The Top 5 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

 Top-5-Games-and-Outdoor-Activities-For-KidsBefore the age of computers children spent most of their time outside playing.  There are an array of free activities that can be undertaken outdoors, it’s relatively safe, and children are getting the exercise they need as they develop.

Of course, today children are more likely to be in front of a game console or their mobile phone. But, with a little encouragement you can get them to enjoy the outdoors.

In fact, the key to this is starting as young as possible. If you’re considering pre-school then choose one that encourages outdoor play and learning through play. Your children will benefit from attending a pre-school such as this pre-school Valley Heights.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 fun and simple outdoor activities for kids:

  1. Water balloons

If it’s a hot day then there is little more fun than heading outside with your children and a collection of water balloons. At first you may want to keep track of who is winning but you’ll quickly get lost in the fun of it.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way of getting children outside and getting them to use their brains. You simply need to establish a treasure and then work backwards, writing clues as you go. The clues will need to be appropriate for the age of your children.

The kids can then follow the clues and the winner is the first one to find the prize.

  1. Obstacle Course

You’ll be surprised at how much fun a simple obstacle course can be. You can create the course from anything you want, such as children’s toys or tree branches. There is no limit to how many or what type of obstacles you include.

Take it in turns to have a go and even arrange a prize for the winner. It’s a lot of fun:!

  1. Outdoor Baking

Most children love to get messy. That makes  a great excuse for ‘cooking’ outside. In fact, you’ll be making mud pipes and other tasty treats. Show your children how it’s done and let them use their imagination. It’s surprising what children will come up with.

In fact, it will give you some god insight into how their mind is working.

  1. Bug Hunting

Take the getting messy theme a little further and start bug hunting. This is especially good for small children as they will be fascinated by the wriggling bugs you find. They should also be young enough not to have a fear of holding the bugs.

That makes the home experience more rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Getting your children outside to play is good for them. But, it’s also good for you. That’s why you should join in their play time and make the most of the bond that is created. Children grow up so fast you need to make the most of every moment you have.

Don’t forget, playing outside with them is likely to make them keener to do it again in the future, helping you t maintain your bond with your children.


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