Millennial Pink- Is Lavender the color of the year


Millennial Pink- Is Lavender the color of the year
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I’m pretty sure that you’ve learned about the Pantone’s announcement for the color of the year – the UltraViolet. However, we beg to differ, because the lavender color will surely dominate the 2018’s color trend. As you can see on the latest trends in fashion and in interior design, you might probably learned that Millennial Pink has continuously becoming popular all around and you’re seeing it almost everywhere.

Millennial Pink is a very appealing shade of purple or violet that could also vary from pinker to the peachier. This color has long ruled as the color of choice for almost everything from stand mixers, fashion, parkas to interior design or home decors. However, has the use of this color finally turned on the now-ubiquitous color?

In this article, let’s tackle how lavender is taking over the Millennial Pink color that will surely keep on trending interior design.

The Lavender Color

The Lavender Color
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People often get confused about the difference between the purple and violet color. Lavender is actually a mixture of purple and white and it has also several shades that could perfectly go along with different colors. This includes white, grey, silver, and other pastel colors. This color is typically associated with mindfulness and is full of passion and emotion.

Why lavender?

Why lavender
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People are always looking for the “new” new, serene, whimsical, and youthful color – and that is the color lavender. Some people call it “frosted lilac” or “melodramatic purple”, no matter what you call you it, this color is popping up in fashion, food, beauty, and interior design – but why and how?

According to the Pantone team, the color of the year portrays artistic brilliance, counterculture, unconventionality, and personal expression of individuality. In the interior design scene, incorporating lavender color is a perfect way to add volume to a dining table and can be an alternative to white color.

Lavender color ideas

If you’re looking a color that could give any spaces in your house a trendy and spectacular look, then lavender or purple could be your ideal choice. From dark violet to lilac, these shades could surely dominate this year’s color trends. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate lavender into your next home décor project:

Purple Walls: Painting juicy plum colors on your walls is an ideal way to create instant drama to any spaces. Purple walls are great especially in the dining area as it creates a luscious atmosphere. Adding lavender backdrop in your home office could also be partnered with the greyscale artwork or clean-lined desk.

Lavender Door: If you’re not yet ready to paint an entire room with this bold and whimsical color, you can always start with the smaller element. For example, to brighten up an old and neutral entryway, you can paint your entire door with lavender color.

Glam Seating: To add more drama in your living room, incorporate some plum-colored or velvet chairs in a white living room. This could definitely elevate the elegance and glamour of the entire room.

Vintage Style: A darker shade of purple is the perfect tone for a perfect vintage styled room. You can paint the walls with purple and add vintage elements like an art, deco-era from Paris, or a wallpaper depicting pin-up girls.

Defining the room: Adding a plum-colored or lavender painted floor or rug in the bedroom could surely give definition to it. You can incorporate other colors such as purple, blue, pink, and fuchsia to create a vibrant and neutral space.

Window Blinds: No one can imagine a room without the window blinds. Pink roman blinds may be the most sophisticated solution to cover the windows of a girl’s room. Here one can find both plain and patterns. A lot of “very hot” fabrics can fit very well within any décor solution.


There are many ways to use this vibrant and bold color of the year. From adding small furniture or accents to painting an entire wall. With the help of professional painters that could provide you an extensive help doing the painting jobs with proper expertise and training, you can surely get into the bandwagon for this new trend in color for fashion and interior design.

Choosing the right color combination and following the right ways how to apply it could have a significant impact on the result. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you’re still the one to decide which color is perfect for your home and which one is not.

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Ultra Violet: Pantone color of the year for 2018

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Ultra Violet: Pantone color of the year for 2018

Are you wanting to be on trend with the latest fashion, interior design, and home decors? This year, Pantone is here to tell us what color will dominate all your decoration and that’s –Ultra Violet. This color is described as a thoughtful and proactive purple shade which can definitely add aesthetic-look in everything. Besides the embodiment of the color ultraviolet for spirituality and individuality – what’s more?

In this article, let’s tackle why ultraviolet is the color of the year and how this could be your perfect choice for your next project.

Color Inspiration

The Pantone color institute is a renowned consulting service which forecasts the different trends in color and helps color companies for product development, brand identity, and the strategic assentation and integration of color and palette recommendations.

According to Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman – the Ultra Violet color is associated with mystical or spiritual quality which infers magic into mindfulness practices. Every shade of purple embodies rich, noting, and transcendent associations and are deeply evocative. It has been known to be associated with wealth, craftsmanship, ecclesiastical power, royalty, and counter culturalism.Pantone-Colors-2018


As the fact that purple color is often associated with artistic expression and plays a vogue history in its turning point – ultraviolet is continuously becoming popular as seen in the first decade of the 20th century. So, no wonder that more and more designers, as well as interior designers, are opting for this color.

The vibrant and rich color of Pantone 18-3838 TCX Ultra Violet – we can conclude that it could be a sign of a rebirth or renaissance of cultural practices in the (not so) near future.

Because of the inherited cool and warm temperature of the color, it can perfectly mesh with other colors. The versatility of the ultraviolet serves as a strong complementary color which speaks to contemporary culture’s mutability. You can associate the color with deep colors like chocolate brown or emerald green. You could also mesh it with lighter shades like blush or celery green.

According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, ultra violet can stand out with so many different colors.

So maybe now you’re wondering – how could you use this color to decorate your homes and transform it into a mystical place? Here are some ways that you could follow to get the most out of the color of the year.

Use it as an accent

Additionally, instead of painting the entire room, adding of rugs, pillows, or layered textiles will surely add a fresher look and keep your interior design on the color trend. Incorporating ultra violet in into the different areas or items in your house could be your ideal first step. Whether a purple pair of pillows, lilac in a jar, or a violet vintage rug –adding this color of the year will surely bring out the inner originality, individuality, and cultural eccentrics of the house.

Adopt Moody theme

Rich fabrics think leather, dark-colored woods, supersaturated dark colors –those are the main factors for creating a romantic and dark theme for your house. Ultra violet color is a great choice if you want to embrace a moody theme for your home; from bathrooms, dining, to the living room, purple hues will surely give a soothing and vibrant lift on the space.
Consider the effect

Keep in mind that incorporating the Ultraviolet with other colors in the proper way will surely help you achieve a great result. If you’re unsure about the combination of the color you’d want for your home, you could contact Professional Painters for help. These painting companies can offer you an extensive task and help you with your home décor painting decisions.

You want your guest’s eyes to gaze the room and not crowded just by looking in every direction – so, as mentioned earlier, start with a few accents before gradually adding more of this color.


Choosing this color of the year – Ultraviolet is perfect for those who would prefer a trend-forward and more muted approach for transforming into the calm, comforting, mystical, and sophisticated home. No matter what color you choose this year, and the following years to come, colors are definitely important.

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