Why Holding A Party in an Events Venue Is Better Than at Home

When it comes to organising an event, sometimes it feels like the easiest thing to do is hold it at home, however, this can be a lot more stressful than you anticipate. What sort of age range will you be having in your home? Will you have to move breakages and valuable belongings out the way? Will you need to provide entertainment for children? Will you have enough space to cook for everyone attending?

These sorts of thoughts are enough to keep even the most seasoned host up in the middle of the night – why not take a load off and instead, host your party at an events venue instead. Not only will you give yourself some more space, but, you’ll likely be able to talk to a professional event space co-ordinator who can help you finalise the small details.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Not everyone is able to hold their drink and party in a civilised manner. You might want to go all out and let your hair down too. However, there’s also that nagging feeling of wondering will the furniture be okay, and can I really trust someone not to spill red wine all over the nice white rug.

Hiring an events venue removes all risk of your furniture becoming damaged during a particularly energetic rendition of the Bohemian Rhapsody guitar solo and should breakages occur (accidents do happen!) the venue will have staff available to clean it up safely.Why Holding A Party in an Events Venue Is Better Than at Home 1

Catering to The Masses

Parties often involve food, whether it’s a sit-down meal or a finger-licking buffet. If you’re hosting a larger party, not only can it be tricky to get everything cooked to come out at the same time but there will be a lot more requirements to fulfil. Gluten-free, vegetarian options, dairy-free – it can get a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, venue caterers are used to fulfilling dietary requests and are better equipped to get several dishes out at once, ensuring everyone gets fed around the same time.

Open Up the Guest List

We can’t all live in seven-bedroom mansions, so no doubt you’ve had to trim your preferred guest list of attendees or plus ones to ensure there’s no overcrowding in your home. This can sometimes lead to arguments or fall-outs if so-and-so’s children didn’t get invited or your brother can’t bring his most recent girlfriend.

A venue, while it will have maximum capacities, will likely be much larger than you can hope to accommodate in your home. You can even choose your venue around the predicted size of your party (with a few extras thrown in for good measure).Why Holding A Party in an Events Venue Is Better Than at Home 2

Escape the Clean Up

Even the most civilised of parties can produce a mess, empty bottles and glasses, leftover party decorations, dropped food and these are just a few examples. What likely starts out a great night can end in frustration once everyone else goes to their homes and you are left holding the bin-bag.

Venues employ cleaners, so they won’t expect you to clean up all the party mess. Although you might be expected to take the decorations, some venues are absolutely fine with you coming back to collect them on the following day.

Make Memories, Not Complaints

The whole idea of treating another person’s home like you’d like yours to be treated can unfortunately go quickly out the window during the heat of a party. Your guests are likely to be respectful, but you want to be able to enjoy the party too, rather than worry about misplaced belongings or a backed-up toilet.

Should anything go wrong at the venue of the event, their staff are ready, available and trained to handle most mishaps or plumbing nightmares. Not to mention they’ve got plenty of toilet roll stock so there’s no last-minute panic before the shops close for the night!

Summer is keeping us busy with picnics and garden parties, but the autumn and winter will soon be upon us and that’s when the parties really ramp up.

Even the events venues themselves are starting to get in on the pre-festive planning, Goosedale, an events venue in Nottingham, England have already got their Christmas brochure available to download! http://www.goosedale.uk/seasonal-events/

Whether you are content to be an attendee or love getting in on the organisational action yourself, it just goes to show the importance of being party-prepared! Where will you be holding your next party?

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The Art Of Throwing A Perfect Party On A Budget

When there’s a celebration coming into your family, either around a birthday, an anniversary, or even a baby shower occasion, somebody needs to throw the perfect party to put everyone in the right mood. However, more often than not, the perfect party becomes synonymous with extravagant expenses, from hiring a limousine with chauffeur for the weekend to serving the most exquisite food to your guests. More often than not, the mind can’t begin to imagine the reality of a party without breaking the bank. How many bottles of champagne do we need for the occasion? Should we buy a new set of plates for the evening? Whatever it is, you want something really special, and it doesn’t seem like a budget party could do the trick. But there are simple ways to make your home reception feel unique without overspending. 


Wanna save money? Measure your portions!  

Personalize the most important details

The first thing that every marketing expert learns is to make their customer feels unique with a personalized approach. You can apply the same tip to your party preparations. Custom-made items don’t have to break the bank, as you can order sets of customized napkins from giftsin24.com for under $32. You can also put name tags where everyone sits for a small dinner party, for instance. For celebrations with a large group, a banderole can do wonder to personalize the party at low costs. You can also make sure that the person for who the party is organized receives a custom-made t-shirt with a printout of their most memorable and relevant image.

Getting your party food right

Most hosts find that the major part of their party budget is dedicated to food and drinks. However, for the majority of them, they could have reduced the food budget without any consequence for their guests. Most people, unintentionally, plan far too much food for parties and end up spending more than they should. Estimating the right portion for your guests is tricky but necessary. A common mistake is to maintain large portion sizes for a variety of choices. The more choices you offer, the smaller the portions. You can find on thespruce.com a handy portion size list per person, from the horsdoœuvres to the desserts, all labeled in bites and ounces for guidance. Don’t be tempted to offer too many options, and focus on manageable dishes and flavors to satisfy most guests.

Last, the gift that impresses

Finally, there is no party without a gift. However, the perfect gift doesn’t have to break the bank either. A homemade gift is thoughtful and charming, especially if you create it especially for the recipient. Whether you make it a work of art or an item of clothing, you can choose something meaningful, such as a memory you both share or simply a design that reflects on your relationship.

If you’re looking for something more specific according to their tastes or for their hobby, the power of the internet is on your side. You can easily look for oddities and trinkets such as medieval-inspired feastware, antique rings, or signed Harry Potter memorabilia with a few simple search queries. If the price is too much for you, then you make it yourself. It’s the thought that counts, after all. If you’re not a crafter, the experience is the perfect idea as you’re sure not to give a present that will accumulate dust in the living room.

You can keep a tight budget when planning a party, and yet still make things as cheerful and appealing as you wish. Keep your eyes peeled for the personal details, in the decor, and the choice of the gift can help you to combine purposeful items and low costs. Finally, know your portion size: Big portions are a waste of money and food!

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How to Throw a Party to Remember

Regardless of the situation, if you’re approaching a landmark celebration, you’ll want to commemorate it in style. Organizing a party is no easy task. There are so many ideas to consider, choosing one that suits you can be overwhelming. You’ll want to create lasting memories that will stand the test of time, but how do you do achieve this? 

Party Planning A Pexels-photo
Image: Pexels Photo

Whether you’ve got a large group of family or friends, ensuring everybody has a great time is a challenge. With so many guests to accommodate, there’s significant pressure to execute your idea effectively. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to throw the best party possible, here are some top tips for throwing an esteemed birthday bash:

Estimate Numbers Early On

It’s best to find out how many people will be attending the party from early on. This is useful for gauging decisions like where to host the party, and how much food and drink to order. If you have a great idea for a party, but it isn’t feasible considering how many people are likely to attend, you can eliminate the concept from early on. There are various apps online to help keep your invite lists up-to-date and organized, so you’d be wise to capitalize on these.

Personalize The Party

A great way to organize a party is by incorporating ideas that resonate with the person you’re throwing the party for. If they’re a fan of fast-paced activities, consider a mechanical bull rental, but if they’re more interested in a low-key affair, perhaps throw a dinner party. Your decision depends largely on the tone required, but customized options are a great way to show you know and care for the person involved. Incorporating custom banners, placemats, or posters can bring meaningfulness to the party. You can create a playlist they’ll enjoy and incorporate ideas within budget.


When making decisions like what venue to book, entertainment, and refreshments, budgeting is vital. You’ll need to know how much you can afford to spend on the event before you start planning. Avoid spending money in a top-heavy fashion, like blowing money on a venue without proper funding for food. Plan ahead, and most importantly allocate funds in an organized way.

Choose the Right Venue

If there’s lot of people attending, you’ll need to book a venue to accommodate your guests. If it’s a party with a smaller, close-knit group, your garden can be a great venue, providing the weather is good. Your choice of venue can make or break a party, so do appropriate research to find something perfect for you. If you already have somewhere in mind, you can do some fine tuning by obtaining information online. Ensure local options meet your needs before finalizing your plans, because there’s nothing worse than selecting a location and later finding out it isn’t suitable.

Buy Supplies in Bulk

This can help you stay under budget, so is an important step for those who need to spend under a certain amount. By saving money on supplies, you’ll have an opportunity to prioritize spending on other important aspects. Some items can be purchased cheaply when bought in bulk. Eco-friendly supplies are great, and if you can reduce your impact on the environment while saving money on bulk purchases, this is a great combination.

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5 Tips On Planning a Special Event in Southern California

5 Tips to Finding a Beautiful Event Venue in Southern California

If you’ve seen Bride Wars, then you would understand how big of a deal it is to finding the best venue to make your event a success. It requires a lot of research, patience and the right network of people to match your client needs with the perfect venue. You also have to make a lot of decisions about the event venue that you choose. This includes catering options, entertainment, decorations and so on. However, the search does not have to be stressful. To serve as a guide, consider using these five helpful tips to finding beautiful Southern California event venues

  1.    Attendees and Guest List

The event space should be catered to the type of occasion and the guest list. Take note of how many people will attend the event so you can properly select the right venue that will accommodate the size. It is also advisable to find out how many are children or adult attendees and if there are allergies or other food preferences.

  1.    Location

Once you have gathered information about the attendees, you can start scoping out different locations that can cater to the event. It can be at hotels, resorts, multi-purpose halls or even someone house. You have to think about what type of atmosphere the venue is trying to emulate. For instance, a house with a pool might be a great venue for a 16-year old birthday party while a 15th-century hotel can be the perfect place to host a golden anniversary dinner. Is the place accessible? When you search for the location, think about the route options that guests can take to reach the place.

  1.    Services and Amenities Offered

Does the venue offer valet parking? Are there kitchen facilities that can be used to store food and wine? These are some of the basic services and amenities that a great event venue should have. If you have a VIP guest list, then you should look for a space that provides security and even transportation. Some event venues offer to decorate in terms of themes while others include catering, audio-visual services and lighting to make it more convenient for their clients.

  1.    Layout

The layout is an important criterion when looking for an event space. It doesn’t matter if the place is huge if the layout is not ideal for socializing. If the occasion is going to happen in the evening, try the visit and inspect the venues at night as well. This will give you an opportunity to really assess the atmosphere of the space and the surrounding area whether it will be noisy or too dark.

  1.    How Much it will Cost

The cost renting the venue for the whole event may not be on top of your priority however, it is still highly recommended to have a budget so you won’t get overboard. You need to realize that you are not just spending money on the venue. There are more expenses such as food, entertainment, and decorations. So, it’s always better to have a budget on hand.

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