Routine Residential Deep Cleaning Methods

Having-a-cleaning-routine-and-doing-a-deep-cleaningHaving a routine helps in cleaning your home, but really adds to cleanliness is to find a maid cleaning service for that really deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is a more detailed approach. Take time to lay down a routine schedule for such an undertaking. Once you establish a cleaning schedule, have a checklist strategy to aid you in deep cleaning. Deep cleaning promotes the tidiness of your home. It is recommended to find house cleaning services to ensure you get the right deep cleaning procedure.


Wash linens such as shams and duvets. However, since such materials are not regularly washed, care is taken to prevent wear and tear. Cleaning behind your bed and the areas below should also be done. Wiping the furniture with a microfiber piece of cloth helps eliminate dust inside your bedroom space.

Perform the routine flipping of the mattress twice per year. Baking soda comes in handy to help the freshening process of your mattress. Mattresses can also be spot-cleaned, like carpets. Do not forget to wash your pillows once every year by the use of a washing machine or visiting a professional laundry cleaner.


Dishwasher And Microwave

Cleaning of the dishwasher on the inside and outside is critical. Once you empty the interior, do filter cleaning with the help of vinegar and baking soda. Wipe the exterior of your dishwasher with vinegar spray. Finish wiping the glass cleaner with the help of a microfiber cloth. For optimal results, do this activity at least once every month.

You should clean both interior and exterior components of the microwave. A sponge, as well as a multipurpose cleaner, will help in this cleaning process. Next, you should disassemble and clean the tray. Once you complete the interior cleaning, finish the exterior cleaning with a sponge and make use of a microfiber cloth to do the finishing.

Cabinets, Fridge, And Oven

A vacuum cleaner works best in the cleaning of cabinets. Ensure the drawers are cleaned well before progressing to the next item. Unplug your fridge from the power source and clear the fridge of all foodstuffs before cleaning. Warm water with soap combined with a sponge is used. Concentrate on both the outside and the inside. If you can reach under the fridge, do the cleaning as well.

Some ovens have a provision for a setting to self-clean. This feature works well, especially if your kitchen is well ventilated. Remove anything inside the oven and input the self-cleaning command to perform this task. For ovens without such capabilities, make use of baking soda or recommended cleaning products.

Clean the top of your oven with soapy water. The gas stovetop typically occupies the top. Disassemble, brush and scrub the stovetop before assembly. For ovens with a gas stovetop and a stovetop with electric coils combo, make sure to use baking soda for cleaning.

Living Room

Vacuum clean the area. You can perform cushion lifting and vacuum cleaning underneath. Spot cleaning of various sections of the floor is necessary. One way to remove a stain is by placing an already wet rag over it and setting the iron to steam mode while placing it on top of the rag for at least 30seconds.

Throughout The House


Spot clean the floor to remove stains. Clean high traffic areas more as they tend to harbor a lot of dirt. Areas with stubborn dirt are cleaned with vinegar and baking soda paste.

Light Fixtures And Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures are easy to clean though they accumulate dust quickly. Cleaning them helps improve lighting qualities in a room. To do this, turn off lights and make use of a vacuum attachment while wiping with a microfiber cloth. Wipe each blade of ceiling fan with the help of a damp cloth soaked in soapy water.

Once you deep clean your home, maintaining the cleanliness should be observed. Always have a checklist that acts as your guide. If you find such an undertaking tedious, consider hiring a professional for house cleaning services.
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