FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk

I have had the opportunity to receive a FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk – 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray in (Medium size Black) I have seen these standing desks everywhere on social media and was very excited to have this chance to try one myself.

I spend at least 7 hours a day on my computer and have a bad back so this will give me a break from all the sitting., which everyone knows is the worst thing on bad backs. So now I spend much more time standing to work at my computer, which has given me a lot of relief for my back, plus I feel it will help burn more calories.

When I was considering buying a standing desk and looking at different brands, others where up to $100.00 more. And I found in research I have much more work space to spread out. I dont use a desktop computer but if I did, there is more than enough room for 2 monitors. Flexispot Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Riser

By using the standing desk it helps to promote good desk posture and ergonomics

FlexiSpot’s desktop workstation provides an easy way to transition between sitting and standing throughout the workday. Our spacious desks offer a deep work surface, a wide keyboard and instant tablet integration. These quality workstations offer smooth up/down motion, twelve height adjustment settings and ergonomic monitor mount compatibility.

Straight Up and Down Movement – Our space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically, within its own footprint. There’s no need to make the spatial accommodations that may be required with comparable products.
Smooth & Easy Adjustments – Our single-handle design makes it super easy to safely adjust the height of the desk. You never need to use two hands or extra force like with some other brands.
Spacious Work Surface – With our groove-free, extra-deep desktop, you will have plenty of space to accommodate a laptop, computer monitor, paperwork and more.
Quick-Release Keyboard Tray – Our full-sized keyboard tray features a deeper work surface to fit a larger keyboard, mouse, and mousepad as well as a unique quick-release design so you can quickly and easily remove it when you’re performing tasks that don’t require a keyboard and mouse.
Ergonomic Benefits for Every Height – Whether you’re 5’1″ or 6’1″, you can comfortably shift from sitting to standing with 12 different height levels.

Standing desk converter special price starts from July 16th 3 pm ET:  30% off   $224.99 (was $329.99)   
Link to the product: FlexiSpot Desk Deal 

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