How to Change Your Skincare Routine

How-to-change-your-skincare-routine-to-include-sunscreenFor people of all skin types, sticking to a skincare routine requires consistency and patience. The first days, nights, and weeks of applying skincare products are about cleansing your face and getting your skin used to the routine. At this stage, repairs to damaged skin begin. For the best results, people should use products according to their intentions. When starting a personal care regimen, people might be eager to see results, but it may take time to notice any real changes.

But what if you don’t notice any changes?

People may be comfortable with their skincare routine, but if their face reveals flaws with their regimen, they should change some or all products and steps in their routine.


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When experimenting and altering your skincare routine, consider your immediate and current needs. Someone whose skin changes with the seasons, for example, may find that with warmer weather, they should use a thinner moisturizer or a stronger facial wash. It’s crucial to use products as intended when making this change, to avoid harming the skin. People who need a new moisturizer and cleanser should avoid changing both at the same time. Switching to a new moisturizer and a new cleanser at different times allows the skin to adjust to the changes one at a time, which can prevent skin from breaking out or becoming patchy.

When changing a skincare routine, one must beware of the ingredients included in the facial scrubs, creams, lotions, and oils they use. Some products may contain alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, and more, that dry the skin. For the best results, people should incorporate clean, natural products into their skincare routine.

Beware of the ingredients included in the facial scrubs, creams, lotions, and oils used in skincare products

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A natural ingredient with beneficial properties is cannabidiol (CBD), an element in the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol comes from hemp or medical marijuana and lacks psychoactive effects. CBD shows effectiveness in controlling eczema, psoriasis, and inflammation. CBD demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects and qualities that improve skin elasticity and moisture.

Incorporating a CBD-based topical cream into a skincare routine can enhance the health and feeling of skin while relieving joint pain, arthritis pain, inflammation, and soreness. An effective CBD cream comes from Sera Labs Health. Sera Labs is a CBD company comprised of CBD-certified consultants, that produces 100 percent organic CBD products, including topical creams, lotions, oils, edibles, and supplements. These high-quality CBD products contain no metals or pesticides, making them clean and safe.

When changing your skincare routine, an essential product to include, especially if you hadn’t before, is sunscreen. Many people only apply sunscreen when going to the beach, the park, or anywhere during the summer months. Sunscreen is a vital component of skin health and sun safety, as it protects the skin from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays by absorbing, reflecting, and scattering sunlight, which helps prevent skin cancer. Skincare and beauty enthusiasts should watch for the April 2020 release of LUMASOL sunscreen mist.

LUMASOL is a company that combines health and technology, launched by 23-year-old founder Sophia Hutchins, who’s close with Caitlyn Jenner, her daughter Kylie, and other members of their famous family. Sophia’s LUMASOL sunscreen mist, designed for use after applying makeup, is a lightweight, recyclable product with more than 50 SPF that shields skin from 98 percent of UV and UVB rays. This innovative odorless sunscreen product, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is the safest and most potent that will hit the market this spring. With LUMASOL’s sunscreen mist, people can leave behind and throw away greasy sun creams that clog their pores.

When altering a skincare routine, people must make changes that benefit their skin health and keep them feeling fresh.
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