How To Get Free Books

Books might cost a lot of money in some cases, but there are some ways of going around the expenses. If you’d like to find out more on the topic, we urge you to have a look at our customized list of tips and tricks. How-To-Get-Free-Educational-Books

Get in touch with the author

There are several cases where touching base with the author of a book you really want to read might actually result in you having the opportunity of reading that book. It’s true that those authors that are well-known might be less inclined to answer emails, but those that have just one or two published books might be able to help you.

One thing that we’d like to suggest is that you give something in return. Whether it’s an Amazon or Goodreads review, the fact is that all of the reports from actual readers help authors a lot. Their books won’t get ratings otherwise. If they are particularly popular, they might even be showcased by online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

If you have a website or a blog, that’s even better because you have a medium where you can write your personal review and express your honest opinion on whatever you’ve read.

Get electronic copies for zero money

If you own an electronic reading device such as a Kindle or a Nook, you can always get books for free by keeping tabs on several websites. Sure, the copies you might get for free might, in some cases, not be as good as those that you might have to purchase, but they’ll still make for great reads before you go to sleep.

There are a vast array of titles available online and if you type in Google ‘free Kindle books’, one of the first results will be that from the well-known online retailer. It’s a page where every day, a program organizes complimentary copies for your convenience. These titles range from non-fiction books such as those that will help you learn how to use a small microscope to romance novels.

Furthermore, there are several sources you can use to get free books from the specific genre you are a fan of. These range from Pixel of Ink to Bookbub and an array of others. For all of these websites, you can join their newsletters and get customized deals in your inbox daily or weekly.

Make yourself available

This last tip is also somewhat related to the first one we were mentioning at the beginning of the post. If you have a personal blog, make sure that your ‘About Me’ page notes the fact that you are willing to review books for free.

Depending on the country you live in, you can take advantage of online collections offered by the likes of NetGalley, where publishers and authors are looking to get their books read by reviewers like yourself.

Don’t forget about the fact that some books are no longer under copyright laws. Project Gutenberg, as well as many other sites, offer classic literature for free. You can read Pride and Prejudice but also many other books on you ebook reader if you check these ones out.

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