Fashion Ideas for Pantone Color of 2019: Living Coral

As we welcome the new year, we also embrace the new Pantone color for 2019 called Living Coral. It’s a pretty big deal for creatives everywhere as it affects design choices across different fields and industries including fashion. It’s still early in the year, but this is the best time to collect fashion ideas for Pantone color of 2019 to grace your outfits throughout the year.

So many ways we see Living Coral used in fashion:

The way Pantone chooses the color of the year is based on the current social or cultural climate that has been apparent in the world. Overall, the color should remind people of a message or purpose throughout the year that may help to positively affect their everyday lives. 

Living Coral is an orange hue and includes a golden undertone. This color is a vibrant and energetic shade. From that, we can incorporate it to fashion as outfits that look and make us feel alive and lively. In this article, we share different ways you can incorporate this bright color into your wardrobe and beauty routine.

How to Wear the Pantone Color on the Face

It’s not only clothes (though we’ll get to that as you read on) that can showcase the Pantone color of the year. Women are lucky that we get to paint our faces as creatively as we can. If recent makeup trends tell us anything, it’s that Living Coral is made to color your face.

Coral Makeup

Living coral is almost too perfect of shade for makeup. It’s already close to makeup trends that we’d been enjoying this past year, namely the pink and orange eye makeup. With this peachy color, it combines the two and merges the subtlety of the pink and the emboldened vibe of the orange. Keep it minimal by getting into monochrome makeup looks using your peach blush or eyeshadows.

How to Wear the Pantone Color on Your Body

The face is the first thing people typically see about you, but everything from the neck down is just as important. The most obvious way to wear Living Coral is through clothes, but there are so many other ways to sport the Pantone color of 2019 throughout your whole body.

Orange Tones for the Hair

Many women miss this part. Hair can make or break an outfit just as much as shoes do. Maybe this year, you can get out of your natural hair comfort zone and embrace a new bold color on top of your head. If peach hair is a bit too bold for you, orange tones are close to the Pantone color and are much more common for people who take the plunge with hair dye.

Coral Nail Polish

Here’s an easy-peasy trick to incorporate the color: nails! You’ve probably already been doing it your whole life so this isn’t such a daring move. Just paint your nails with the nicest peach or coral nail polish you can find or treat yourself to a mani-pedi session.

Clothing Ideas

It’s 2019, it’s time to start wearing more color! We know the convenience of just having black, white, gray, or other neutral colors in your wardrobe. Yes, it’s easier to mix and match but do you even enjoy styling your clothes? Doesn’t it get boring?

If you don’t have a clue how to wear color, much more this Living Coral color, get peach suits, jumpsuits, dresses, or matching sets. Anything that won’t require much styling decisions so that you can just put it on and look like you spent so much time on dressing up.

If wearing this bright color is new to you, start small with a pop of this color. Find a coral pink bralette and pair it with a sheer white top and jeans. This method will allow you to still rock your neutral clothes, and incorporate a hint of color into your outfits. 

Undergarment Options

One thing to learn about fashion is that not every style element you use needs to be seen by other people. It’s just like wearing fancy lingerie. Just knowing that you’re wearing something that really fits your style underneath your clothes is enough to feel like your best.

With this coral color being the focus of the year, it’s bound to be seen on undergarments as well! Whether you’re on the hunt for your favorite type of push up bra or comfortable boyshorts, consider rocking this orange shade!

Other Ways to Wear the Living Coral Pantone Color

As you should know, fashion style should also be about how you carry yourself, not just the things you wear. These are other general lifestyle items you might have in everyday life that can also be in the shade of Living Coral.

Phone Case

Who doesn’t have a phone these days? It’s one of our most prized possessions, so naturally, it’s probably encased with protection. The new year calls for new things to enliven our lives. Maybe your new phone case could be in this peach shade.


Accessories live up to the same definition Pantone used for Living Coral. They’re meant to liven up an outfit. This goes along with our previous tip if you ever lack color in your wardrobe. Get a peach version of these items to sprinkle your life with Living Coral:

  • Statement Earrings
  • Sunglasses
  • Headbands and ties
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets and bangles
  • Rings
  • Belts
  • Bags, pouches and purses
  • Scarves
  • Keychains
  • Wallet

Shoes and Heels

If nothing else, shoes and heels are the answer. One can never have too many shoes! Wear all-black for all we care, but at least animate your outfit with a pair of sneakers or heels in the Living Coral hue.


Pantone’s color of the year is already such a hit in the fashion world. Women love these soft, bright, girly hues, and Living Coral is such. We’ve no doubt your fashion game will be an A if you incorporate it in ways we’ve shared here!
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