Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Special Day

Historically, the fun factor at weddings has always been the packed dance floors. Now how to get the invitees on the dance floor in the first place? The answer is quite obvious! All you need to do is invest in a music DJ or a live performance band. Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Special Day

You need to play your favorite tunes, as it is your wedding after all! And the buck doesn’t stop rolling at that since the set list must contain the staples of a marriage, the crowd favorites, dance numbers, and the band must also be able to play as per the demand of the audience. So, how to choose the right wedding band for this special day? For a complete review of the available music bands for the special occasion, visit Sauce Band

Key tips to keep in mind before selecting the wedding band are as follows,

Make a wise investment

The thing you need to keep in mind is that more the number of personnel included in the ensemble more are the expenditure. A live band with 6-7 members will charge somewhere between $2000-$6000 for a wedding of 100 guests or more. You can go with a DJ for a much lower cost of $100 an hour. If you are thinking about going with a live band make sure that you hire a quartet or a jazz ensemble who will be capable of performing most of the popular songs as well as keep a cap on the expenditure.

Do your own talents search?

Since you are already looking for a band or DJ chances are you have some idea about music or at the very least you have sorted about what kind of music you want to be played at the special day. Ask for referrals from friends, family, online review sites and listings. You can search the local wedding magazines and site managers or the agencies that maintain the portfolios for wedding bands and performers. If you are looking for unconventional music like bluegrass or cappella tunes, visit the online listings at the Jessie Girls Band

Invest time in live auditions

The next step is investing time to meet with the band or the DJ and ask key questions regarding the amount of time they will be required to play, the breaks that they will need and the duration of the same. You also need to inquire about the recorded music during the interludes and the overtime policies. In case of instrument failures, what are the policies for a refund and the logistics of the event and performance?

Check the performance out

Everything is posted online these days. Chances are the live band or the DJ you are thinking about choosing will have recorded sessions or studio version of songs on the various content hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Check out the performances and look for details in the quality of the music; the singing, instrumentation and overall recording of the song. It will give you an idea about the expertise levels of the performers so that you are safe and the invitees happy, at the event.

Additionally, it’s a great idea to provide the performers with a set-list of the songs that you want them to play. Make sure that the band/DJ knows your favorites or one from the most played playlist of your significant other. You can sit in with the band to make sure of the songs that you don’t like. It is after all your investment and above it, your special day, so you have the right to your choices.

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