Make Charming Valentine’s Day Gifts With These Free Stickers

Who couldn’t pass up something free when getting ready for a holiday


Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show your significant other and friends how much they mean to you. Since this day is all about sharing the love we often spend it by writing heart-warming notes and giving presents to the people we love.

Choosing the right gift to buy for your Valentine can sometimes be a tricky business, that’s why crafting one at home is a perfect solution. Homemade gifts are unique and creating them can be a very fun thing to do.

Here are some suggestions on how to use free Valentine’s Day stickers to make romantic presents and surprise your Valentine:

DIY Treat Jar

Everyone loves sweets, so you can go wrong with this gift! Take an old jar and fill it with some home-baked cookies or candies. Then pick a Valentine label you want, add a cute note, print it on a plain or adhesive paper and simply stick it on the jar. It’s simple as that! Your gift is now ready.

DIY Customized Journal

There is no better way to record memories than writing it down in the journal. Besides the fact that it can be used for writing down thoughts and feelings about life events, they can be used for planning everyday activities. You can take a colorful notebook, apply the sticker on it and write a personal note. Now every time your Valentine wants to write something down, the journal will remind it of you.


DIY Romantic Candles

Making candles at home is really not rocket science and in a few easy steps, you can make memorable Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY Gift Ideas From Wonder Mom Wannabe

First, you need to glue a wick on the bottom of a tea mug. Then melt candle wax and add some fragrance oils. Pour the wax into the mug while holding a wick and then let it cool. Don’t forget to apply the label to the cup and add a romantic touch to this present.

DIY-Gifts-On-Wonder-Moms-WannabeBut it doesn’t stop here, you can find more DIY Gift ideas on Wonder Mom Wannabe She has a huge list of ideas.

Now when you have interesting ideas, it’s time to download the labels and start making lovable creations!

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