How To Recover From A Cosmetic Gum Lift Procedure

How To Recover From A Cosmetic Gum Lift Procedure Image Source: Unsplash

Achieving your dream smile might take more than just one procedure. In fact, if you think you have too little or too much gum tissue around your teeth, a surgery called a cosmetic gum lift procedure or gum contouring can help you achieve an attractive and confident smile.

Gum lifts are often recommended after gingivitis causes a severe recession of your gum line. If your dentist recommends the procedure, there are a few tips you can use for recovery and aftercare.

Restrictions During Your Gum Lift Procedure Recovery

One of the most important tips is to be careful with what you eat after your surgery. Your gums will be extremely sensitive, and that’s why you’ll need to avoid eating anything sharp or anything that could irritate, poke or cut your gums in any way. Because of this, any dentist Gold Coast patients visit would suggest that their patients would stick to a soft diet of soup, ice cream, pudding and yoghurt for a few days after the surgery.

If a scalpel was used to perform your gum lift, you’ll likely need to make a follow-up visit to your dentist, too. During your visit, the dentist will carefully examine your gums to determine if you’re healing properly. If everything is on track, you’ll be able to return to your normal eating habits. You may also receive an antibiotic rinse to use to keep infections at bay. Also, remember to brush your teeth very gently.

Recovering from a Cosmetic Gum Lift Procedure

A gum lift procedure is usually performed using laser technology. That’s because lasers are incredibly accurate. Before your gum is lifted, the dentist will apply anaesthesia, so you won’t feel anything during your procedure. You will, however, feel a slight discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off. An over the counter pain medication will help relieve any gum discomfort.

As with any other dental procedure, you should avoid eating or drinking until the anaesthetic wears off. This usually takes about half an hour.

Looking After Your Gums After Your Surgery

Healing after a cosmetic gum lift procedure is relatively quick. You can help make your recovery process even smoother with a few steps to help you avoid infections. These include the following steps:

  • Always rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Do this at least twice a day.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day but be gentle with your gums.
  • Floss every day to remove the build-up of plaque.

One of the biggest benefits of cosmetic gum lift surgery is that there are little to no complications associated with the procedure. Following the above aftercare steps will help to ensure you avoid anything going wrong.

Looking After Your Gums After Your Surgery Image Source: Unsplash

Waiting for the Final Results

There’s more good news. You can enjoy the results of your gum lift procedure immediately after surgery. Your teeth will even look more even and bigger. Once the surgery swelling goes down, the results will be even clearer. After just a week of treatment, you can expect to enjoy the full benefits of your gum lift.
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