Ways to Introduce Engagement Rings

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Suppose you’re looking for some Ways to Introduce Engagement Rings. Look no further than a personal fortune cookie. You can send her an individual fortune cookie with two different proposals inside. You can also leave the ring on a glass of orange juice in the fridge. Or, you can choose to do something more unconventional and present your ring as a surprise breakfast in bed. Whatever you decide to do, she’ll be sure to remember it for years to come.

Places to introduce engagement rings

You may have seen a beautiful engagement ring somewhere, but where should you go to get it? If you’re getting married soon and want to surprise your future spouse with a unique piece, you should consider buying a new ring as a way to propose. Here are some great places to introduce your fiance to the perfect amount of jewelry. All of them have something unique to offer. If you’re not sure where to go, read on for some great ideas.

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Purchasing a ring from a local jeweler can be expensive, but online buyers generally pay less than brick-and-mortar retailers. Online jewelry stores may have lower overhead and face more competition, but you won’t have to leave your house! Some local buyers are still open, but if you don’t know who to ask, you can find reviews online to help you decide. Moreover, online buyers may be open for business on weekends when local jewelers are closed.Styles of engagement rings

There are many styles of engagement rings. While you may see the traditional diamond solitaire on engagement rings, you’re likely to find many other shapes and styles. Cushion cuts and emeralds are the most popular styles, creating an impressive, multifaceted appearance. Halo rings create the illusion of a larger center stone. Cushion cuts are trendy and also look great as a solitaire. Pave diamonds are another popular style.

The modern style, also known as contemporary, combines bold lines, geometric shapes, and newer concepts in jewelry design. This style tends to focus on metal and beautiful shapes. They are more flexible and can be free-form, but they can still be very sophisticated. The only limit to the style is the imagination of the designer. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right style for your partner. This way, she can be sure she’ll love the gift!

Metals used for engagement rings

Before buying an engagement ring, you need to consider the metal it’s made of. What’s more, the metal you choose can affect its longevity. Three main metals are used to make engagement rings: platinum, gold, and silver. Each of these metals has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each metal. Also, learn how to determine the right choice for you.

Platinum and palladium engagement rings are the most expensive, starting at $320. However, the durability and strength of these metals make them a popular choice for engagement rings. Silver and titanium are also very affordable and durable. When choosing a metal for an engagement ring, consider the style and shape. The cheapest types are those with a Tiffany style, which is generally round or cushion-shaped.

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Settings for engagement rings

Engagement rings are available in many different shapes and styles. The most common type is the traditional prong setting. These can be made with diamonds and other gems or, more elaborately, with fine metalwork. Whether they are single or multiple stones, they provide a classic look and sparkle. The following are just a few of the different types of settings. Read on to discover more! Also, find out how to choose the right one for your special someone.

Cluster setting – A three-stone environment has three stones. The central stone is usually the largest, while the side stones are more minor. Three-stone locations are often secured with a tension setting. This setting can make the center stone appear larger and more vibrant than it is. The style also speaks to a modern, artful, and vintage feel. It’s worth keeping in mind when deciding on an engagement ring. You’ll find various styles and designs for engagement rings, from classic to unusual and funky.

Sizes of engagement rings

If you’re planning on proposing to your girlfriend or wife, you need to consider the size of her ring. The average woman wears a size six ring, and her band is about two to three millimeters wide. Therefore, most women’s rings are sizes 6.5. Most men’s rings are sizes eight and 14. Ring sizes match the finger width in millimeters. Therefore, the sizes of engagement rings are usually in the five to seven range.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to size a ring down or up to one size, it’s essential to think about your partner’s finger structure. Some rings are more difficult to resize than others. For example, diamond-accented bands are much easier to resize than plain metal bands. This means that you’ll have to spend more time in the jewelry store than on the engagement ring itself. If you’re indecisive, take her to a jewelry store for a professional size consultation. She’ll thank you later.

Options for accent stones

While the classic solitaire is still the most popular option for a solitaire engagement ring, a unique twist on this timeless style is the addition of accent stones. These rings feature multiple accent stones set in various settings, ranging from simple channel settings to clusters of three or four stones. As a result, they are both elegant and durable. Some celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth, wear these rings. In addition, the latest styles of engagement rings feature accent stones.

The main stone often dictates the shape of the accent stone. Diamonds cut in this style have a tapered shape and can even outshine a less brilliant center stone. For this reason, selecting featured stones that can keep up with the accent diamonds is essential. Round brilliant diamonds, oval diamonds, and radiant cut stones are appropriate accent stone choices for this style. If unsure, James Allen can help you pick the perfect accent stones.

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6 Tips How To Pull Off The Perfect Proposal

Proposing is undoubtedly one of the biggest moments in anyone’s life. It’s exciting, memorable, and downright terrifying. Not to mention all that pressure to get it absolutely right. To take a little stress of the entire occasion, here are some tips and ideas on how to make your proposal perfect. How-To-Pull-Off-The-Perfect-Proposal.

  1. Asking Permission

While it may seem old-fashioned, you should know whether or not your future in-laws would like it if you asked their permission before proposing. Rather err on the side of caution if you’re not sure and ask the parents before the proposal. If your future fiancée’s parents are no longer around, you could always ask someone who she looks to as a parental figure.

  1. Make it Meaningful

Make sure you know enough about your spouse-to-be to create a meaningful experience. You’re not going to want to propose in a vineyard if she’s sober or on a roller coaster if she’s terrified of heights. Think about what your bride-to-be likes and dislikes and then use that to surprise her.

  1. The Ring

Do you want to buy the engagement ring before or after you propose? While it may seem a little odd not to have ring to present, it’s okay if you’d prefer to shop for it together. It’s an exciting part of the engagement process either way. Also, decide if you want to purchase a ready-made ring of individually designed handmade diamond jewellery.

  1. The Timing

Take note of your timing. You don’t want to pop the question when your partner is overwhelmed or stressed.

  1. Set the Tone

Set a romantic tone for your proposal. If you’ve had an argument that day or something cropped up, you may want to postpone popping the question until you’re both relaxed.

  1. Don’t Be Silly!

Don’t try and do something silly, like tying the ring to a fishing line. But, do try and keep things light and fun. If you do want to do something a little silly, be sure your partner has a great sense of humor.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Keep the proposal as simple as you can. The more complicated the occasion, the more chances for things to go wrong.

  1. Know Where the Ring Is

While some people like to hide the engagement ring, make sure you remember where you’ve placed it. You may want to purchase insurance before you take it out of the store or have it delivered, just to be safe.

  1. Keep It Private

It’s better to keep your proposal private. Proposing in front of future in-laws or at a crowded sports stadium sure is exciting in the movies, but in reality, it’s better to create a very special and memorable moment just for the two of you.

A Few Things to Remember

  • Even the most well thought-out and planned proposals can backfire. Be prepared for things to fall apart and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Focus on the moment more than the engagement ring and external aspects around the proposal.
  • Try not to give your plans away by letting your nerves show.

That’s it. Now, create your plan, find the perfect location, and decide what you want to say to the love of your life.
How to Plan a Perfect Marriage Proposal?

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Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings And Eternity Rings: How To Wear Them

How-To-Wear-Engagment-Wedding-Rings-and-Eternity-Rings-From-Hirsh-of-LondonWhen it comes to all the rings available on the market for different points in your relationship, things can get a little confusing. There are several special occasions in marriage at various points but when it comes down to it, the rules are very simple.Engagement-Ring-Wedding-Rings-And-Eternity-Rings-How-To-Wear-Them

Are you thinking of popping the question soon or maybe you are after that super special eternity ring to signify the years in your relationship? If so, then you by checking out nearby shops as well as online shops, you will find some stunning rings that would fit beautifully on your beloved’s finger.

Which Hand For Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings And Eternity Rings?

Choosing the right rings maybe half the battle, but knowing how to wear them, in fact, is extremely simple.   

  • Just got engaged? Wear the ring on your fourth finger of the left hand.
  • Now you’re married? Congratulations! You should now wear the wedding ring first underneath the engagement ring as it’s believed to be closer to your heart.
  • Want to celebrate a milestone in your relationship? We are super happy for you. Get your beloved an eternity ring. Ultimately, this one has no rules and is completely up to how the wearer chooses and wants to display the ring.

Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are just among the exquisite things that signify the uniqueness of your connection as a couple. For eternity rings, it’s not uncommon to have people wear it on the opposite hand to stop any confusion and add balance aesthetically. Having too many rings, on one hand, may begin to look cluttered and maybe too much to some individuals. So, it really does depend on your personal preference and how you feel. Eternity-Rings

Engagement Rings

If you want to discover a little more about engagement rings, they have been around since the Roman era and have always symbolized the woman’s engagement to a man. When did diamonds in engagement rings become popular? The first diamond engagement ring wasn’t so early and was started back in 1477 by an archduke. After the aristocrats followed suit, it got popular and now is a convention in engagement rings today. In case you’re looking for an engagement ring, check out the custom engagement rings London jewellers are offering.

What About Wedding Rings?

After placing your wedding ring below your engagement ring, it’s safe to say that this represents the promise of your unending love and future together. Often exchanged on the wedding day during the vows, it’s popular for both spouses to wear them in public. They come in an array of designs and materials. However, you will notice that gold and platinum are the most preferred metal for wedding rings.

What-About-Wedding-RingsWant to double-check if you’ve placed the ring on the right finger? The fourth finger of the left hand is where the wedding ring should be placed as in Latin it was thought to have connected directly to the heat. This romantic gesture has prevailed and made its way into modern culture as we know it today.
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How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Debt?

Right after your engagement is fixed, there are so many preparations to do, so many things to plan, and lots of excitement and worries surrounding the big day. Hence life suddenly gets fast before the engagement, and the calm heart all of a sudden starts pounding with several thoughts. One amongst these thoughts which bothers you the most, and often freaks you out seriously is the expense of the engagement. Rest assured, one of the biggest costs is the expense of an engagement ring. How to Buy an Engagement Ring Without Debt?

Centered around this the whole party, function, celebration, and occasion is held, and you cannot be lenient with the ring. The ring automatically attaches a lot of prestige to it. This includes your family status, individual choice, and class, and also you select the ring and pick it in a price band which suits the class and stature of your fiancé and his/her family.

The pressure of the engagement ring on your pocket

With so much in mind, you cannot be lenient with the engagement ring. It positively and unconditionally has to be great and attention fetching. However, after keeping a big portion of the engagement fund for the venue rental, catering, decoration, gifts, lighting, invitations and all that, are you left with enough funds for the ring?

In most cases, you struggle to get a ring in the budget, and in many cases, you plan to mortgage the car, or some other asset to get a loan for the ring. You may also use the entire credit limit of your credit card to get the ring. And people do these things as the mind stops functioning and planning to fetch more funds for the special day and the special ring. But, is that the right way to do this?

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Probably not! Because you are going to get married after some time of the engagement, and since you will be taking more expenses, liabilities, and responsibilities on your shoulders surrounding the upcoming marriage, and the married life thereafter, you have to tread every step carefully right from now on.
Handle your expenses to manage the ring budget

You can control your costs with some careful planning. Cut down on the unnecessary and plan only the essentials. That’s the very key to successful budgeting for the engagement. You must be left with some money to do the wedding later on, and you cannot go bankrupt at the engagement only. You cannot exhaust all your funds on this occasion. Therefore, the ring can be so important to push you towards getting into such debt which may later become unmanageable.

The credit card is the biggest temptation- get over it

When it comes to buying an item that’s out of the budget, the credit card is the biggest temptation. You know that you have the card, and the card has limit enough to buy you the thing. And this is where the ruthlessness begins. Without having any plan in mind of how you will repay the card debt, and how many installments you will use to pay back, you go for the purchase!

And mark this, later you feel miserable that you used the credit card’s entire credit limit in this thing, which will not fetch you any living or returns, and will only submerge you more into dues, as more and more of interests keep accumulating on the card dues. If you are still unsure, you may get a better idea of how people get into debts through credit cards by reading valuable contents in resources like Nationaldebtrelief.com/

Therefore, the moment you think of the credit card, or look at it, remember that this debt will be serious, as the engagement ring does not come for $2. It’s a big investment, and should only be planned when you don’t get into debt for it.

Why not mortgage the engagement ring itself?

An engagement ring will be made from precious metal and precious gemstone. Therefore it will be of high value and a great asset too. Once you invest in it, it will become a lifetime asset. Then why not mortgage the ring itself than take another loan for it. Instead of getting into unwanted debt for the ring, mortgaging the ring itself by buying the ring on EMI is a great idea. You will find many merchants selling engagement rings in finance. And you must reach one of them who would use the ring itself as collateral to offer you the ring on an EMI. This will not be a debt on you, and instead, become an investment which you do a month to month, and once you complete the payment, the ring would be your asset, and investment on precious metal and gemstone.

Finding the merchant

There are brilliant ways these days to locate a merchant who would sell you an engagement ring with proper gemstone and jewelry certifications on a nice finance scheme. The yellow pages, business classifieds, craigslist, and then the internet, all come with great options to find you the names of such jewelry traders.

Avoiding debt during engagement

While you must avoid buying the engagement ring without getting into debt you also must remember not get into any debt during or before or after the engagement. An engagement comes with the hope for marriage. And sooner or later after engagement marriage will happen. Hence the new life should not start with any pressure of debt. However asset building is not wrong, and if you can arrange to get your ring through a nice EMI scheme, then you can always go for it.

In case you are already into any previously taken debt, then instead of spending the excess on the engagement, you must focus more on getting out of debt by the engagement. Maybe you will have to take some debt solutions from consultants or advisors. It is good to get through effective debt management programs like debt settlement or debt consolidation to settle and come out of all existing debts before your engagement.

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