3 Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas That’ll Have All Your Neighbors Feeling Jealous

Decorating your home for the holiday season should be a wonderful experience for every homeowner. If you make sure to plan, budget, and apply these tips, your home exterior will spread joy and light far and wide this holiday season.

1. Spruce up your awning.


A patio awning adds personality to your porch and improves your home’s curb appeal. But beyond this added aesthetic value, a retractable awning can be useful in providing shelter and shade from harsh elements. Depending on where your awning stands, you can also use it as a canvas during the holiday season and to display your decorating skills in many ways.

If your awning is on your back patio, for instance, you can add dainty statuettes on to your aluminum awning. Consider having a miniature Santa Claus atop your awning, or a sweet depiction of Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. To avoid any damage to the awning and figurine, hold down the statutes with heavy material like a canvas to ensure that it’s not affected by the harsh elements e.g. through rust corrosion. Make sure to pick a color scheme that matches your pergola. Hang your ornaments using strong string to secure them in place and that they do not get damaged by the elements. Also, remember that bows are a fundamental part of Christmas decor so do not be afraid to be bold with your bow options. Make sure they stick to your color options and that they go well with your existing decorations.

If you are in the market for retractable awnings in Chicago, Marygrove Awnings offer a variety of retractable awnings for commercial buildings and residential customers. Contact them via their website to schedule a curbside quote today. With years of experience in the Windy City, you can be sure they’ll have options to withstand the Chicago winters and hold up your decorations all throughout the season.

2. Get creative with your holiday lights.


Outdoor Christmas lights are classic holiday decorations, the perfect way to welcome the Christmas spirit. Christmas string lights as holiday decorations are so versatile in their function in that you can hang them on anything and they’ll look festive. Additionally, holiday lights come in a variety of colors — a trait that you can use these to your advantage.

For instance, you can use blanketed net lights to illuminate your hedges. Similarly, you can hang clustered white LED icicle lights on your roof awnings and peaks to create a professional looking light display. It’s good to remember that LED lights are cost-effective because they use up less energy and last longer than regular holiday light bulbs.

Remember to consider a color scheme for your Christmas lights. For example, use white light for your fences, canopies, and roof (as in the icicle light), and colored lights for the main entrance and trees. If you want help with design ideas or are in the market for various special decorations, you might want to look at the Christmas Designers website. They have every type of electric lights you can imagine and can help you make your house look extra special this season.

3. Refurbish your garage door.


Nothing better announces the arrival of the holiday season than the presence of decorated houses in your neighborhood. If you’re strapped for cash (or time) and cannot afford to decorate the whole exterior of your home, you can bring the spirit just by adding decorations to your garage door. There are many ways to play to the strengths of your garage door regardless of its material (modern wood garage doors, faux wood garage door, custom wood garage door, and so on) and inspire your neighbors with your ingenuity.

If you live in an area that doesn’t receive plenty of (or any) snowfall, rim the outside of your garage door with artificial snow to create the illusion of a winter wonderland. Or you could add a garland to herald the arrival of Christmas; they’re as festive as you can get. Because of its versatility, you can add string lights and other trimmings to it to make it even more celebratory.

Consider a photomontage made of vinyl stickers depicting your favorite holiday greetings or Christmas characters. Vinyl stickers are the best for this job because they are more durable than normal stickers. If you are living in a rental, you may not have a ton of wiggle room to make large cosmetic changes to your door. Instead, consider using your garage door as a projector screen and play something festive for your neighbors to enjoy in the evenings.

Of course, it’s critical to make sure the garage door itself is of the highest quality. So make sure to renew that before adding holiday cheer. A company like RW Garage Doors can help you out with numerous excellent options.

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