How to Pack the Ultimate Picnic Basket

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning a cute outdoor baby shower for your best friend, picnics are hugely underestimated experiences. You get to be outdoors, enjoy great food, great times with loved ones and all the special fun that comes with it. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about a house full of people and the clean up after. To be honest, food is probably half the fun of a picnic. Getting to come up with a little menu, pairings of food and wine, starters and desserts is really fun.Planning a Picnic needs something meaty savory sweet Jerky-Bite-Size Cupcakes But not a heavy meal

It’s like being a party planner without all the massive pressure because you and your friends can agree to share the responsibilities and bring different things. The best way to do a picnic is not to make it super heavy meals, but to just put together platters of finger foods and treats. It makes eating easier and better yet, the clean up doesn’t have to be a huge nightmare for you.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to bring, and what to put on the menu of your little picnic get together. So instead of doing a whole lot of guesswork, here’s a handy little guide to help you get the right foods and drinks for this exciting event.

Something Savory

Everybody thinks finger sandwiches and crisps when they think of picnic food, but you can actually bring the party into the 21st century with some fun savory snacks. This can be a platter that would impress even the biggest foodie in your group!

  • Something meaty: You can get little chicken drumettes dipped in tasty basting (as long as they are bite-sized) You can also tasty kebabs or bite-sized riblets. The golden rule is if you’re going to do anything with meat, don’t make it big pieces.
  • Sushi: If you’re feeling really experimental, you can bring some sushi into the mix, your guests will love that.
  • Jerky: Another great savory treat you can add is beef jerky, and you can get the really good quality stuff that’s 100% natural and preservative-free. Check out Chops Snacks for some great jerky products for your event.

Something Sweet

If you’re a big pastry fan, this is where things get really fun. You can create a really cute and creative dessert platter, and really create something that stands out.

  • Bite-sized cupcakes: Get them in chocolate or red velvet, and ice them up in everyone’s favorite colors. You can even personalize each cupcake with the initials of the guests.
  • Rolled-up pancakes: You can get them made plain, add syrup or a cinnamon/sugar mix in the middle.
  • Sweet Popcorn: forget boring plain popcorn, get popcorn in caramel or even chocolate flavor to give popcorn a dessert vibe.
  • Jelly beans: sprinkle the platter with jelly beans to add some color and fun to it.

Imagine such a beautiful platter in the middle of the picnic mat, even as a photo on Instagram!

Planning a picnic doesn’t have to be an overwhelming responsibility, especially if you don’t make a big fuss of it with big meals and fancy dishes. Come up with a creative platter of different items, with sweet and savory items, and anything else you and your guests like. You can personalize it to what you would want and make it an even more special and unforgettable time.
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