Post Baby: Snapping Back to Your Old Self

Becoming a mom is a wonderful experience, but sometimes you can lose yourself in the process. Once you give birth, everything is all about the baby, as it should be, of course, being that we are their protectors and nurturers, but getting back to your “pre-baby” self is just as important.

Maybe you enjoyed hot yoga or going to get your hair and nails done…just because you brought a wonderful human being into the world, doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you enjoy or change what makes you, you. Post Baby Snapping Back to Your Old Self

The biggest change you experience post-baby is your body. It’s definitely an adjustment, to say the least, but it also doesn’t mean you’re defeated…in fact, the changes your body goes through after giving birth should be looked at as empowering.

Women are powerful beings and are capable of limitless things. So we are going to look at how to get our bodies back to how we looked before our bundles of joy. 

Get Your Mind Right

We’ve all heard the saying “you can do it if you put your mind to it.” Well that saying is very true. We have to have it in our minds that we want to get back to our old selves…we are our biggest critic.

After having a baby, you’re of course going to be tired, sleep deprived, and probably cranky. Some perks are that your parents, friends, and family are all going to be there for you for support…a lot of times, they’ll be happy to babysit, even if it’s just for a couple of hours to give you a break for a nap.

There’s just something about babies that make people cater to your every need..take full advantage of that!

Remember, we are only talking about our mindset right now. Having the right, the positive mindset will be the motivational jumpstart you need on the road to new beginnings. This whole process starts with you. Your mind can defeat you before you even get started…if you let it.

Water Water Water

When trying to get your body to bounce back to what it once was, water is crucial. It provides the hydration you need without the added calories.

Being that our bodies are made mostly of water, it’s an essential part of our body’s functions and processes. Drinking water aids in the elimination process, flushing out wastes, as well as digestion.

If you’re having trouble with controlling your portions, a trick you can do is drink a glass of water before eating your meal; it will help you feel full faster. The goal is to eat untill you feel content, not necessarily full. A lot of times we’ll eat and say “I’m stuffed,” when really, we should eat to live, not live to eat.


It’s very important to make sure you’re eating, and eating enough.  Skipping a meal is so easy to do when your dealing with the demands of a new baby.

Breakfast is a common meal people skip all the time. A trick you can do is eat when your baby eats. If you’re an on-the-go mom, then an on-the-go breakfast is more fitting for you.

For lunch and dinner, sometimes, it’s a lot easier to grab something quick, like chips, cookies, or ordering a pizza, but on the road to renewal, being aware of what we eat and how much we eat is key.

Don’t give up what you enjoy, just be mindful. Remember, we’ve already established the determination mentally, now we just have to apply the determination and be disciplined to eat right.


Exercise is also a key component to your snapback body. You don’t have to go to a gym and kill yourself. The goal is to get your heart rate pumping.

Getting your heart rate up can take the forms of walking or jogging, riding a bike, or swimming. You can even include your little one in the mix. Pull out the stroller and take the baby on a morning stroll with you.

There’s really no perfect way to exercise. If you’re at home, put your favorite song on repeat and dance your heart out! Exercise in combination with eating right is truly the best way to snap back.

Exercising increases your metabolism, which in turn, boosts your energy levels. And energy is just the thing you need when adding another little human being to life…but with exercise, it’ll make the load a little lighter.

Go At Your Own Pace

Pace is one of the biggest causes of giving up and having feelings of defeat. You must know that there is no specific time frame you have to follow to get your pre-baby body back.

It can be hard to mentally stay positive when you see that it took Khloe Kardashian 3 weeks to get her body back post-baby, but you also have to consider these celebrities lifestyles too. Many of these celebrities have personal trainers that come and work them out. They also have personal nutritionists that will prepare their food…they don’t have to lift a finger.

Whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, only you know your body and what works for it. If it takes you 3 months to bounce back that great! If it takes you a year and a half to bounce back, that’s great too! The point is that you’re consistent and you keep pushing, so don’t limit yourself to anyone’s timeline.

Help Other Moms

Nobody really talks about the struggles moms go through everyday post-baby. There may be other moms out there experiencing the same kind of feelings as you, and it’s so helpful to communicate with others about it.

One thing that’s really helpful is starting a blog about it. The first step you want to take in starting a blog would be to pick and register a  memorable and relevant domain name. Doing this will allow you to share your story and help other moms in the process.

A long time ago, they used to say that to raise a child, it takes a village, well that saying is true for the most part. The only difference now is that, that village, has now spread across the world wide web. That’s not a bad thing either. Helping other moms around the world by sharing your story and experiences is a wonderful thing.

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