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I was approached by a representative from Miss Ellie’s coffee asking if I would like to try samples of the coffee they have in stock. Their products are available online which is not a new concept but it saves you time and money and offer customer service, is what will makes them special. Their coffees are roasted perfectly of 100% Arabica […]

Product Review: Miss Ellie’s Coffee Review-Buy at

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Coffee Third Wave – Different Kind of Coffee and the Latest Equipment to Have You know that different people make a group that share the same thoughts. Similarly, there are different groups of thoughts who like a different kind of coffee, but within the group, everyone has the same opinion about it. Different continents love the different taste of coffee […]

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Friendly’s 40 Coffee Cup, Coffee Grinder, and Milk Frother Giveaway! November 1 – November 21, US only. This giveaway is set up thanks to the sponsor Two Rivers Coffee Co providing Friendly’s coffee, Box Roundup providing a coffee grinder and a milk frother, and participating co-host IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways, as well as several participating bloggers. Thank you all […]

Friendly’s Coffee Giveaway

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Welcome to the Cuisinart Single Serve Keurig Brewing System Giveaway! brought to you by BuyDig and Kate n’ Kaboodle I would Love to have a Cuisinart Brewing System! The Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System is powered by Keurig and perfect for personal use or entertaining. Using the Keurig K-Cup, this single-serve home-brewing system offers consumers fresh gourmet coffee, tea, hot […]

Cuisinart Single Serve Keurig Brewing System Giveaway!