4 Ways to Hold a Baptism Ceremony on a Budget

We all know that God doesn’t care much for materialism, so if you decide to hold a baptism ceremony without spending a lot of money, you are not going to be judged for it! Having a child itself brings quite a number of financial responsibilities with it. So, keeping the welfare of the child and the family in mind, here are a few tips to reduce the expenses of a baptism ceremony.

4 Ways to Hold a Baptism Ceremony on a Budget Royalty free photo

Keep It Small and Homely

The baptism ceremony is meant to be attended by people close to you, so only invite relatives and close friends to the event.

The actual ceremony will most likely be completed at your local church, but you can hold the celebrations later at home. This will keep the costs down and the environment homely.

Use Free Baptism Invitation Templates

It’s a digital age that we all live in, and technology can actually come in useful for the most devoted Christian baptism ceremonies as well.

Choose one of the many free baptism invitation templates available and customize it till the invitation card is perfect for you. The next step is to send them out to your guest list via email, which is also free. Now, you’ve managed to save money by skipping the physical invitations cards and commuting to and from every address.

You may need to get a few physical printouts as well for those who are less tech-savvy, but even then, it’s a negligible fraction of what it would have cost you to take the traditional route.

Getting the Church Community Involved

Galatians 6:2-3 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”

If you live in a tightly knit Christian community, there is no way to keep baptizing ceremonies small. Therefore, take the word of the Holy Book by heart and involve your community in the whole process. When everyone starts to chip in with small contributions, the expenses of the ceremonial celebration will come down automatically.

Wait a Few Years If You Need to

There isn’t exactly a set age for baptism in general, and some are even of the opinion that a child should be baptized only when they are at least matured enough to make that transition with some understanding.

Even churches today agree that there is no rush to get your infant baptized, but it should be done before they are eight. There are contrasting views on this, and depending on the beliefs of your community, this may differ. But, the general idea is that it’s okay to hold off the baptism ceremony for at least a year or two until you are financially able to do it in the way that you want to or your faith dictates that you should.

Throughout the years, Christianity has been divided and subdivided into many interpretations and, consequently, different rituals. Therefore, you too have the right to interpret the laws of baptism from the Bible in the way that feels right to you and your beliefs.
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