What Is Physiotherapy and How Can It Help

I have had a lot of physical therapy but was unfamiliar with physiotherapy until now.Physio Comes To You

Physiotherapy is to help patients with physical difficulties resulting in illness, injury, disabilities or aging.  Physiotherapy benefits include decreasing pain and improving joint mobility and strength. 

Physiotherapy Helps treat sprains, back pain, arthritis, strains posture problems, and sport-related injuries. And can be used for rehabilitation after surgery through a number of skills that can include manual therapy,  acupuncture, massage and design a rehabilitation programme to aid your recovery.

It is a hands-on technique for:

For joint mobility

Muscle stretching

Massage of soft tissue

How quickly does physiotherapy work; Typically 6-8 weeks

Physiotherapy can be done at home with a PT that is qualified. When they visit they will determine the type of program that needs to be used for your particular condition as everyone is different so the PT will set goals. The best part is Physio Comes To You

You can also Google physiotherapy to find out of there is a location in your area

You can go to Physio Comes To You to learn more.

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