Car Tips: Top Tips for Maintaining a High Pressure Oil Pump

Top Tips for Maintaining a High Pressure Oil PumpIt requires some effort and time to look after your diesel vehicle. Even though changing the oils and filters might be the basics, one essential part you should not neglect when maintaining your vehicle is the high pressure oil pump (HPOP). Every engine has an oil pump. What it does is to maintain the smooth performance of the engine by circulating engine oil to the camshaft, sliding pistons, and rotating bearings of the engine under pressure.

With the job of the high pressure oil pump, proper maintenance is needed. If you overlook its maintenance, it can result in complete failure of the engine. To ensure you keep your diesel car high pressure oil pump in great condition, here are the top tips for maintaining a high pressure oil pump.

Before we delve into the top tips, do you know the main cause of oil pump failure? It is caused by blockages that result from debris and sediment that settle in the pump. The blockage reduces the pressure and prevents the oil from getting to the engine effectively.

Maintenance Top Tips For High Pressure Oil Pump 

  1. Know the Parts of your High Pressure Oil Pump

When you know the various components of your oil pump and how they operate, you can easily detect the areas with the problem and maintain a good diesel performance. But how many of us can locate the HPOP not to talk of its various parts? The gear drives the pump, and it is made up of:

  • Tubing and support bearings
  • Piston with collar and springs
  • Brass cylinder
  • Shaft
  • Gear
  • Valves
  • Swashplate plug and ring bearing
  • Pump housing

You might not need to disassemble the oil pump when performing general maintenance. But it is important to know where each part belongs for simple cleaning. The hose is the first component of the pump you need to check always. Ensure there are no leaks. Also, check and tighten the support bearings because debris can make them loose.

  1. Always Inspect The Level Of The Oil

One of the things that impact the pump efficiency is the oil quality. Ensure you inspect the level of the oil and also its clarity. Even though it is normal for oil in diesel engines to be slightly dark, a very dark colouring might be dangerous to the high pressure oil pump.

Also, if you smell fuel on the cleaning rag or you notice grit, it is time to check your oil filter and change the oil. Additionally, you can check the reservoir and the valves, to see if you can find debris on them. You can clean the debris using a vacuum and a flat-head screwdriver. Paying attention to the engine light can also help you know when you need to change or add oil to the pump.

  1. Use Oil Formulated For High Pressure Oil Pumps Specifically

There are lots of oil created for diesel engines on the market, but not all oils are right for you. When it is time to change the oil in your pump, avoid using oils with too many additives. Poor-quality oils can affect the performance of your engine. So, before you purchase any oil ensure you research well about it to be sure you are buying an oil product formulated for HPOP specifically.

Final Words and Advice

Regular maintenance is the only key that can ensure a long lasting engine and high pressure oil pump proper performance. Also, when you maintain your HPOP routinely, you would be able to figure out the right time to replace the pump for better diesel performance. If you want to replace your oil pump, ensure the high pressure oil pump replacement part is genuine. A genuine diesel parts dealer can help provide the quality oil and replacement pump you need. This way you will prevent damage to your diesel engine.

Remember, you can try the top tips for maintaining a high pressure oil pump yourself without going to a mechanic shop. Need a new oil pump? Speak to your local diesel parts dealer to see how they can help you with a new pressure oil pump. Maintain your diesel truck HPOP and have a long lifetime on the road.

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