Mom and Toddlers Get Ready For Day Nursery

 How to Prepare Your Toddler (and Yourself) for Day Nursery

Making the decision to use the services of a child care or a day nursery can be frightening. The prospect of leaving your child for the first time and how your toddler will react to the experience are important things to consider before you can make the decision correctly. There is also the task of finding a good day nursery and preparing your child for the change.Mom and Toddlers Get Ready For Day Nursery    Royalty Free Photo

Worry not, because we are here to help you and your toddler ease into the new experience. It is a big change to make, but it’s a step in the right direction. To prepare yourself and your toddler better for day nursery, here are several things you need to know.

The Right Day Nursery

Choosing the right day nursery is half the battle. When you know that your child is in good hands, you’ll feel so much better about leaving the child for the day. After all, your toddler will be having a lot of positive experiences and be involved in fun and exciting things all day.

There are several things you want to take into account when choosing a day nursery. You definitely need to visit the facility, especially during the day when other children are present. You should be able to observe how the caregivers handle children, the kind of activities they do all day, and other details about the day nursery program.

You also want to review the day nursery’s policies. Ask for all policies you need to know – mainly regarding your child’s safety, discipline, feeding, and the content your toddler will have access to – so that you know exactly what to expect from the program. Don’t hesitate to ask questions whenever necessary too.

There are some great day nursery programs to choose from, especially today with the growing demand. Little Hands Little Feet, for example, caters to parents in Belfast and offers children the best programs for their growth. You can find out more here and get a good idea of what to expect from a top-notch day nursery.

Ease into It

It is also great to get your child involved in the process of surveying the day nursery. At the very least, you want to bring the toddler on a trial run before the actual program starts. Talk about the fun things your child will be able to do, the many friends they’ll be able to make, and other great things about going to the day nursery.

You want to ease your child into the program. You can share stories about the activities to expect and even try some of the activities at home to help your toddler be more familiar with those activities. Build the excitement and you may not have to worry about the first day of day nursery at all; your toddler will be much more excited than you are.

It’s a Group Effort

You shouldn’t expect the first day of the program to be completely problem-free; some adjustments will be needed, even when the toddler is already very excited about meeting new friends and playing together. That first day will also be difficult for you, since it is a big change for the both of you.

Make time and make sure you can stay with your child on that first day. You want to stay close, but you don’t want to interfere too much with the day nursery’s programs or regular schedules. Check if you can stay with your child too; some child care programs recommend parents to stay with their children to help with the transition.

There are two other things you need to focus on to help make the transition easier to handle. The first one is saying goodbye at the nursery. It is always a big challenge, but it is a challenge that you can solve by keeping a positive vibe and helping your child feel excited about day nursery. The second thing to focus on is comfort. Making your child feel comfortable helps a lot, so listen to specific requests and pay attention to the signs.

These are simple tips you can apply right away, but they are tips that will help prepare your toddler – and, more importantly, you – for day nursery. Find a good program for your children and get the kids excited.

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