Top 10 Fashionable Flowers For Your Wedding

Nothing could be more overwhelming for you to decide on than the flowers at your wedding.  The styles, colour palettes, blooms that you might shortlist could take its toll on you. Further, if you aren’t really into flowers, the problem gets exaggerated and can be a big source of stress for you. Realizing that, we present here the 10 most fashionable flowers that you can carry off at your wedding. Choose one among them or a few to make up your pretty bouquet and your theme for the evening. Here we go:

  1. Orchid: What could be more sophisticated and elegant than an orchid? Ask your florist to put it together interestingly to give you a range of stunning colours in your bouquet. They are usually available in shades of white, purple and green. Whether yours is a traditional theme or modern, orchids can stand out very well and rise to the occasion. By carrying these flowers on your wedding day, you let the world know that you’re a sophisticated and charming person.
  2. Rose: Now, here’s the point of confusion for you because there are innumerable shades of roses that you perhaps don’t know about. Go in for large-sized roses, with many petals and big faces. These can be perfect showstoppers in your bouquet or for your centrepieces. You can also have small bud roses in vases as innocent and simple centrepieces and let them be the perfect scene-stealers. If you’re particular about roses for your wedding then ask your florist about hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses. You’ll love what you see. Your passionate love for your partner will come through from your choice of roses.
  3. Tulip: Tulips are so versatile that they easily enhance an elegant wedding scenario and a casual one too. Make them the leading stars of your wedding bouquet or add them to your table decorations, they’ll shine out anywhere. You’ll love to have the three main types of tulips commonly used: Dutch, French or parrot tulips. Have these in your bouquet and let them declare your love for your partner.
  4. Peony: The most highly coveted of all wedding flowers, you’d love to go with a bouquet of brightly coloured peonies, if only for their strong fragrance and full and large heads. And, you can get them in the colours of your choice–white, pink, purple, red and pink. Often, you can get them in double-flower styles, and it’s a great choice if you’re getting married in the spring because these flowers bloom at that time. Choosing these flowers means you’re going to have a happy married life, so it’s a good choice to have them on your wedding day.
  5. Lily of the Valley: A bouquet of bell-shaped flowers hanging from a stem gives the message of innocence and purity to a bride. Nicely scented, these flowers can spread their fragrance all over the room and infuse a lovely perfume. This is truly a wonderful choice for your wedding bouquet. And yes, don’t limit yourself to the white variety because there’s also a rosy pink that would be perfect for your bouquet and can also complement your centrepieces.
  6. Ranunculus: If you’re looking for great style but at affordable prices, Ranunculus is a wonderful option. Lush and with several petals, it is mildly scented and has several flowers on a stem. It also has fern-like leaves. If a bride carries a bouquet of these flowers, according to the Victorian flowers language, she secretly tells him that she’s struck by his charms. It also makes a good choice for men to wear in their coat lapels in any of the colours of your choice—orange, pink, white or yellow. Carry these flowers on your wedding day and let everyone know of your radiant charm.
  7. Anemone: Are you a modern bride? Well, if you are, anemones would be your natural choice, because they come in black and white–just right for the modern bride. What makes these flowers stand out among other wedding flowers is that they can be striking on their own or when they are added to other flowers as decoration. However, there’s only one drawback about them: they are so delicate that they work well in mild heat, so choose them if you’re going to be a Spring, Autumn or Winter bride.
  8. Hydrangeas: These strong and beautiful flowers aren’t just seen in classic white and blue. You can also get them in various shades of pink, purple, blue and burgundy. These are the ideal choices for bouquets arrangements and just a few sprigs of them add class as boutonnieres. Hydrangeas on your wedding day signify perseverance and true love.
  9. Daffodils: Easy on the pocket, these Spring bulbs look gorgeous when in bloom. Use them in a mixed bouquet or as casual arrangements, they will spread their cheer all over your wedding hall. Daffodils could be single or double, but they are available in various pleasing colours–yellow, orange, white or coral. By choosing daffodils for your wedding day, it means you’re making new beginnings.
    If you’re sure you want to go with daffodils, speak to your florist about it and let its beauty radiate all over your banquet hall.
  10. Wisteria: These are cascading flowers, so it’s a natural choice for a bridal bouquet. If you’re lucky to get these flowers for your bridal bouquets or arrangements, go ahead with them and be different. These delicate flowers look graceful in purple and white and are mildly scented. Carrying a bouquet of wisteria in your wedding bouquet signifies heralding some newness in your life.


So much depends on the flowers you love and want for your wedding. Spring flowers are best in this season, whereas you might even go for perennials that are easier on the pocket. There are many reasons to choose your wedding flowers, but flowers being what they are, will always look beautiful and just the piece, so go with your instinct and enjoy your wedding.

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