5 Styling Tools Every Woman Needs

I am the worst, I probably have more styling tools than a hairdresser

Looking good takes time and effort. No woman steps outside looking like a million dollars unless she has won the genetic lottery and all the stars are aligned. Celebs manage it because they have an army of stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers on standby. The rest of us need a helping hand to achieve perfection, and even then, photo-editing tools come in handy.

Here are five styling tools that all women should have in their arsenal. With these tools, you can achieve hair perfection in the minimum amount of time. If you don’t have all of them, visit https://www.mapleprime.com/ for ideas. 5 Styling Tools Every Woman Needs


If you have no other tool, always make sure you invest in a good quality hairdryer. It’s a good idea to let your hair dry naturally some of the time, but when you are running late, or you want to style your hair before work and you slept through the snooze button, a hairdryer is essential.

Look for a lightweight hairdryer with different heat settings. Invest in a model that comes with add-ons, like a heat diffuser for curly hair. If you travel a lot, a travel hairdryer is handy to have.

Straightening Iron

Looking for straight, shiny hair without the hassle of blow-drying it straight? If so, you need a set of hair irons. Straightening irons make the job of straightening curly hair a breeze. Look for a flat iron with different heat settings that can accommodate all types of hair, including very coarse hair. Ceramic hair irons are the best, as they minimize damage to hair and heat up fast. With a good quality hair iron, you can have poker straight hair in seconds, even if it’s naturally curly.

Curling Iron

Natural curls are all the rage right now, but they can be tricky to achieve unless you have a curling iron. With a professional-quality rotating curling iron, you can achieve natural curls in minutes. The curling iron does all the hard work for you; all you need to do is separate your hair into small sections and curl one section at a time.

Heated Rollers

Big, bouncy curls are popular with celebrities. Sure, you can achieve curls with a curling iron, but if you want extra body rather than beach curls, invest in some heated rollers. Plug in your rollers and when they are hot, wrap up your hair in sections. Leave in the rollers while you do your makeup and select an outfit. When you remove the rollers, your hair will be red carpet perfect, just like a Dynasty star.

Vented Brush

A vented brush is your secret weapon in the pursuit of perfect hair. If you have long hair, you can’t afford to be without a vented brush. Use a vented brush when blow-drying long hair and styling it into waves. Ceramic brushes retain the heat for longer, which is useful if you want to create natural waves.

Don’t forget to invest in heat protection spray if you use heated styling tools. Finish off with a spritz of firm-hold hairspray to protect your style, whatever the weather.

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Curly Hair Care Products- What to Consider
Obtain Beautiful, Healthy Hair With These Tips

Here’s What You Need to Know about Keratin Treatment

What you need to know before you go for the keratin treatment option is whether you need it. Although stylists swear by keratin with regard to getting rid of frizz and having a head glossy hair it is not for every type of hair.

In order for you to get the right treatment for your hair and for the results you desire, you need to know your hair type. Once you have ascertained that your hair would thank you if you treat it to keratin, get some information. Typing keratin treatment in NYC, for instance, could give you all sorts of important information.

You need to:

  1. Be sure about what you need

There are different names for different treatments:

  • Keratin straightening treatment
  • Smoothing treatment

The first is for straightening your hair while the latter smoothens out frizzy hair. If you confuse the two, then you will not get the results you expect and you may end up blaming the product. It might be a good idea to discuss with a stylist exactly what you want for your hair before you make the purchase.

  1. Find out as much as you can about the product

This is in terms of ingredients and how they work on hair. Inasmuch as the product involves keratin, it is not the only ingredient therein. Learn what other ingredients are used and the application of the treatment. You would also do well to learn how each ingredient helps in treating your hair.

Find out how long the whole process takes and whether there are treatments involved like blowdrying. Also, how long does the effect last before you can have a repeat treatment?

  1. There may be substances that are not organic

Whatever you hear about treatment products, they are not 100% organic. It is not entirely possible to have hair treatments that have no chemicals whatsoever. This is a fact you will have to deal with if you want your locks all glossed up and straightened out.

  1. Make a few sacrifices

Almost anything worth having comes with a few sacrifices. For instance, in order to have companionship, you must give up some of your personal space. In your quest for straight or shiny hair, you will have to live with not touching your hair for at least three days. No ponytails, no washing, no clipping back. You are likely to interfere with the overall effect if you do any of the aforementioned.

  1. Effects are not guaranteed

Pretty much like life, isn’t it? Nothing is ever guaranteed. Whichever kind of keratin treatment you go, you need to have that niggling doubt just on the surface so as not to be too acutely disappointed if the light does not bounce off your mane. If your hair, for instance, does not straighten out as you would wish, you could opt for a flat-iron. You might also be tempted to try out the new wonder straighteners that you use at home.

Your crowning glory is your pride and you must treat it well to main that full and healthy, which is why you cannot go blind when it comes to products. So get informed by typing keratin treatment in NYC or something related for more information.

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