Unearthing The Reasons That Attract People Towards Horror Films

Monsters and murderers have a special place in our minds or at least in the subconscious or else why would people like horror movies? From the earliest days of films during the 1930s, Dracula and Frankenstein have thrilled the audience for years, and its craze never seems to fade despite new dark characters making a strong appearance in numerous horror movies. It will not be wrong to say that they are the mainstay of cinema. Typically, a horror film must have enough ingredients to scare people so much that they would become numb with fright. Think about films like The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, Psycho and a Nightmare on Elm Street, and you know what it means. But horror films will not only make your skin crawl and scare your socks off but in the process will also teach you a thing or two about the human condition.

The hallmark of a horror movie

The presence of a monster as a central character of the film is the most striking trait of horror films. The monster can be a true one like the shark in Jaws or the aliens in Alien that defies the earthly norms and violates the laws of nature and has a threatening appearance in some way wither size, shape or form.  But monster does not necessarily mean some animal or lesser human because even human characters can behave like monsters as seen in films like Psycho, Halloween, and Silence of the Lambs. But surely, there must be something monstrous to make it a horror film.

 Why horror attracts people

Humans have a beast within that remains hidden under the thin veneer of civility. The monster within us enjoys the mayhem unleashed by the monster on the screen even though there is apparent disapproval of the activities. The monstrous traits within us not only endorses the on-screen monster but also feels like doing the same if the situation permits. But everyone does not take side with the monster because of many roots for the protagonist who fights the monster and does not endorse its actions although they find it captivating and enjoyable. Monstrous entities, serial killers, and psychotics have always fascinated us, and the attraction seems endless.

The thrill of fear

In addition to the psychological reasons that draw people towards horror films, the thrill that fear offers is another compelling reason why people love such films. Some people are sensation seekers who never want to miss anything that sets the adrenaline gushing and soak in spine chilling fear to derive the much-wanted sensation that makes the hair stand on end.  Simply said, people who get a kick from fear would never miss an opportunity to enjoy horror films.

Thrills derived from films are very pleasurable as it does not pose any real threat to us. Watching horror films generate certain strong feelings but without suffering the consequences that heighten the enjoyment of the sensation. Fear can often become a bonding factor as it drives people close to one another when they watch horror films.
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