Can You Remove Red Wine from Your Carpet

Can You Remove Red Wine from Your CarpetRemove Red Wine Stains: Probably the worst kind of spill you can imagine for your carpet is red wine.

Yet, it happens to everyone, and we just have to deal with this reality. Some people will tell you that it is futile to try and clean it and that you can just get rid of your carpet or try to hide the stain.

However, experts at Maids of Jacksonville have a lot of experience with cleaning and they offer some tips about cleaning red wine stains from any surface, including your carpet.

Act Quickly

Even though the appropriate reaction to spilling red wine is shock and freezing, you need to fight this urge and ac quickly if you want the best results.

The lighter the color of your carpet, the faster you need to be if you want to remove the stain completely.

Light Stains

If the spill was not a major one and the stain is not big, it will likely be easier to clean.

However, don’t disregard the urgency just because the stain is minor, act just as quickly as you would for a huge one.

Grab some club soda. Yes, club soda is actually really good for this kind of a mess. It has been used forever and that’s because it works. You will also need a few dry and clean cloths for this procedure.

Blot the wine with the cloth, and then pour some club soda on the stain. Give it a few seconds to react and then blot it again, with a cleaning cloth or a part of the cloth which you haven’t used before.

Do this until the stain has been fully removed.

More Severe Stains

If the stain is bigger, and you’ve spilled more wine, club soda might not be enough.

However, you can make a cleaning agent in a matter of seconds with just the things you have in your home – and dish soap.

A spoon of dish soap, two spoons of and some warm water should be mixed in together and used in the same way club soda from the previous remedy. It is important to use a white cloth only because the color of the cloth might affect the color of your carpet by the time you’re done.

A Slightly Risky Solution

If neither of the previous two solutions didn’t work, or if you don’t have them on hand, you might want to use hydrogen peroxide, but you should be aware that there might be some discoloration on your carpet due to the abrasive nature of the substance (it is used to bleach hair).

If you want to be sure, check it on a smaller, hidden patch of your carpet.

Store-Bought Products

There are some readily available products specifically created to clean wine stains. However, if you don’t drink too much wine, or you are not prone to spilling, chances are that you don’t really have them at hand.

Some of these products promise to even remove the dried wine stains, but don’t pin all of your hopes on that. Try these quick and tried methods first. Even if they fail, you can try those products the next day and see how good they really are.

Even though wine stains are difficult to manage, there are tricks home cleaning services have in their sleeve, and now you can try them as well.

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