Celebrating Your New Home

Moving into a new home is demanding work. One of the best ways to reward yourself for working hard is to throw a housewarming party. It does not have to be too elaborate, since you do not have a ton of energy left at this point. Something about inviting friends and family over to your place for drinks and snacks has a way of making you feel like you’re home now. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you send out invitations and make a list of party supplies. While you’re at it, don’t forget to give your guests directions to your new place. Celebrating Your New Home

Is the House Ready?

This may seem like an obvious question. Who would throw a party if there was an issue with the house? Well, small issues have a way of rearing their ugly heads at the worst possible time. Let’s say you move in and notice that the flush handle on the back of the toilet gets stuck. That may not seem important, but parties often mean there is a great deal of traffic to and from the bathroom. Nothing ruins the party quite like a toilet that refuses to flush. Do not feel like you must be a psychic to predict the future, since that is not a common skill. However, if something pops up and you can attend to it before the party, do so. Did your roof spring a leak after the last rainstorm? Call roofing services in the Greater NJ area. Otherwise, you may have to stick a gigantic bucket in your living room to catch water in the middle of the party.

Some people decide they want to build their own home rather than buy one prebuilt. Calling home builders in Hanover, PA makes sense if you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind waiting longer for your dream house to come to fruition. However, don’t plan any housewarming parties until the construction is one hundred percent finished, because the typical home takes anywhere from four to 12 months to build. In the worst-case scenario, you must retract those invitations for the party you planned in May, because now the builders tell you that harsh weather is going to push back the projection’s completion to at least July.

Themes and Party Favors

Don’t feel like you must have any other theme besides, “Look at my new house, guys!” That is a very good theme all on its own. If you do want to go beyond that, then play it up as much as you can. Shooting fireworks can be dangerous but there’s no risk in firing off a confetti cannon for you and your guests to enjoy. A theme may also make more sense if your party falls near a major holiday and that would be an added incentive for your guests to come by and check out your new house.

Are any of your friends in a band? If so, then by all means you should invite them to play a show in your backyard, but don’t go overboard. You want to be a courteous neighbor. So, if you haven’t yet, go around the block and introduce yourself. Mention that you are having a party and would love to see them stop by for a beer or two. Say something like “I’m having some friends come over and play a few songs, but we’ll be done by 9 p.m.’ Because there is no need for the music to go on all night. You bought a house, not a concert venue.

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5 Tips to Budgeting for a New House

Ok you have decided to buy a new house here are 5 tips for budgeting for your new home

Renting a house may seem like a great idea when you’re just starting out. But as time goes, it becomes more expensive and is a lot harder to keep up with. Paying for a house that you’re only temporarily going to live in seems like a lot after a while. It is always a good idea to start saving at the earliest and buy a house for yourself. 5 Tips to Budgeting for a New House

The Top 5 Home Budgeting Tips You Need to Know

We are sure you have chosen your right home, from the many houses for sale. However, after the downpayment, you know that you need to keep it a little tight.

While saving to buy a new house isn’t an easy task, watching your budget and a couple of dedicated ideas can always help you with that. Here are 5 tips to budgeting for a new house.

  1. Clear Your Dues

The first and foremost rule to budget for a new house is to not have any pending dues. A pile of loans only makes it easier for the bank not to give you one for your house.  Also, if you move into a new house with a home loan along with a few more, it would only worsen your credit score and finances.

This will also increase your chances to go higher for the house loans as the lesser dues you got, the more money you can borrow. You will also end up saving a lot on the interest.

The process though needs some spending at the start but as Derek Dawson of Dawson Property Management points out – it is beneficial in the long run. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll pay all of the dues.

  1. Budget Your Monthly Earning

It is imperative to save some cash when it comes to buying a house. The more you have on hand, the less you borrow, and the lesser goes in the interest payments. The more cash also means that if the house you’re looking at requires some repair work before you move in, you’ll be able to pay for all of that.

Make an account of your monthly income and look at your budget. You can cut down on unnecessary items and limit your luxuries. You don’t have to start off with the big bucks immediately, but even a slower start can lead to big savings in a year.

  1. Get the clutter out

The best time to have a garage sale is while you’re looking to buy a new house. Make a note of the things you wouldn’t need in the new house or probably haven’t used in over a year. You can make some good money for the repairs and the coloring without having to carry any of the old stuff into your new home.

  1. Build your credit score

Buying a house isn’t an easy deal and may require you to borrow a hefty sum from the bank. But the amount of your loan depends on your credit score and so, you need to have a good rating.

To ensure your credit score is high, you can clear all of your past dues, and maintain a good amount of savings in your account.

  1. Get Educated

Stay informed not only about the process but the type of loans you can apply for. Each bank is different, and your loan may or may not include the insurance cover at times. Always look at your savings, and only go for an option that suits you best.

Have you started budgeting for your new house yet? Have an experience you would like to share?

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5 Things That Will Make Moving Easier

If only you consider these 5 tips when preparing to move 5 Things That Will Make Moving Easier

Whether you are starting out a new life or simply want to transfer places, moving to a new place is exciting. But beneath the excitement of changing your address comes the chaos and tiring things you need to do before you can settle down. To some, moving is difficult and laborious, but it doesn’t have to if you know what important things to be done.

Here are five things that will make moving easier.

  1. Buy large moving boxes or large plastic bins. Stock Up On Moving Boxes Or Plastic Bins

If you don’t have these items in your home, purchase them ahead of time before your move. These are not just plain boxes. They are your lifesaver when it comes to moving. You’ll need to segregate your home items so you won’t have a hard time placing them in their right places when you are already in your new home. Having these large moving boxes would save you big time. It is also a great way to organize your things and avoid losing important items from your house. Lastly, don’t forget to label them.

  1. Get your new home cleaned prior to your move. Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned Before Moving In

Moving from one home to another with stuff in tow is already a tiring experience. That is why if you can or if it is possible, have your home cleaned, especially the kitchen and bathroom before your moving date. This is to save time and energy once you are already there. That way, the only thing that needs to be done is to secure all the items from your old house to your new one. After a long day of moving, you might want to have a hot shower and a freshly cooked meal right there and then.

  1. Change your address. Put In For an Address Change With Post office

This means contacting not just your friends, but also your service providers and subscriptions. In order to have your life running smoothly and seamlessly after a tiring move, you should notify your service providers such as water, electricity, and telephone as well as your bank that you will change your address. You will also need to update your address in your magazine or newspaper subscriptions. If you don’t have to make a call, you can also opt to have your change of address online. You can check out change-of-address-online.com for more information on how to do this.

      1. If you have any questions about this process, maybe it would be a good idea to stop down at the local

post office in Gainesville FL

    and talk to someone there

  1. Hire a moving company. Hire A Moving Company

If you have a lot of stuff or simply have a lot of fragile valuables, the best option to make your move easier is to hire a moving company. You may be able to ask your friends or family to help you with your move, but if you want professional handlers to take care of your valuables then this is definitely the best way to go.

  1. Remember how your electronics are connected so you will know how and where all the wires should go. Remember How Your Electronics are Connected Take a Picture

If you are not a techie person or someone who have zero knowledge about electronics, you might have a hard time setting up your electronics in your new place. One way to solve this is by taking a picture of your old set-up, so you’ll have an idea how to set it up in your new home.

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