How to Use Honeycombs

How-to-Use-HoneycombsYou would not be reading about honeycombs were it not for the wonderful work done by bees. As small as they are, bees deserve a standing ovation, especially because of their ability to prepare something so sweet and with many health benefits.

Bees make honeycombs by depositing honey into a network of tiny hexagonal cylinders made from wax. When the cylinders are filled with honey to the brim, the bees seal them using another wax layer.

You can buy quality honey products from farmers’ markets or various online stores. The honeycombs are sold in rectangular or round tubes. 

If you are looking for honey with a sweeter deep flavor, go for dark honeycombs. These are the very best available on the market.

How to Use Honeycombs

Below are some ideas of how you can use honeycombs:

i) Use honeycombs as butter

Everyone loves pancakes, waffles, and scones. You can make these baked goods yummier by adding honey chunks into them. The honey chunks will give the dishes a sweetness that you will easily forget.

ii) Eat plain honeycombs

Your kids are going to love this idea. If you are craving honey, deciding what to add to the combs can seem like an eternity. Luckily, you can eat the honeycombs!

Just pick a fork or spoon and eat the combs. Honeycombs are not only sweet but also healthy.

iii) Spread it on your bread

Toast is another dish that everyone loves. At times, moms have to scold their kids or promise them the whole world just to get them to finish a piece of bread. If you can relate to this, try using honey on your bread!

Honeycombs come in unique textures, which makes them easy to spread on toast, baguette, or even scones. 

iv) Add honeycombs to cheese

Feeling like eating a snack or wondering what to offer to guests? Well, just add honeycomb to cheese. Such a snack is guaranteed to turn a guest’s gloomy face into a dazzling one.You can also include other few ingredients that will fill your guests with smiles and leave them praising you.

Other ways in which you can use honeycombs include:

  • Divide the honeycomb into small cubes and then put them on salad
  • Place a portion of honeycomb on hot oatmeal
  • Prepare salad slivered almonds, grilled chicken, and arugula and then add some small pieces of honeycomb and smashed soft goat cheese
  • How about you slather baguette and brie then add pieces of honeycombs?

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been the sweetest edible in the world for centuries. However, there is much more about honey than just its natural sweetness. Healthwise, honey tops many edibles with its many benefits, which include: 

  • Rich in important antioxidants. Honey has important antioxidants such as phenolic compounds and organic acids like flavonoids. Antioxidants help to prevent stroke, heart attacks, and certain types of cancer.
  • Lowers blood pressure. The antioxidants in honey are instrumental in lowering blood pressure.
  • Improves “good” HDL cholesterol levels. Having a high amount of “bad” HDL cholesterol levels in the body can lead to heart diseases. Taking honey regularly helps to improve the amount of good HDL cholesterol in the body, therefore, reducing the risks of a heart attack. 

Next time you are looking for quality honeycombs, don’t hesitate to visit honey stores or a farmer’s market near you. The honeycombs are not only sweet but also healthy. 

The above is an overview of the benefits of honeycombs and how you can creatively use them when preparing different dishes.
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