Is it Better to Renovate or Move?

For those that aren’t entirely happy in their home, it’s clear that something has to change. When it comes down to it, both of these will cost you time and money – but which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at the key differences, pros and cons of these. Is-it-better-to-renovate-of-move


Both of these will cost you money, though renovation can be cheaper than moving for most people. When you’re moving house, there’s a lot of costs to concern yourself with, from remortgaging fees to legal advice. Moving house is a very costly process and it takes a lot of your time too.
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While renovating comes with some costings, they are slightly reduced. You also get to use the money on making the house exactly the way you want it, instead of buying one that has already been renovated. This allows you to make your own mark and create the home that you want.

If you’re shopping for a new home, then you may also have to renovate when you move in. There’s no guarantee that everything will be exactly the way you want it, so you may need to spend more on renovation on top of the move.


The time that you take to move and to renovate are roughly the same, depending on the amount of work you’re doing. If you want to ensure that you’re reducing time and costs while renovating, protect your home and furnishings with additional safety equipment from companies such as TRIMACO®, who are renowned for their industrial standard of surface protection equipment.

Moving and the legal processes that go along with this can take a lot longer than a renovation. If you’re spending time looking for the perfect property, before lining up the paperwork then this can take a lot of time.

Either way, you have to be ready to invest your time in updating your home or moving to a new one.


The results that you get from a renovation or a move will depend on the time that you put into them. Renovations can change up a home a lot more than you think, especially if you redesign one of the key rooms of your home, like the kitchen or the living room.

When you go for an entirely new home, you might not know what to expect with these either. What you see on an open day can be very different to what you get when you move in. New homes are notorious for being misleading or taking a lot of time to do up, even when you initially thought everything was already taken care of.

The results that you get will be based on the amount of time and money that you put into renovating or moving. Don’t settle for a new home if you think you could change your existing one to be even better.

It’s entirely up to you whether you feel that changing your home or buying a new one is for you. Take your time to evaluate all of the prospects before you settle on your final decision.

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