5 Essential Spring Style Inspirations for the Modern Woman

5 Essential Spring Style Inspirations for the Modern Woman
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Spring is coming what styles will you choose?

What or who do you want to be this spring? Chic, laid-back, fashion-forward, minimalist, feminine, or just one who is soaking up the joie de vivre of spring?

By now, you are thinking of transitioning your closet to spring. You are doing the proverbial spring cleaning and sorting out your wardrobe for pieces that will go well with the temperate calm of the season. Why don’t you explore various style inspirations, and then you can decide which will go to your spring capsule pile and which will go to the for-sale lot?

Spring Cleaning and Styling

The familiar and the trendy mix, meet or sometimes clash every spring or any season for that matter. Every change of season does not necessarily call for a new set of clothes, but it does help to refresh and upgrade your wardrobe once in a while.

That means letting go of shoes or clothes that have fallen into disuse; you probably can’t remember when the last time you wore them was. Don’t throw them in the Dumpster as you can sell your old clothes online and use the cash to buy something new and wearable. Now, you can begin looking for new inspirations for your spring style collection.

Bring on the Denim Game

Denim is classic, versatile, and effortless. You’ll see a wild bunch: embroidered, frayed, cut-off, wide leg, straight leg, high waist, and low rise are just examples. Match your denim with the season’s forever favorite, floral tops, or you can go basic with just a white shirt that looked fresh from the cleaners. Denim dresses also look chic and stylish.

Flaunt Your Florals

It’s the season that brings in the florals—flowy dresses, shirts, skirts, and shorts that arrive in bold floral prints or even muted ones are in full bloom. You won’t get penalized for wearing florals to work and play.
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Are there rules in buying floral prints? Nothing cast in stone, just that you need to remember these:

  • Choose prints that will be flattering to your body, for silhouette purposes. Bold prints will make you look bigger, and smaller details will do the opposite.
  • A pattern on pattern. Are you feeling bold and ready to conquer the world? Dare to mix your florals with patterned pumps and accessories to add edge to your overall look.
  • Be on the neutral side. You want to pull off a chic and classy vibe, so tone down your accessories and stick to your black, taupe, beige, and other shades of gray for your shoes and bag.

Print the Town Red

So if you can have your florals, you can get your way with polka dots, stripes, checks, and patterns.

For instance, check and plaid blazers have reappeared in the fashion scene, and many have worn them over midi floral dresses, denim pants, and plain shirts. They have been used to style outfits for any occasion, bringing an edge, femininity, or both to one’s look.

Back to Basics

Some are ambivalent about wearing bold prints, bright colors, and the like. One solution? Wear your clothes plain or in muted tones. Keep it simple with button-downs, sweaters, white tees, or pants in taupe, ochre, or millennial pink. Or do away with spring fashion rules and opt to become regular and normcore.

Polish It Off

If there’s one accessory you can wear with your spring outfit, it’s got to be your nails. Paint your fingers and toes in lively colors or nail art to celebrate the season of bloom and cheer. You can also nail nude or metallic. Whatever your choice with your mani, keep it clunky, shiny, starry, and full of personality.

What’s Your Spring Style?

Spring is rebirth and renewal. It can be the beginning of something new for you, a change in outlook or outfits perhaps. Your style transformation will not happen overnight, but sometimes, all it takes is letting go of your old stuff, one clothing at a time.

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