How to Start a Career in Comedy Music

 How-to-Start-a-Career-in-Comedy-MusicStarting a career in music can be an exciting new venture. And when a new singer or band begins work on their branding and content, they have to decide on a few things: the instrument they will play, the platform they will share their music on, their team that will help them distribute their music, and, most importantly, the genre they will play in.

And comedy music is a genre that many choose to go into. It’s a genre dedicated to utilizing clever lyrics to make listeners laugh – and it dates back thousands of years! And the genre is kept alive in the modern day, thanks to hilarious musicians like Weird Al Yankovic, Dan Avidan and Bo Burnham.

So if you’re looking to start a career in creating comedy music, here are some steps you must take:

1. Have Funny Lyrics

A comedy song is nothing without good lyrics! Witty or silly lyrics are what make a comedy song great – but to get there, your lyrics are going to need lots of planning and drafting.

Writing the lyrics for a comedy song should be like writing the lyrics for a song of any other genre. You’ll need to pick a song structure to provide a framework to your lyrics, and decide on a topic for the song. It’s also most likely going to go through several drafts before it’s considered finished, so you have to be open to changes. You’ll also want to bounce your lyrics off your team, get their opinions, and adjust accordingly.

2. Know Your Audience

Having an audience in mind is important when it comes to any kind of writing, especially songwriting. Knowing your audience, what they are looking for in comedy music, and what topics you can joke about are all things to think about while building your album.

This also means you should have an age demographic in mind as well. By knowing what age group you’re aiming for, you’ll be able to more effectively write music for that audience and ultimately reach more people. You’ll also be able to easily narrow down which topics you can cover in your songs, and which should be avoided.

3. Pick Multiple Platforms

When it comes to launching a music career, exposure is everything! Your music should be on multiple music platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify, to name a few. This will help your music reach even more people, and potentially increase your chances of being picked up by a label or hitting a high subscriber count.

Having a huge following can also open the door to collaborations and other opportunities. And collaborations are great ways to get your name out there and get your music in front of even more people! And with every collaboration, you boost your chances of booking even more collaborations – which will all increase your popularity even more!

Overall, creating comedy music can be rewarding and lots of fun, but it takes planning and hard work to really grow your following. These tips should give you a good idea of things you shouldn’t forget while working on your album.

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