First Time Visit to Dentist Appointment and What To Expect

Like many people going to the dentist is not a pleasant experience. For me when I was a kid and my visits I was not offered any kind of pain-numbing before procedures. In fact, when I was a kid and visiting the dentist it usually meant just pulling a tooth rather than trying to save the tooth. Of course, that was 60 years ago and times have changed and there are so many more options as a patient. They didn’t even offer nitrous oxide to calm a patient or give local anesthetic. First-Time-Visit-to-Dentist-Appointment-and-What-To-Expect

There are three ways you can stop the fear when going to the dentist:

  1. Speak up, when you make an appointment let them know that you are nervous about having dental work done. Dont be afraid to ask questions, sometimes knowing the procedures helps to calm you. During your time in the chair, let them know if you need a break, agree on a signal.  Let the dentist know that even with a local anesthetic that you are still experiencing pain, not everyone can tolerate pain with a local anesthetic.
  2. Distract yourself by using headphones, bring your own to listen to music, many times they offer them or even TV’s are mounted in their office. I’ve read that even keeping your hands busy by using a handheld or a fidget spinner helps.
  3. Using mindful techniques like deep breathing even before going into the treatment room and throughout the visit will help to calm you, especially when they are drilling I have to use this technique to get me through. Then you can also use relaxation techniques by concentrating on parts of your body, starting at the top of your head down to your toes. It is amazing how this works for me or in an uncomfortable situation at the doctor’s office or procedure.  Here is more on coping skills from dental fears from the Journal of the American Dental Association, you can print to refer back to share with family and friends. 

8 Reasons why you would visit a dentist:
•One of the first would be evident, a toothache that will not go away
•Stained or discolored teeth
•Bleeding or sore gums anywhere in your mouth
   Types of mouth sores include canker sores, cold sores, leukoplakia and candidiasis
   Bad breath or dry mouth
•Jaw clicking
   Types of injuries to your jaw, arthritis, teeth grinding, TMJ
•Dry Mouth, Salvia deters tooth decay and washes away food particles
   Your dentist can recommend a mouthwash
•Oral piercings
   Can cause a huge amount of bacteria leading to infections
•Cracked or broken teeth
   Due to brittle teeth, teeth grinding or injury
•Sensitive Teeth
   If you are sensitive to cold or hot beverages
   A result in worn teeth, tooth decay or worn enamel

Here is an example of what to should experience when you visit a dental office after you set up an appointment you should receive;

Of course, the dentist would know why you are there if it is as mentioned above an emergency. But if you are visiting a new dentist you would typically receive a full mouth set of digital x-rays will be taken. Along with this, they will also do complete and thorough oral cancer screening, TMJ evaluation, measure your gums to check for gum disease, and examine your teeth for cavities, wear & fractures. After a personal assessment and it is determined if there is no gum disease you would receive a mouth and teeth cleaning.

It is recommended that you visit a dentist twice a year for check-ups. By doing this your dentist can resolve issues, small cavities, and repairs, check gums for disease and overall health of your mouth and teeth. It not only helps with maintaining healthy teeth is less costly for you.

Going forward there are options that you and your dentist can discuss like teeth whitening, plaque removal and even a discussion with your dentist on dietary guidelines. It is ultimately important to impress on kids about habits of choosing healthy foods over snacks that are sticky that promote dental decay

• Dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day and replacing your brush twice a year with a soft bristle brush

• Flossing is one of the most important to remove bacteria and plaque buildup on teeth including brushing, before your next visit to your dentist. If you cannot brush your teeth after a meal, it has been suggested that rinsing is the next best thing. tooth-and-apple

• Diet can play a huge part in dental care as I have covered in a previous article I have written: Achieve a Celebrity SmileHealthy Habits

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Have you always had a good experience with your dentist?

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How to Get Toned Fast: Best Exercises and Diet Tips

If your goal is to get toned fast, you’re in luck as a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism proves that rapid weight loss can be as effective as slow weight- loss programs. This means that with the right diet, full of fat-burning foods and some specialized toning exercises you can get toned by the time your summer vacation rolls along. If you use a smart muscle toning plan, you’ll see results within as little as one week and they’ll only get better from there. How to Get Toned Fast: Best Exercises and Diet Tips

Diet and Exercises You Need to Get Toned Fast

Fast Fat Burning Diet Tips

The most important thing you need to understand is that severely cutting your calories is a bad idea if you want to get your body look toned. To achieve this, you’ll need to work out a lot, and this will require energy. To make sure that you get sufficient nutrition, consider using a well-balanced 14-day diet plan for weight loss.

You can enhance the effects of this diet by including foods that naturally boost fat burning. This includes:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts (and natural nut butter)
  • Poultry
  • Greek yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Berries
  • Grapefruits
  • Avocados
  • Fatty fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel)
  • Chili peppers
  • Dark leafy greens

Drink lots of green tea as it also helps weight loss and is a potent antioxidant, which benefits your general wellbeing.

If you want to cut your calories wisely, consider intermittent fasting. Health magazine explains how different studies prove its efficiency for fast but long-term weight loss. You can use one of the safest types of fasting, meaning an early dinner and no eating policy after a certain time, to burn off some fat fast and enhance the efficiency of your exercise. Just be sure to plan your workouts during daytime when you can replenish your energy with a meal.

Best Exercises to Get Toned Fast

Be prepared to work out hard if you want to get your muscles toned. The most effective exercises for this are cardio, aerobics, and weight lifting. In case your current fitness levels are low or you suffer from any chronic health condition, consult your doctor and seek professional help in designing a safe workout routine.

If you are in good health, these are the exercises that will help you get toned fast:

  • Squats of any type are great for toning your legs. To get your arms toned at the same time use dumbbells and press your arms up over your shoulders ten times while squatting.
  • Great for toning your butt, thighs, and abs, all types of lunges should be practiced every day. Make your movements sharp and precise to achieve maximum efficiency. Do about 10-15 reps of forward and side lunges (each) but also try crossover lunges. During this exercise, twist your torso when lowering your body. This should look like a cross between a lunge and curtsey.
  • Plank is the best exercise if you want to get toned fast or at all. High, low, and side planks must be included into your daily routine. You don’t even need to do anything in this position, just hold your plank from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. When your stamina improves, you can add more moves, like touching your elbows with the knee while in a high plank or moving from low to high position to tone your arms and core.

When working out to get toned fast, listen to your body and increase the number of reps as you get used to the current workload.

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Avoid These 7 Weight Loss Mistakes

Avoid-These-7-Weight-Loss-MistakeImage: Public Domain Free Pictures

Can’t seem to shift those pounds? Here are some of the most popular blunders that prevent people from losing weight effectively and what you should be doing instead.

Skipping meals

Starving yourself isn’t an effective means of weight loss. Whilst you may lower your intake of calories, you could also be denying your body many healthy nutrients that it requires in order to function well. This could have an effect on your immune system and concentration. On top of this, skipping meals can make us hungrier, which leads to eating binges. Eating a huge amount in a short amount of time is harder for our bodies to digest – much of it gets stored as fat because our body finds this to be an easier method of processing. Eating smaller portions throughout the day could prevent this, giving our bodies more time to digest.

Relying on pills

Weight loss pills can be effective, but only as a supplement to dieting and exercise. On their own, they’re unlikely to achieve much of an impact. Pills also have associated risks because they’re not a natural form of weight loss – they have been linked to heart disease and have had other reported side effects such as mood swings and constipation.

Exercising, but not changing your diet

Many people go to the gym hoping to burn off extra calories, but their unhealthy diet get in the way of making any impact. Processed foods, sugary drinks, alcohol and large amounts of carbs can all cancel out the effect of exercise. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring – you should try a meal replacement diet that appeals to you such as incorporating shakes or decreasing portioning. You may want to hire a dietician to help you come up with a meal plan.  

Changing your diet, but not exercising

Vice versa, if you’re eating healthy but remaining inactive all day, you can similarly expect to make little progress. The reason we store fat is to use it as energy – if you’re not being active you’re simply adding to your reserves. Start exercising using a type of physical activity that motivates you. You don’t have to join a gym or jog in the rain –  you can exercise from the comfort of your home in front of the TV. Hiring a personal trainer could be helpful for coming up with an exercise regime to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Yoga Poses
Yoga is An Easy Way To Incorporate Movement and Flexibility

Ignoring weight lifting

Endurance activities such as running, cycling and swimming are all great for losing weight, but weightlifting can have it’s benefits too and isn’t just a means of gaining muscle. Lifting weights gives out bodies a metabolism spike, which allows us to burn calories for a long period after exercise is over. By switching between a week of endurance activities and a week of weightlifting exercises you can also stop your body getting too used to one style of exercise, which can make it easier to lose weight (predictive activities can sometimes cause your body to fight against weight loss, which is why you shouldn’t just stick to one routine). 


Failing to track progress

Without tracking progress you don’t know how far you’ve come or how far you need to go to reach your weight loss goal. This can cause many of us to lose motivation, because instead of being focused on small steps of progress we’re too focused on the end result. It’s important to track your progress each week and then make new micro-goals for the next week. You should make a ritual of stepping on the scales or measuring your waist once a week and then recording the results. Weight loss apps meanwhile can record various other data such as the amount of calories you’ve consumed in a week or the amount of steps you’ve made. All of this gives you small goals to work towards that are more within your reach.

Thinking short-term

Some people have no problem shifting the pounds, it’s keeping them off that’s the problem. The yo-yo effect is a term described to losing weight, putting it back on again and then repeating the cycle. Most people get sucked into this cycle because they treat weight loss as a temporary change of lifestyle when really there needs to be some permanent changes in order to not go back to your old ways. Whilst you can resort to crash dieting as a way of quickly shedding the pounds, it’s important to then make some permanent changes that will stop you going back to your original size. Think about sacrifices that you can keep forever, whether it’s eating less junk food or spending less time in front of the TV.

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Top 5 Hair Tips and Tricks

Beautiful hair depends on hair health. Healthy hair looks beautiful regardless of the hairstyle that you decide to go with. You just need a few things to maintain healthy hair: a good diet, nourishment and moisturizing hair follicles, and regular trims. This, in addition to the following five hair tips and tricks, will give you an amazing head of hair in 2018. THE TOP 5 NEW HAIR TIPS AND TRICKS OF 2018

  1.    Choose the right haircut

In 2018 one idea that is bound to be in the minds of many women is getting their haircut in order to achieve a new and fresh look. This trend may go horribly wrong if a person receives the wrong haircut that does not suit them. Therefore, when getting a haircut, pay attention to the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, avoid really short bobs since they will create the appearance of a longer forehead. 

  1.    Use hair oils

Hair requires nourishment and treatment such as any other part of our bodies. One great way to do this is the use of hair oil. Once we take good care of our hair it will grow long and healthy with a beautiful shiny appearance. Hair oils help prevent frizz and breakage and also helps to provide nutrients to the scalp. Some of the best hair oils to use include, for instance, coconut oil and olive oil, which help in preventing dandruff and aid in the detangling of hair strands. Top 5 New Hair Tips and Tricks of 2018

  1.    Do not wash your hair too often

Washing your hair, a lot of times causes it to lose essential hair oils. This is because the shampoo traps the oils of the hair and causes it to dry out. This causes the hair strands to lack the healthy shine and creates a frizzy look. However, if your job entails a lot of sweating like for instance if you are a gym instructor or an athlete, then it is best to wash your hair daily.

  1.    Stick to one hairdresser

The best way to take care of your hair is to stick to one hairdresser. Having a long-term relationship with your hairdresser will give him or her time to understand and learn your hair, what works for it or what does not. This will enable your hairdresser to deliver perfect results every time you visit the salon, as well as enable them to give you new and emerging tips that will work excellently for your hair. Frequently changing your hairdressers will make your hair some sort of experimental thing, causing it to undergo all sorts of harsh treatment.

  1.    Have a good diet

What you eat has a direct impact on your body, including your hair, nails, teeth and so much more. Eating well will thus ensure that your hair grows healthy and shiny. Your hair requires a lot of protein, which can be obtained from various sources such as eggs and fish. Fruits and vegetables promote a lot of hair growth and create a healthy, beautiful look for your hair.

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