5 Tips for Transforming Your Garage Into a Sanctuary

Life can feel almost unbearable at times and it’s important that you have a place to go where you can feel truly comforted and at peace. This could be a public place, but it’s so much better to create a sanctuary within your own home.

You can turn your garage into a refuge from the outside world without too much time or money. Having a safe place like this to escape to can better your mental health and give you the strength you need to get back out there and face the next day. If you want to turn your garage into a peaceful sanctuary, here are five key tips.

1. Invest in the garage infrastructure.

The first step to making your garage into the ultimate sanctuary place is to invest some time and money into the physical infrastructure of your garage. No one wants to relax in a dark, dingy garage with a dusty concrete floor. Make your floors safer and more attractive with an epoxy coat. Concrete floor coating can greatly improve the look of your floors and make them more durable to protect them against damage and the wear of time. Complete your garage infrastructure makeover by installing some soft lighting and painting the walls in a calming color, like a pale blue or off-white.


2. Carve out a special place to do the hobby or activity you love most.

The things that will bring you the most joy while spending time in your garage refuge are the hobbies and activities you enjoy the most. If that’s reading, bring in a big comfy chair and a large bookcase to store your books. If it’s knitting, make sure you have a yarn collection and patterns you adore. If your favorite hobby is fitness and working out, consider adding a small home gym to your space, although there are plenty of workouts you don’t need equipment for. Whatever makes you happy, you should include when planning your garage sanctuary.

3. Bring in some houseplants to add to the atmosphere.

Studies have shown that having and taking care of houseplants can improve your mental wellbeing. Adopt a few green leafy friends to keep in your garage, like a fiddle leaf fig, a ficus lyrata, or a fern. Make sure you have proper access to sunlight, though, as your new plants need sunlight, water, fresh soil, and sometimes plant food in order to receive the proper care and to stay healthy. Make sure you also get them nice pots and drill drainage holes in the bottom so that the excess water you give them can escape. If your garage gets indirect light or no sunlight at all, you may be best off adopting some succulents that need very little sunlight, water, or pruning in order to go through photosynthesis.

4. Decorate with art and items you love.

Decorating your new garage sanctuary in a way that pleases you is another key tip. In addition to your plants, you should also find some wall art, sculptural pieces, or other items that bring you joy. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is a great way to create a feeling of peace and serenity that your sanctuary needs to provide you.

5. Comfortable furniture and comfort-enhancing touches are must-haves.

This should go without saying, but do anything you can to make your whole space as comfortable as possible. Comfy furniture, plush robes, throw blankets, and items like a humidifier that make the space more livable are a must when building a sanctuary at home. Likewise, if your garage gets hot in the summer, add a fan. If it gets cold in the winter, invest in some space heaters. Your at-home sanctuary should never be anything but inviting and cozy.


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