How to Turn Your New House Into a Safe and Cozy Oasis


Buying a place you can call your own is a milestone many of us aspire to reach one day, and accomplishing such a major life goal is an exciting moment. Having a place that serves as a refuge from the stresses and negativity we are bombarded with every day, especially in the wake of coronavirus pandemic, can be of immense help in surviving such difficult times and staying sane amidst chaos. How-to-Turn-Your-New-House-Into-a-Safe-and-Cozy-OasisPhoto by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

It is in moments like these that we all begin to appreciate our homes even more, and now that we’re spending more time at home due to COVID-19 restrictions such as social distancing, it might be the right time to reassess what we want from our homes and turn them into oases oozing with safety and coziness.

With that in mind, here are five tips for turning your new house into a secure, feel-good space.

Rely on safety features to make your home a haven

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and they should be the one place where we can feel completely safe and comfortable, and it all starts by taking necessary steps to secure our homes.

Begin by installing safety features such as security cameras and alarms around your home and outdoor areas to protect yourself against intruders. Burglar-proof your windows, doors, and mail slot, and remember to change the locks as soon as you move in. Make sure your landscape is well-lit at night and install motion-sensor lights for added security. Make sure to keep at least two fire extinguishers and a first aid kit in case of emergencies, and make sure that the smoke detectors are working properly.

Achieve peace of mind by having your belongings insured

Achieve-peace-of-mind-by-having-your-belongings-insured Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

No one wants to think about bad things happening to them or their loved ones, but the truth is, unfortunate events can take place at any given moment. While there’s no way of knowing when a trouble will strike, it is important for homeowners to do whatever they can to protect their belongings, themselves, and those they love.

From securing your home against disasters and burglaries to protecting your vehicles against damage and theft, there are a number of insurance offers and deals to choose from to ensure that your belongings are protected. Knowing that you’re covered for financial losses in case of an unfortunate event will put your worries to rest and give you peace of mind – something we could all use during these trying times.

Clear and declutter your space to invite positive energy in

 Clear-and-declutter-your-space-to-invite-positive-energy-in. Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Cluttered spaces, piles of dishes and clothing, and overflowing closets and pantries – all these are standing in your way of creating a home that is calm and welcoming. Visual and physical clutter don’t do anything for your mental health either, but only add up to the existing stress.

Start by dedicating a couple of hours a week for clearing up your living space. Guide yourself through the process using the mantra ‘less is more’ and get rid of any items you don’t really use or need. Once decluttered, your living space will become a place of joy, with bad energy leaving your home and positive energy coming in.

Surround yourself with your happy colors

Surround-yourself-with-your-happy-colors. Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Repainting the walls is one of the simplest, most effective ways to give your home a makeover and make it more welcoming and serene. Soft, neutral tones work best when creating tranquil environments, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use any color.

Consider using neutral colors as a base and then adding pops of color by relying on decor pieces and textiles. Think about the mood you’re trying to create and rely on color psychology to achieve the desired effect. Yellows and oranges are known to boost energy and creativity, blues and greens have calming effects, while pinks are said to be joyful and refreshing. Surround yourself with happy colors and you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Embrace nature by bringing the outdoors in

 Embrace-nature-by-bringing-the-outdoors-in Photo by Kaylee Garrett on Unsplash

Nature can be our refuge in uncertain times, and even when you can’t get out in nature, you can still enjoy it by bringing the outdoors in. Low-maintenance plants such as Aloe Vera and Snake plant are your safest bet. The lively greenery will help clean the indoor air, absorb noise, and soothe your senses with its natural fragrances.

To further foster connection with Mother Nature, fill your living space with furniture and textiles made of natural materials such as clay, bamboo, natural stone, wood, organic cotton, industrial hemp, and wool. Finally, embrace natural light and let sunshine in whenever you can to create balanced and peaceful space for you and your family.

Wrapping up

Given the instability of the current global situation and the experts’ projections of the highly likely second wave of COVID-19 striking this autumn and winter, we will probably be spending even more time at our homes.

While we can’t do much to change the current global circumstances, we can create a space where our family can feel relaxed rather than restless and serene rather than stressed out.
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