4 Quickie First Date Ideas for Single Parents

4 Quickie First Date Ideas for Single Parents (1)Being a single parent is one of the most challenging and most rewarding experiences a person can go through. Taking care of a child on your own means you grow as a person and reach levels of maturity and competence you’ve never thought possible. At some point, single parents dating will cross your mind, and you’ll become open to meeting someone and letting them become a part of your life. Once that happens you’ll be faced with a dilemma – how could you possibly squeeze in dating into your already packed schedule? Below, we present our top 4 ideas for quickie dates every single parent can enjoy. 4 Quickie First Date Ideas for Single Parents

1: Brunch at the Park

As a single parent, you pretty much have no choice but to be the most flexible person on the planet. Going out on a Friday night and grabbing dinner, catching a movie, and spending the night at his or her place is something that last happened about 11 or 12 years ago before you had kids. As a parent, you simply have to improvise and make the best of any situation. That’s why a quickie date during your lunch break at work can ensure you don’t go for weeks without seeing each other. Make sandwiches the night before, bring a picnic basket with a table cloth and napkins, and serve brunch to your date next to your office building. A date like this would not only ensure you actually spend some time together, but it will help you take your mind off work for a little while, making you feel more refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

2: Break a Sweat Together

Squeeze-them-in dates become the norm once you have children, especially if the person you’re seeing is also a single parent. More often than not you won’t have the time to spend hours on end in each other’s company, uninterrupted by the lives you lead when you’re not together. That’s why you should take part in your everyday activities together instead of waiting for the opportune moment to spend some quality time. If you’re both physically active, go to the gym, or do yoga, you should totally do it together. That way you’ll get to talk in person, look into each other’s eyes and hold each other’s hand, and even though you’d love to leave the gym together and go grab some food, this hour or so spent breaking a sweat is still far better than texting or talking on the phone.

3: Host Your Own Happy Hour

After a long day at work or scrubbing the mess your kids made off the floor, it’s hard to imagine that going to a crowded bar for a few drinks with your date could make your day better. Instead of pushing yourself beyond your limits, host your own happy hour and get a quickie date at the park or in a private corner somewhere. All you’d really need are two cocktail glasses and easy-to-follow recipes, and you’re all set. Not only would you save yourself the headache of pushing through the crowd at a restaurant or bar, but you’d also save money, which makes this date idea that much more appealing.

4: Just Dessert

Instead of grabbing a full meal together on a Saturday night and spending hours at the restaurant when you’d rather be in each other’s arms, go straight for dessert. You can choose a restaurant that makes delicious sweets or goes to your favorite bakery and satisfy your sweet tooth in under an hour. Make it a rule to talk about anything but your work and the kids, and this hour or so will feel like you spent an entire evening together.

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