Looking Your Best: A Fashion Accessories List for the Well-Dressed Man

Fashion Accessories List for the Well-Dressed ManThere’s an old saying that “clothes make the man”, but I would also argue that accessories can make or break a man’s ensemble as well. The right accessories can pull together an entire look and be used to dress up or down a wardrobe.

The good news is sales of men’s accessories are booming. Worldwide, men’s accessories revenue is expected to rise as more men want to look fashionable.

If you’d like to know what accessories you should own to always look your best or if you’re a woman seeking gift ideas for the man in your life, read on. Here is the ultimate Oh My Heartsie Girl fashion accessories list for men.

Source Pinterest: The Well Dressed Man
Source Pinterest: The Well Dressed Man

An Umbrella

Forget the dinky umbrella with the logo on it that you picked up at a trade show five years ago. A man needs a serious umbrella that will not only protect him from pelting raindrops but also provide shelter for two people. Just think of how you can save the day while out on a date if the skies decide to open up.

Look for an umbrella that’s wide enough for a companion, but yet is compact enough to take on trips. If you really want to make an impression, choose an umbrella with a wooden or decorative handle.


Nothing will make you feel like James Bond faster than a classy pair of cufflinks. It’s a simple piece of men’s jewelry that somehow makes a man appear wealthy, professional, and worthy of respect.

Cufflinks can also express a man’s personality. You can find cufflinks in whimsical shapes that suggest a favorite hobby or just something you think is cool; there are cufflinks in the shape of skulls and dinosaurs, for example.

They can be used to add a little extra oomph to a special occasion suit.

A Wallet

Has your wallet seen better days? Has it become so tattered and worn that you’re shocked it still holds bills and credit cards?

Then it may be time to upgrade to a well-made wallet that can safely hold your money, cards, photos of loved ones, and more.

Pulling out a new wallet makes a good impression at social functions rather than holding onto one that’s falling apart at the seams.


Sure, sunglasses should always be designed to protect the eyes and eye area from harmful ultraviolet rays. But there’s also no better way to complete your look with the right pair of shades that compliment your face.

As a rule, square-shaped faces look better with rounded frames while the opposite holds true for softer shaped faces. No matter what your face shape, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic aviators. Freddie Mercury’s favorite choice will bring out any man’s inner rock star.

A Watch

Most people today prefer to tell time from their mobile device. But you can break the mold and bring back a bit of old school style by sporting a timepiece.

Watches are another piece of jewelry that can be casual, like Timex, or on the higher-end, more luxurious side like Panerai Radiomir. One thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to choosing a fashionable watch, we’re not talking about fitness watches. Spring for a wristwatch that has moving hands and some style to it.

 JORD Watches for Men
Source Pinterest: JORD Watches for Men

An Overnight Bag

Resist the temptation to pack for weekend getaways and vacations using your gym bag, which can get smelly and dirty. Whether you’re involved in a long-distance romance or headed to a summer bachelor party destination, you could use a good overnight or weekend bag in your closet.

Overnight bags come in a multitude of materials and styles for your particular needs. If you need one for plane trips, opt for a lightweight material with interior pockets that can hold your travel documents or footwear. You never know when a weekend bag will come in handy.

Ultimate Packing List For Men
Source Pinterest: Ultimate Packing List

Black Dress Shoes

A good pair of leather black shoes should be a staple of every man’s wardrobe. Wear them on job interviews and to weddings and funerals. Black goes with any color suit, any time of the year.

In between wearings, keep your shoes looking clean and presentable with a basic shoeshine kit. It may not be a fashion accessory, but it’s a good grooming item that should be in everybody’s home.

A Belt

Our weight can fluctuate from day today, and it can be frustrating to have to keep tugging our pants up on days they feel looser. A proper belt is a solution to prevent that sliding down feeling. It’s also an ideal men’s fashion accessory that works with any outfit, whether it’s an interview suit or jeans and a t-shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a leather black or brown belt, which works with any color pants and should last for several years.

Pocket Square

Not every man has the guts to add a pocket square to their suit, but it’s one accessory that can deliver a certain amount of panache. What’s the difference between a handkerchief and a pocket square? Handkerchiefs are for blowing your nose while a pocket square is for show.

That doesn’t mean they don’t serve a purpose, however. They sit in your breast suit pocket and much like the cufflinks we mentioned earlier, they can add personality to a suit.

Pocket squares come in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. Think of them as adding the finishing touches to your suit. They’re sure to make an eye-catching impression.

This Fashion Accessories List is a Must

You don’t have to buy everything on this fashion accessories list for men to always look and feel your best. But having a few well-chosen pieces available can make you feel ready to take on the day.

Here at Oh My Heartsie Girl, I love bringing you the latest fashion tips so you always look stylish. To help you save money when choosing clothing and accessories, check out my post on how to be fashionably chic on a budget
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Match the Tissot Watch Strap With Your Outfit

The Formality of Your Outfit Should Match Your Watches FormalityWatches, just like your belt are the small accessories that could either build-up or break your overall styling. The ability to mix and match your outfit with the type of watch you wear provide a man more substance.

Consequently, most men do not have many accessories in their body when they dress up or down. They may not be able to put more importance on their watches but the type of watch they wear can definitely affect their overall styling.

That said, there are numerous styles of a wristwatch that a man can wear to match his overall outfit. One of these is the Tissot Singapore watch which comes in a different design that suits your outfit. In this article, we’d like to showcase to you the main rules on how you can match your Tissot Singapore watch to your clothes.

The Formality of Your Outfit Should Match Your Watches FormalityMatch the Watch Strap With Your Outfit With Metal Bands

The very first and most important thing you should consider when you wear a watch is that both formalities should match. Bear in mind that Tissot Singapore watches come in different styles. Here are they to check their differences.

Dress Type – this type of Tissot watch is the sleekest, sophisticated, and simple looking watch. Intentionally made for a  plain and uncomplicated styling.

Dive – it is a type of Tissot watch made or underwater diving where it is made with metal brands with deep water resistance feature.

Racing/Driving – specifically made for a sporting size that normally comes in large or medium size.

Pilot – it is made for Pilot people which can come in luminous, clear, large, and readable numerals.

Field – watches specifically made for military and field usage.

Now that you have known the different types of Tissot Singapore watches,  here are the types of dress codes in order to match their formality.

White or Black Tie – this dress code is normally worn for formal events and occasion. A classic dress watch with a normal leather brand matches this outfit.

A Business Dress – the best Tissot Singapore watch that matches this type of outfit is a classic silver or gold style watch. Paired with a conservative suit in dark color also matches this watch.

A Sharp Casual – this is normally worn on a typical working day. When we talk about a typical working day, most of us wear dark denim, shorts, coats, or even button-down skirts. In this case, all types of Tissot Singapore watches matches this outfit style.

Casual Outfits – like polo-shirts, jeans, tees, and chambray button-downs, you would likely match this with field watches as this would complement your activity within the day.

Match the Watch Strap With Your OutfitMatch the Watch Strap With Your Outfit

It may sound less important, but watch straps can also make a huge difference when it comes to your overall styling. The Tissot watches Singapore straps comes in two kinds. The first one is the leather band which is considered to be more formal than metal ones.

The second one is the metal strap which usually comes in silver or gold and should not be worn on formal events.

The leather is to Leather While Metal Should Be For Metal

In the course of wearing a formal outfit which you wear leather shoes, you should more likely consider wearing a leather strap so it compliments your outfit. On the other hand, metal watch straps should also match with other metal accessories you wear like rings, cuffs, and bracelets.


When a man dresses properly, he is not only seen as a typical man, but rather a man full of substance and elegance. He does not only possess a great sense of style but at the same time generates an increased life status.

Furthermore, matching your daily outfit with the right Tissot Singapore watch will surely make you stand out in whatever events or occasion you belong to.

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