Cities Less Traveled: Visit Montclair Like a Local

Uptown Montclair NJJust visiting the Montclair township for the first time, and don’t know where to go? There are many great activities that you can do in Montclair which will make you feel at home like a local, even if you’ve never been to New Jersey before in your life. Below are some of the interesting things you can do when next you visit this less-often traveled city.

Visit the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning CentreYogi Berra Museum

This is one of the best places to visit whenever you travel to this New Jersey municipality. Whether you’re a young person or just young at heart, you’ll find the learning center interesting. This is because you’ll be sure to learn new things that’ll shape your character and motivate you to explore the various exhibits on display. Another plus for this awesome location in the town are the values of respect, social justice, sportsmanship, excellence, and other forms of culturally diverse practices which it promotes.

Explore the Rose Garden at Brookdale ParkEssex Country Rose Garden

 Image via Flickr by Christian Ferrer

In June 1959, this garden of roses was established in the community. One remarkable thing about this garden is the way it’s been maintained by volunteers in the community. This they do by ensuring that the natural fragrance and appearance of this awesome sight isn’t tampered with. Take for instance, instead of making use of herbicides and fungicides to weed the garden, they do it mechanically.

Although it started operations with about 650 rose bushes consisting of about 85 varieties, it’s grown amazingly over the years to a garden with about 1,500 bushes of over 100 varieties. This means a lot to anyone who loves to explore the beauty of nature.

Have a Taste of the Local Dishes at Mundo Vegan Mundo Vegan Restaurant

If you’re just visiting the town for the first time, it’s awesome to choose a centrally located hotel accommodation. One, this helps you to be in the center of the city, hence making it possible for you to visit great places in the community easily. Not only that, you’ll be able to have a taste of the local dishes at Mundo Vegan.

Still wondering what Mundo Vegan is all about? It’s a vegan and gluten-free restaurant serving local dishes in the center of the city. Some of the dishes you’ll find here include cashew cheese, black-eyed pea stew, hummus platter, Massitas, organic lasagna, and so many more.

Watch a Performance at the Wellmont Theatre wellmont-theater-montclair-nj

Are you a fan of live shows? Then the Wellmont Theatre is the place to be when you visit this township. Here, you can have a taste of what a traditional theatre is all about. With its live movies, concerts, and performances, you’ll never get bored coming here after a hectic day.

Montclair town is also the home to the campus of the Montclair State University. It’s known for being the town of writers, artists, and musicians who add to the vibrancy of the community. The activities mentioned in this post will make your stay in this community a memorable one.

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