Celebrating Birthdays Never Goes Out Of Style With a Birthday Cake

Whether it’s an adult or a toddler, birthdays are always special! It is one day where you get pampered, and you can get to do all you like. The majority of people have interesting ways to celebrate their birthdays, based on their likes and hobbies. But one of the ways to celebrate that never goes out of fashion is the birthday cake.

A birthday cake designed the way you want adds an extra spark to your birthday celebrations. And today you have multiple cake flavors and designs to select from. There are countless online resources to browse through that will help you to decide on the best birthday cake ideas. You can browse through Styckie Blog and other similar support and get various ideas as well. Discussed below are some interesting ideas for your birthday cake selection.

  1. You can experiment with the ice-cream cakes 

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It is one of the newest trends in the birthday cake section! As the name suggests, this cake type makes use of ice-cream and tastes delectable. The common concern that arises is that of the ice-cream melting too fast. The bakery experts today make use of thick and flavored ice-cream along with cream cheese to ensure that the blend is thick and the cake doesn’t melt very fast. Ice-cream birthday cakes usually are bigger and thicker than the traditional one pound cakes. Concerning the look, ice-cream cakes resemble a cheesecake. However, it tastes different. The price varies on the flavor and the size.

  1. Opt-in for the themed cakes 

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The themed birthday cakes too are one of the favorite picks! As the name suggests, these cakes are centered on a theme, which can be fictional or conceptual. For instance, if your friend is a huge Game of Thrones (GOT) fan, you can opt-in for a birthday themed cake with GOT themes and characters. Other favorite themes to select from include Lord of the Rings, Mermaid, Moana, Barbie and the like. Usually, people think that themed cakes are for children. But you can use it for adults as well by customizing it according to their choice.

  1. Photo-cakes never go out of fashion 

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If you thought that you could only customize the picture of a face or any other photo on a Tee shirt or commodity, then there’s more for you to discover. Today, you have access to the photo cakes which is a perfect way to wish birthday for adults and other senior citizens. You can use one single photo or many based on your requirement. Generally, it takes about two or three days to customize a photo cake. You can customize the cake based on the size and shape you want.

  1. Quirky cake ideas 

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Gone are the days when you only could experiment with the conventional birthday cake patterns! Today, you can break the age-old pattern and experiment with quirky ideas as well. You can try out different cake ideas like pancake birthday cakes or crepe birthday cakes. You get to select from a mix of chocolate syrups, sauce and crèmes as well.

There are several other cake ideas that you can experiment with today! If you want to experience something unique on your birthday, you can read more on quirky and exciting birthday cake ideas and implement the same.

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8 Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Baby Girl’s Birthday

8 Birthday Cake Ideas FOr Your Baby Girls BirthdayBaby girls are every bit cute and adorable. Watching them grow up in front of you is a joy in itself. So if your baby girl’s birthday is just around the corner, you need to prepare well in advance to make it a memorable one for your little bundle of joy. A big part of that preparation is to get a perfect cake for her birthday and it for sure can be tricky. However, with a little help, everything becomes a breeze. So here are eight birthday cake design ideas for a birthday cake for your baby girl:

  1. A Barbie doll cake:
    Barbie Doll Cake
    A Barbie doll has always been a favorite of girls. So getting a Barbie doll cake for your baby girl will be a great idea. You can go for a tiered cake with the barbie doll placed at the top of the cake or you can get the whole cake designed like a Barbie doll. Since you are getting the cake for your baby girl, it will be better if you go for a fondant-made Barbie doll.

2. A Disney Princess cake:
A Disney Princess cake
A princess for a princess that your baby girl is, this Disney Princess cake will be a perfect choice for her birthday. The design scheme and colour selection should be in keeping with that of Disney Princess. A fondant-made Disney Princess will be preferable.

3. A Minnie Mouse cake:
Mickey Mouse Cake cake for little girls Birthday
If Mickey Mouse is the favourite of baby boys, then Minnie Mouse rules the hearts of baby girls. Keep the colour-scheme to the iconic red, pink, and black. To make things more fun, you can base the theme of the entire birthday party on Minnie and Mickey Mouse. It will also keep other kids, who will come for her birthday, interested.

4. Favourite animal cake:
Animal Cake For Little Girls Birthday
Which animal is your baby girl’s favourite? Well! She sure has one. You can get her a cake shaped like her favourite animal or a cake with a fondant-made animal toy on top of it. You can make the cake more colourful by choosing a vibrant colour scheme.

5. A flower-themed cake:
Floral Birthday Cake For Little Girls Birthday
Girls love flowers. A flower-themed cake will not just be delectable, but a treat to the eyes as well. You can decorate your house with pretty flowers to complement the cake and also to make your baby girl’s birthday party all the more pleasing.

6. A Cinderella cake:
Cinderella Cake
Cinderella’s story is probably one of the first fairy tales that baby girls listen to and grow up listening to. A cake that has a Cinderella theme, or with a fondant-shaped Cinderella toy on top will surely be loved by your little angel.

7. A favourite colour-themed cake:

A cake with a colour scheme based on your baby girl’s favourite colour will make her eyes light up. You can choose to decorate the cake with child-friendly fondant motifs.

8. A bow-shaped cake:
Pretty Little Bows Birthday Cake
Don’t we all love decking up our cute little angels with pretty little bows? Bows look cute and girly, so a bow-shaped cake for your baby girl’s birthday will be a splendid idea. It can be one cake shaped like a bow, or a cake that is decorated with several tiny bow-shaped motifs all over it.

Choose from these cake ideas, and make your baby girl’s birthday a real blast! You can order these online as well, if you feel, baking them at home will be a hassle.

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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