Coping With Your Teen Daughter Dating

If you have a daughter there will come a time that you will deal with datingAs a parent coping with teen daughter dating

Like most of the parents, you probably have some fears, now that your daughter has reached the age of dating. However, you have to remember that it is your job to help your daughter make a smart choice when she is choosing the person she will date. Fathers have a tough time understanding that it is something normal for their daughter to start seeing a boy, they have been the prince charming of all their daughter’s dreams for a long period, and now their little princesses have grown up and they are ready to go on a date. The fact that they are ready for dating is the first sign that they are growing up, and soon they will become adults. However, this does not mean that they no longer need you; you still have to protect them. Parents are often caught off guard when their daughter tell them that they have a boyfriend, but you have to make sure that you soon come to terms with your teenager daughter dating someone.

If you want to make sure that she is dating the right person, here are some ideas that will help you get started.

Dating starts earlier these days

When you were a teenager, it was unusual for you to say to your parents that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. But nowadays teenagers get involved in relationships that often start through texting. Do not worry, the first relationships your daughter will have will not go beyond chatting, attending group outings and posting pictures on social media. Your daughter considers dates the times when they go together to the mall, to a movie, or when they are attending a friend’s birthday.

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You can check whom your daughter is dating by using social media. Also, you should make sure that she is not using her phone to get involved in any form of sexting. Allow your daughter to text boys, but she should understand that if she gets involved in sexting, it would harm her reputation. You can monitor her relationship through social media. Make sure that you do not offer her feedback on social media, because teenagers have fragile egos, and you can hurt them if you make them feel embarrassed in the face of their friends.

Meet the boyfriend and ask him some questions

If your daughter states that the relationship is more serious than a few dates at the mall and cinema, you should meet the boy, and find more about him. Ask him some questions; they will help you make a first impression.

Find out why he wants to date your daughter, he may not know exactly what to say, but you will at least understand how he reacts in a stressful situation. Sometimes teen boys have no idea why they want to date a certain girl, they like her, period. You were their age once, you should remember those times. If he missed the chance to convince with the first answer, you should try to find out more about his hobbies. Ask them to tell you what they like to do for fun, in this way you will learn where your daughter will spend her time when they will go out on a date. Ask him the names of the games he plays, if he has a favorite band and if he practices any sport.

If your daughter insists that their relationship is serious, and they have started to plan their future together is the right moment to see if he has the same thing in mind. Ask him where he sees himself in five years. Sometimes, the boy with a funky haircut has big goals in his life. If he plans to become a doctor or a lawyer, you can overlook the tattoo from his neck.

Encourage your daughter to establish boundariesCoping with your teen daughter dating

Your role as a parent is to establish some rules for your teenager daughter. You should be the first person who checks out the boy she is dating, because her own instincts may not function as good as yours. You should teach her what the healthy and safe limits of a relationship are.

Help her understand that she needs to adopt a one-to-one ratio for her friends and boyfriend. If she spends a night out with her boyfriend, she should spend the next one with her girlfriends. It will help her maintain her circle of friends; she needs this in case the relationship will not have a happy ending.

She should get involved in multiple activities that do not include her boyfriend. Support her if she wants to join a sport, club or activity because it will help her create other relationships and connections.

Help her understand that her boyfriend is not part of the family; he will become a member only when they will get married. He will not join you on your family vacations and he will not come over for holidays.

Find as many details as possible about the boyfriend

You should try to find out information about the boyfriend; you want to know she is safe when she goes out on a date. If you do not have common friends with the family of the boyfriend, you will have to look out for another strategy. You can take advantage of the Internet because it offers you access to platforms that conduct people search. You should pay attention to the records about his behavior, his criminal record, and his activity. If you have the possibility try to find more about his parents, if they seem really nice persons, who are focused on education and work, you have no reason to worry. And do not forget to verify his group of friends, because teenagers are easily influenced by the persons they spend their time with.

Teach your daughter a few things about breakups

You do not want to see your daughter having her heart broke, but there are very few chances her first relationship to have a happy ending. In case she has to break up with her boyfriend, she should know that she has to do it as clean as possible, and in a quick manner. She needs to understand that this relationship is only a facet of her identity, and it does not ruin her life.

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What’s the wrong way to approach a model? “You might be the coolest guy in the world, but if you yell some trite line in my ear at a crowded, overloud bar, and then casually mention your super-cool job and how much you make, I’m likely to pretend not to be able to hear you and run back to my friends. It’s always the men I would have zero interest in romantically whose ears prick up at the word ‘model.'”

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