How to Find the Perfect Jeans for Your Shape

How to Find the Perfect Jeans for Your ShapeWhen you’re revamping your wardrobe, or if it’s just time for some new clothes, one of the first overhauls begins with your jeans. Your denim collection contains some of the most important articles of clothing you own. Simply because of their versatility, jeans can be worn in just about any setting, for any occasion, or any day of the week – but they’ve got to fit right. Finding the perfect pair of jeans isn’t always the easiest task to conquer. Of course, your waist size and length measurements can help find a pair that isn’t too tight or loose, but there are a few more important factors to consider. The next time you’re out shopping, use this checklist as your guide to find the perfect jeans for your shape.

Get to Know Your Body Type

The best fitting jeans can only be found once you understand and know your body shape. There are a few different shapes that describe a woman’s body – and knowing the difference between apple, athletic, pear and hourglass figures are important. The solution to the perfect pair of jeans is as simple as this: a woman with an apple shape shouldn’t be purchasing pants that are made for someone with an hourglass figure, or vice-versa. This lets you know which cut and style of jeans you should be searching for. Below are some examples of jean cuts that are the best for each body shape:

  • Boyfriend: Apple and Athletic
  • Flared: Hourglass and Pear
  • Straight-Leg: Apple, Hourglass and Athletic
  • Boot Cut: Hourglass and Pear
  • Skinny: Every Shape

Find a Style that Fits You

Your wardrobe tells a lot about who you are. When your outfits come together not only do they have to fit you physically, but personally as well. This means that being comfortable in your clothing is equally as important in virtually every way you look at it. With comfort comes confidence, and you’ll want your well-fitted jeans to embody your unique style to the world. If you’re having trouble deciding between what you want your clothes to say about you, try peeking through a denim lookbook collection for inspiration on what jeans may be best for you.

Focus on the Rise

Different rises of jeans are accustomed to fluctuating popularity due to the ever-changing fashion trends. High-waisted jeans, for example, are insanely popular right now, but that doesn’t mean they are the perfect pair for everyone. We all love to wear what’s trending, but it’s best to focus on what rise is most complimentary to your body shape. Mid-rise jeans are always a safe bet because they’re widely considered to be the most figure-friendly style of jean.

Choose Color and Wash Carefully

Once you found the right jeans for your shape, the next step is to pick out the color and wash. Denim comes in a variety of washes, ranging from extremely light to deep blues. Pick a wash that flatters you the most so your jeans look as good as they possibly can. Experiment with different colors and washes till you find what completes your style.

Find a Good Fitting Denim Brand

A large part of finding the perfect jeans for your shape comes with finding a reliable denim brand that suits your style, shape and comfort. The brand should be almost as if it’s personally tailored just for you. It has to fit well and be fashionable all at once. Don’t settle for a jean collection just because of it’s popularity, but because it’s consistent for you. Make a statement and be a trendsetter in a women’s denim line that perfectly fits your shape and style.

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