7 Key Benefits of Becoming a Foster Parent

7 Key Benefits of Becoming a Foster ParentIt’s a sad truth but one that cannot be avoided- too many children today grow up in unstable, insecure, and conflicted environments.

This type of upbringing translates into the emotional growth of a child and can leave them scarred for life. This is where the brave act of foster parenting can truly make a difference.

If you’re thinking about becoming a foster parent, here’s how both you and your family can benefit from the experience.

Becoming a Foster Parent Can Change Your Life

In a perfect world, every child would have an equal chance of growing up in a loving, nurturing, and stable home environment. But the harsh reality is that millions of children the world over just don’t have access to this start in life.

If you and your spouse have ever had the yearning to embark on mission work or give back to the community in some way, foster parenting is a great option.

Becoming a foster parent is a challenge, but one that can be extremely rewarding- not only for you but the child you care for, of course.

Children in the foster care system face a number of obstacles any child should not have to face at a young age. Bringing them into a home of stability, support, and love can show them there’s hope for the future.

1. Make a Positive Difference

The act of foster parenting itself is a massive upheaval on your own family, especially if you have children. But this change should be out-weighed by the fact that you’re making a hugely positive difference in another child’s life.

For most people, being able to make a positive difference in a less-fortunate child’s life is the main driver behind foster parenting.

The process of choosing the right family for a foster child is a complex one. But ultimately, a vulnerable foster child is looking for what every child needs- love, care, and compassion.

Fostering is your chance to give those three fundamental things to a child in need, and leave a positive lasting effect for years to come.

2. Teach Your Own Children the Value of Compassion

Fostering a child may put added pressure on your shoulders, what with your own children to love and care for too. But this is a chance for your children to learn from your actions as a parent.

Choosing to foster a child in need and show them support, love and compassion will teach your own children the value of caring for others.

It also teaches them to live with empathy and kindness, while learning to bond with another child from a different background. Ultimately, this boosts their own sense of cultural awareness and acceptance.

3. Reap the Financial Rewards

Financial gain should never be the primary reason for foster parenting. But choosing to foster with a government or independent agency does have its own set of financial rewards.

Generally, families are offered a foster care allowance as well as reward payments based on their level of fostering experience. These financial gains are offered so that you have access to everything you need in order to offer the best foster care possible.

4. You May Be Legible For Tax Relief

Foster parenting now only offers financial gain in the form of allowances and reward payments, but you could also be legible for tax relief.

This may vary from state-to-state, but most foster care payments are non-taxable, while you may also be able to claim for foster care expenses.

5. Improve Your Parenting Skill-Set

Many independent foster agencies, as well as government programs, offer professional training for all new foster parents. This gives you a chance to broaden your communication skills, and many others, as a parent.

Throughout your fostering journey, you will have access to advise and support through the fostering community which allows you to learn as you go, too.

At the end of each fostering journey, you’re guaranteed to have a stronger sense of self as well as what’s happening in your local community.

You’ll also have improved skills in humanizing, empathizing, and understanding other people’s stories. This will give you a greater appreciation for own upbringing and the childhood you’ve created for your own children.

6. Build on Your Family Bonds

Every single fostering journey is a great opportunity to build on the bonds between you and your spouse and children. Each foster child that comes and goes from your home allows you to share in a positive experience and common goal.

Making the commitment as a family to care for another child means you have to work together for a positive outcome. This achievement only deepens your bond and closeness as a family unit.

Not only this, but you also get to build relationships with special people that can develop into lifelong friendships.

7. Become a Community Role Model for Positive Change

When you choose to become a foster parent, you choose to support your local community too. This means you are creating a positive change, and others could become inspired to do the same in your community.

On the whole, choosing to foster locally has a far-reaching impact. Not only does it positively impact the life of a vulnerable child, but it also supports the community you live in. This will make you a well-respected asset to your community and a driver for positive change.

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8 Trends Of a Teen in 2019

All teens have trends that they will go through, some will pass quickly, while others become a part of their lives. I’m sharing a few that seem popular in 2019

We’re in the year 2019, and with every moving year, there is an abundance of new trends that envelop teens and youngsters. The new “chill” thing to act, dress, or possess! Some of these drifts continue, while some just fade away over time. Are there any trends here that you recognize if any that bring back reminiscences to you, or would are teens you know are a pacesetter and have started doing one of these! These are trends that are currently popular with teens as a way to express themselves.


As the party scene is spreading like wildfire, the rise of new styles in the smoking and drinking community is also increasing in numbers. Vaping is just the genuine alternative of smoking, every modern teen out there who has a severe addiction to smoking cigarettes, may have already made the switch which is an alternative to cigarettes. Not that this is a healthy choice either.  Vaping is fundamentally a way where you smoke vaporized liquid. And not necessarily a good alternative to gets you rid of your bad addiction. It is just whats part of teen trends. 

Source: Bing Common

The “Nerd” Look

Previously, if anyone wore heavy, large glasses, they would be smiled at. Today, it’s refreshing to wear those identical glasses and do your hair messily. Pair this with a group of books in one hand, a pen in the other, and you are the “new cool”. The nerdy appearance has taken the globe by a storm and has skyrocketed geeky resembling people to be fashionable with their “authoritative, nerd vibes”.

Other Trends-Feminism

Feminism is a pressing concern with legislative programs all across the globe and today’s youngsters find it great to be recognized as a “feminist”. It is surely beneficial and assertive for females all across those teens are now following the feminist campaign and holding up for similar rights for the feminine gender. There is no other community that can bring about a quicker, more widespread appreciation than the young adolescent culture. Whether a teen or an adult seeking prominence, everyone has the right to stand up for individual freedoms and to be equal to their friends.

Source: Bing Common

Jogging Pants

This unique combination of pants is a modern trend. It can be dressed in various ways and at an unspecified time. Whether it is running to the gym, practicing yoga, or chilling with friends, ‘joggers’ are fresh in fashion to wear. They are ready for both guys and gals, either printed or plain in style. They can even be paired with crop tops when traveling to the mall (for girls) or with muscle tees while hanging with the group (for guys)!

Crop Tops
Source: Bing Common

Tank Tops/ Crop Tops

Every modern teen that who travels to the gym, whether it’s a girl or a guy, owns a lot of tank tops aka “flesh tees”. This is an item of fashion that shows off the body. Whether its triceps, biceps or a strong back, tank tops are an idea to show off the effects of working out. While tanks are frequently worn by guys, adolescent girls have the alternative crop top. The crop top easily shows off toned midriffs and can be dressed in so many ways. It has become a style statement when one wears a crop top to a party. It can be matched with a set of high-waist pants or a dress. It can be perfectly casual and worn with shorts or can be super-athletic and dressed in yoga pants, or even joggers. Seems to be a must-have for every teen right now.

Source: Bing Common


This is unquestionably not a current trend. From the primeval times, it has been acknowledged ‘excellent’ to get a tattoo. We are seeing more and more people indulging in tattoos. The designs have often varied from outstanding quotes to an illustration of something that’s thought of as fashionable, or utterly something that inspires you of one that is chosen. The latest fad in this age-old bias is neat tattoos. Designs are defined by one’s own imagination. It is now recognized cooler to have a tattoo that is an untidy choice rather a more elaborate design.


Whether it’s to be a radical or look aesthetically appealing, piercing is a different trend that is old but gold. Piercings have grown hugely from simply nose and ear piercings to eyebrow piercings, belly switch piercings, piercings, muscle piercings, and even mouth piercing. Popular actors and figures donning a number of these urge teens today to accompany in their tracks and likewise pierce themselves. Not for everyone.

Source: Bing Common


Often studied a form of narcissism and self-obsession, selfies are the entire trend amongst teens today. From practicing bathroom selfies to selfies in marketplaces and crowd selfies, the kind of selfies has grown since its commencement in 2015. This passion of teens has attained a level wherein it’s almost impracticable for a person to go to a place or event, and not get a selfie. Whether it’s a performance or a marriage, this style of picture-taking has now graced the way to document what’s being shared.

Source: Bing Common

Social Networking Apps

Snapchat doesn’t have value if your photo is previously shared, it also has to be shared on Facebook and Instagram. Maybe even Pinterest and Tumblr. Youngsters write more on their social accounts forms than they appear in real life. Only tagging friends in relatable columns or memes are more popular than transferring these texts or deep messages telling them how much they are admired, loved and missed. And whether it’s a bond or attachment, now, every prospect of it is on social media profiles to gain popularity and supporters. The more followers and participant has, the more attractive and cooler a teen is recognized.

With all of the trends today, for parents it can be challenging and difficult to convey your opinion to your teen, sometimes we have to let a trend run its course, but parents have the right to set guidelines. These trends are an eye-opener to me, I bet they are to many of you as well. Im glad my kids are adults now and we dont have to deal with the trends of today.

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3 Ways That You Can Improve Your Wellbeing as a Parent

Parents are often expected to make the impossible happen on a daily basis, and on most days, they probably do. However, seeing as they’re half superhero and half human, there are days when they happen to fall short. If you’re a parent, you can likely relate with this and understand how challenging it can be to find a balance. For this reason, it’s important that when taking care of everyone else, you also remember the importance of your overall wellbeing. To help you find ways to do this, you’re going to find three ways you can improve your wellbeing as a parent in the following article. 3 Ways That You Can Improve Your Wellbeing as a Parent

Check on Your Health Regularly

Life can get extremely busy as a parent, seeing as it’s a fulltime job. For this reason, making sure you make the time to check on your healthy regularly is essential. You can do this by scheduling appointments to get a physical examination with your health provider on a regular basis. Some of the things that they’re likely to do include updating your health history, vital sign checks, visual exams, physical exams, as well as lab tests which require them to draw blood. These checks should ensure that everything is intact health-wise, and you shouldn’t need them more than once a year unless you’re experiencing anything abnormal.

Set Aside Time for You

Creating time for yourself is key, especially as a parent who no longer seems to own their time. It can seem like every minute you get is divided between your kids, domestics, and work but you’ve got to make time for yourself as well. A failure to do so could result in exhaustion, high levels of stress and in some cases, it could trigger depression. This could lead to things such as substance abuse and addiction as a means of coping, so try and find healthy ways to unwind. If you’ve struggled with an addiction before, you may have found ways to achieve adult sober living successfully, so avoiding things that could trigger a relapse is key. Ideas of things you can do in your alone time include going to the spa, yoga, meeting up with friends, catching a movie, or taking yourself out to eat your favorite meal.

Don’t Take on More Than You Can Handle

As a parent, you may feel as though you can handle everything but this isn’t usually the case. You should, therefore, be realistic about what you can handle and avoid taking on more than you can. Some ways to do this include avoiding trying to do everything in one day, being more organized, and learning to say no. For those who struggle with saying no, some tips to help include saying yes to something else, being firm, and not giving excuses.

As a parent, your wellbeing is just as important as everyone else around you. It is imperative that you take time out to pamper yourself, check how you’re feeling and ensure you’re in good health. Doing so ensures the many people that you love and nurture on a daily basis have a happy, healthy and whole mommy around them in years to come.

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How Much Influence Does Music Have On Kids?

Music can be highly influential on persons of all ages. Consider the fact that listening to music while running is so effective at increasing speed and endurance that it’s not allowed in some competitions where racers are competing for major prizes or placements on the most desired teams. For better or worse, music is very influential in our lives. The right score or song in a soundtrack can make or break a movie. A sad song can be a much-needed cathartic push to release tears. Couples spend hours debating the perfect first song for their wedding.How much influence does music have on kids

However, adolescents and teenagers are especially susceptible to influences, and that includes music. Since some music glorifies drug abuse, is misogynistic, or reveres violence, it makes sense that parents are worried about what their children listen to. It’s now easier than ever to download or stream just about anything, making those black parental warning labels that many adults grew up with now moot. Few people buy CDs or vinyl anymore, leaving parents with nothing to gauge what their kids are listening to.

What Kind of Influence Can You Expect?

It’s doubtful that a certain song or artist is going to be the sole driving factor in turning a teen into a criminal. However, teenagers are looking for places where they belong, and they may attach themselves to certain songs or types of music. As they search for self-identity, they might resonate with certain songs. Lyrics are often a person’s first introduction to poetry, and they can be very meaningful to teenagers. You might notice your teen adopting a new way of speaking, vernacular, or start swearing.

Music that glorifies misogyny or violence is bound to introduce a litany of new terms and words to a teen’s vocabulary. While in some ways this is harmless, words can and do hurt. Verbal abuse depends on carefully crafted words to hurt and control. If a teen is susceptible to becoming an abuser, in extreme cases music might give them some tools to do so—but the music itself isn’t what feeds the potential of an abuser. Regardless of music, they would find themselves on such a path.

More commonly, teens might find themselves in trouble for repeating hurtful lyrics. Whether they’re caught repeating lyrics in a hallway or etching them into a desk or their notebook, this is common behavior. It can be upsetting to parents at the time, but it’s often the extent of how music will influence them negatively at this point.

The Flip Side

Many parents worry about the dangers of explicit music and lyrics, but don’t overlook the healing powers. For many people, not just teens, music is a means of escape. It puts into words some feelings that can be overwhelming and music can even be an outlet. Music is a form of expression and might attract your teen towards adopting a musical instrument or writing their own lyrics. The poetry of music from greats, such as Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan, might be a gateway into a love of literature.

Music is, and always has been, an outlet. It’s nothing new under the sun, and teens aren’t going to completely change their personality based on the love of a new genre or artist. Rather, music can help them learn and explore who they already are—or who they are becoming. They will be drawn towards songs and artists that are reflective of what they’ve uncovered within themselves.

Studies have shown that the music we listen to between the ages of 14 and 24 is “magical.” It sets the stage for the music we’ll love and return to our entire lives. It’s not a coincidence that many people still adore the same type of music, and maybe even the same artists and songs, which they did in high school and college. The parts of our brains that are developing during that time frame get a little stuck in sentimentality, so take note of what your child listens to in high school but try not to worry about any lasting negative damage.

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