such a way that everyone feels comfortable.

As the thumb rule goes, the dining area should use 60% of the space. The balance 40% is for the kitchen, washroom, and other utilities. Have the washroom at a visible place away from the kitchen. There should be signs for guiding the visitors. Last but not the least; do not clutter the floor with too many décor items. Carefully consider the bathroom stall dimensions – you’ll want to create a comfortable space.

Colors are great to pop the interior up

Colors have a great power to influence the mood of the customers. Use of the right color can make the interior look glamorous. They can also influence the choice of foods.

It is better to go for a color that matches the theme and preferred by your target customer group. If you want your customers to eat quickly and leave, then red and orange is the ideal. On the other hand, you should use blue when you want to make it more relaxing and comforting.

Mind the seating arrangement

Providing cozy and comfortable seating improve the customers’ experience. Usually, there are three types of seating styles: Banquet type, Booth type, and traditional tables. Whatever style you may use, that should match with the overall decoration.

What is comfortable for a fast food eater is surely not ideal for the family restaurants. They require heavily cushioned seating arrangements. This induces the customers to spend more time and to have more foods. It helps your restaurant to soar.

Lighting can create a magical ambiance

When it comes to improving a restaurant interior, lighting plays a great role. The right combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting can make the interior dramatic. It improves the mood and taste of the food, especially the wines.

Improve the overall lighting with indirect diffused lights. Bouncing off from the ceiling, these concealed lighting arrangements create a dreamy interior. Use the task and accent lights in a way that they do not kill the overall effect.

Let the scents flow

Scents are also great mood enhancers.  Think about how you feel when you pass by food processing and beverage factories.  The smells coming out really overpower your senses at that moment. Studies also indicate that scents can induce a customer to stay long in the restaurant.

So, why not let the scents flow from the kitchen? You may have an open kitchen plan. This will let your customers see how the food is cooked and the flavors will allure them to have more.  In case you have a different theme, you may use artificial fragrances.

Acoustics is also important

Playing music is a brilliant way to fill the gaps in interior decoration. It should not be too loud. That will turn it into noise. On the other hand, it should not be so low that others can hear your conversations. Controlling the volume of the music using false ceilings and curtains can yield better results.

The music played should also align with the overall theme and the clientele. Instrumental music is the best for high-end restaurants.  You may also arrange a live piano for luxurious dining restaurant.

Adding-plants-to-your-restaurant-add-life.Including live plants make the interior live and colorful

Live plants are more than a simple decorative element. They can make the restaurant interior live and colorful.  The beauty of the tree and plants is that they go well with all décor themes. Studies also indicate that when people are near nature they become more relaxed and positive. Including live plants in the restaurant’s interior can affect their choice of foods.  It can also stimulate them to spend more money.

Using faux trees and plants is better than the live ones

The fake decorative elements are available in a plethora of variants. You can choose anything from the artificial boxwood hedge, mat, screen, roll, topiaries, green walls etc. These require no maintenance and also involve no other cost. Once installed, they continue to adorn the restaurant interior for many years to come.

Even the most experienced eyes cannot differentiate these most realistic artificial plants from their live versions. These are so meticulously crafted from prime quality materials, that there is no compromise on aesthetics. Coming in standard bases, they can be easily installed. They have no sunlight requirements and, therefore, perfect for the dimly lit corners.

You can get anything you want in the boxwood topiary balls artificial collection. These are available in spirals, cones, balls, and animal forms. They always maintain their shape and need no trimming and pruning. Moreover, they do not shed leaves. So, there will be no mess on the restaurant floor.

The faux boxwood hedge is ideal for creating a cozy corner in the restaurant interior. Unlike live plants, they do not grow mold, nor attract insects. This keeps your guests safe.


Repeat visits are important for a restaurant to be successful. When the customers’ have a comfortable and relaxing ambiance, then it tops their favorite’s list. The above ideas are affordable and can be implemented easily. Try these for your restaurant interior to make it a talk of the town.
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