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I was contacted by a soap manufacturer, his name is Ed Jacobs, and his brand is T-NOS, they have been making soap for over ten years. His supplier of raw materials is a true soap maker and producer and I buy my materials from him.  Ed has a small but promising business and wants to share his soaps and build his sales and I told him I would do what I could to help in a little way by talking about his soaps on Oh My Heartsie Girl to share with my friends.  

But first he told me a story:  His wife says to do this and wrap this and do this and comes home from a baby shower, great, I would love to sell 100 bars to a person having a shower or wedding party, so my wife comes home all excited about this round wrapped thing-white soap, with this tacky white stuff wrapped on it, and I smell it, It was like something your 80 year old grandma would buy, don’t get me wrong, I need buyers but this round bar of soap is not what I am, it is garbage no label…..etc….  My Brand, T-NOS is cool, groovy and real and Premium. T-Nos Organic Soap

Ed’s business is in Elgin, IL and currently has 8 soaps on his website, remember, I said, he is just getting started and he has added 3 new items, the 3 new soaps are Green Pea, Greek Yogurt and Red Apple Tango were added and now has 8 types, he just received his new labels that show the ingredients, on each label. Just since I started working with Ed he has made great strides in improving his business and looking for new and innovative ways to do more, but sales is key, right? But I am brainstorming with him on social media and some ideas to help.

Now, I would like to tell you the 3 soaps I received smell wonderful, I received Orange Aloe Scrub, Hydrangea Rose’s Goat Milk and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. I will tell you this soap is so moisturizing and left my skin soft, I didn’t have to run for the lotion. They all smell wonderful and every time I wash it fills the are with the beautiful scent. I wish you could smell them, their wonderful.

♦ Made With the Highest Quality Ingredients
♦ Natural and Organic -vs- Grocery Store Soap
♦ Handmade and Handcrafted
♦ Midwest Artisan Crafted Luxury Bar Soap
♦ Satisfying Customers for 10 Years
T-NOS The Organic Soap Company Soaps Black Raspberry Vanilla
Hydrangea Rose Goat Milk
Lemon Zest Scrub
Luscious Lime Greek Yogurt
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Orange Aloe Scrub
Red Apple Tango
Sweet Pea 

You can find his website at:
The Natural Organics Soap Company 
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